Elope In Paris

Imagine what it would be like to elope, you can imagine two lovers spontaneously heading to a courthouse to get married or a bridal couple on the beach at sunset, exchanging vows with each other.

Eloping requires much less planning, logistics, and money than a traditional wedding. But that doesn’t mean that couples don’t put in their share of intention, preparation, and coordination for an elopement ceremony. They can even hire a wedding planner to help them organize every little detail of their elopement.


Whether you are seriously considering eloping for your wedding or daydreaming about a wedding, we will walk you through the steps, so you know exactly how to make a wedding getaway.


Do it for the right reasons


The leak may be a statement in itself. So, if you plan to get married without your friends and family around, make sure it’s something you really want, and that you’re doing it for the right reasons. It could be saving money, keeping things more exclusive and intimate, or avoiding family drama are all valid reasons to elope. Just make sure you’ve thought long and hard about your decision, and that it’s what you both want.






Choose the mood


The first thing to decide when figuring out how to elope with your love is to decide how you want your wedding day to go. Location is important as it will set the tone for the ceremony itself. Do you want to get married in a place that is meaningful to you and your partner or do you prefer to find a place that is simply beautiful? Do you want to be indoors or outdoors? What time of day do you want to get married? What day of the week? Will there be decorations at the ceremony? Is there room for guests? Is it okay for people other than your guests to be near you, such as in a public park or city square?


If you know you want to get married near water, can you imagine the ceremony in calm waters, like a lake, or moving like a river, waterfall, or the ocean? Will the trip to the ceremony site be part of the adventure, like a walk to a canyon top or a remote mountain peak?


Thinking about the excitement you anticipate for the event itself can be a great help in making decisions about the rest of your wedding. It will also help you determine how many guests, if any, to invite.


If you decide to come to Paris for your love escape, with CTH Events Paris we help you organize every detail for the special day. If you prefer to get married elsewhere in France, such as in the south of France near the sea (or on the beach) or in a chateau, we can also help you.



Determine your budget


The budget is probably the least exciting part of the wedding discussion, but it’s definitely one of the most important. It’s also good practice for all conversations about money in your future, right?


We suggest that you start by deciding what is the largest amount of money you want to spend. Then, dive into research on how much things cost. The venue, your wedding dress-, hair and makeup, rings, marriage license, officiant, photography, food and drink, and travel and lodging (especially if you are having a destination wedding) are some typical expenses to think about that can help you get started.


Make a list of your estimated expenses in order of priority and see how it fits into your budget. Are there areas you need to cut or modify to spend less? Do you have room to spend on your most important expense? Making and sticking to a budget will save you a lot of time, money, and sanity in the long run.



Think about destiny


You want a fancy city break in Paris, votes on the beach, a beautiful chateau or in the countryside. Once you’ve decided where you want to elope, and the feeling you want from your escape, you can start building a plan from there. It’s not a bad idea to invest in a wedding planner who will advise you on the legalities, put you in touch with a celebrant, photographer, and any other vendor you want, and arrange transportation and food for the day. They will also know some quiet places for your vows or photo session, so take advantage of their insider knowledge.





Don’t forget to book a photographer


We always think that hiring a photographer is a good investment for your wedding day, and even more so if you elope. Having photos to show your friends and family will make them feel part of your day. Plus, they will have memories of your vows to keep the memories alive.


Hiring a photographer in Paris may be the best choice for your getaway in the city of love. Besides the beautiful places this city has to offer, the romantic atmosphere that flows through this city will also accompany you in this experience.



Decide where you need providers


The next step in knowing how to elope is to determine which parts of the wedding require you to hire help. You’ll probably want someone to document your wedding, which means hiring a photographer and/or cameraman. You’ll also need someone to officially marry them, so don’t forget to choose who will marry them. Do you want a professional to do your hair and makeup? Will you have flowers? Does the place you have in mind need decoration?


Don’t forget to think about your reception or the party too (if you’re going to have one). Will the party be at a rented place that needs additional caterers, or will it be at a restaurant or bar that already has some services in place? The food and drinks will be provided? live music or a DJ? Taking the time to list and prioritize all your possible vendor needs will help you decide if your services are realistic for the venue and your budget.



Choosing suppliers


You’ve found out where you need help, now you have to find out who to hire for those needs. This can be difficult as there are many talented providers out there, but we have some tips to help you narrow down your options. We recommend that couples write down some qualities or adjectives they want their ceremony to exemplify, and then look for providers whose work shares similar qualities.


If you work with an agency like CTH Events Paris that offers elopement packages, you will be working with suppliers you trust. But especially if you are organizing your escape on your own, be sure to interview potential suppliers. Every photographer, videographer, hair, and make-up artist or florist has a specific style for their work. Think about the vibe you want, the location, and the budget that fits into your plan.


After selecting vendors, connect with them to discuss your wedding expectations. For photographers, come up with some ideas about how you want your photos to look and any specific details for the photos, such as photos with certain family members or in a specific location. The same goes for video. At the meeting with the officiant, talk about how you see the script, how you want your vows to sound, and how much time you want to spend exchanging vows. If you are having flowers, meet with your florist to discuss the types of flowers and their vision of what your flowers will look like. We advise couples to meet with a florist as soon as possible to arrange the flowers the florist needs to order or get elsewhere.



Let those close to you know that you are married


Announcing your marriage can be fun and exciting. Now you probably realize that couples run away for various reasons. When it’s time to share your intention to get married or celebrate your union with others, think about creating fun posters and incorporating your favorite drink. You can be as creative with this step as you both want!

Some couples, however, are more concerned with this step. Remember to discuss this with your partner and see what they are comfortable with. As difficult as this step can be, remember to honor what you both consider important.

When announcing your union, it is important to think about how you will tell everyone. You can keep it a secret from everyone until you are married, or you can announce that you are running away, and then leave immediately for your wedding.

Another suggestion is to just invite and tell your immediate family or those closest to you. You can still elope and include your family. In this way, your loved ones can still be present or participate on your wedding day without feeling left out.

You can also decide to announce your wedding at a family barbecue or get together! The options are endless, but we want to remind couples that they shouldn’t feel guilty about running away. An excellent way to calm your mind is by offering an explanation of why you both decided to elope to celebrate a traditional wedding.