Wedding photoshoot in Paris

Do you dream of a beautiful wedding photoshoot album? If the day of the big “yes” will remain forever engraved in your memory, it is the photos

that will allow you to relive it over and over again…

Therefore, it is essential to choose a wedding photographer who corresponds to your expectations, and who will be able to realize the photos of your dreams. If the photographer is important, the location of your wedding shooting In Paris is just as important, and what could be more enchanting than having your picture taken in the most romantic city in the world? The dream destination wedding?

So, here is an idea of a wedding destination: Paris. The City of Lovers is full of sublime places to immortalize the most beautiful day of your life! We have concocted a list of the most beautiful places in Paris for you to keep an unforgettable memory of this unique moment.

The capital is full of beautiful locations for b breathtaking wedding photoshoot in Paris. 

  • Wedding photo session under the Bir Hakeim Bridge

This bridge was built for the Universal Exhibition of 1878. It is the bridge with the most beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower. That’s why it making it perfect for taking your wedding photoshoot in Paris. It is currently the place to be when taking wedding photos in France. The view itself makes us dream.

Indeed, you can either pose under the Bir-Hakeim bridge with a deep view along the underbridge or one of the arches of the building with the Eiffel Tower in the background. What a beautiful backdrop to have this magnificent backdrop on the day of our big wedding in France.

But, Both options will make beautiful photos, we reassure you!

the charm of this bridge is the exposed metal beams, which make it a bridge that is both original and photogenic.

  • La Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir (Paris by night)

The Simone de Beauvoir footbridge is a bridge reserved for so-called “soft” modes of transport. This means for pedestrians and bicycles. it is good to walk. This 304-meter bridge is made up of two curves that intersect with a lens-shaped structure in it is center, suspended over the Seine. It is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. The city of love offers us this magnificent place to create our wedding photoshoot album in Paris.

At night, this bridge becomes a real work of art and shines with a thousand lights, promising magical wedding photos. If you don’t want to wait until nightfall, don’t worry, as the bridge is just as beautiful by day, with its original curves.

Its location above the Seine, it Is tranquility and it is very original shape should convince you to take a few pictures for your wedding photoshoot in Paris.

  • Pont Alexandre III

This bridge, like so many others in France, has a representative history. This 103-meter metal bridge was inaugurated during the 1900 Universal Exhibition to symbolize the Franco-Russian friendship established following the signing of a treaty between Emperor Alexander III and the then President of the French Republic, Sadi Carnot.

Situated between the 7th and 8th districts of the French capital, classified as a Historic Monument since 1975, this bridge attracts many curious people, especially those who have seen it in one of the many films for which it was used as a set, such as “Un Long Dimanche de Fiançailles” or “Minuit à Paris” (Midnight in Paris). But above all, it is also a wonderful place to take wedding photos in France.

The 32 bronze candelabras that light up at night make this one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris, the dream wedding destination. They were made by the same establishment that produced the monumental chandelier for the Opéra Garnier.

You will also find numerous decorations all along the bridge. It includes Nymphs, hammered copper sculptures representing water geniuses as well as bronze Pegasuses at the top of the four pylons at the ends of the bridge.

Either way, the Alexander III Bridge is a splendid place to take your wedding photoshoot in Paris, both day and night.

  • The Royal Palace, in front of the Louvre

Inaugurated on 30 March 1989, the Pyramid of the Louvre now occupies the entire space of the former royal palace. And then, With its structure made of metal, as well as 603 rhombuses and 70 triangles of laminated glass, it is located in the center of the Cour Napoléon. This is why It has become an unmissable monument in the Parisian architectural landscape, in front of which visitors love to take pictures.

Its shape makes for a fabulous picture. The pyramid is a very good background for your wedding photoshoot in Paris.

  • Jardin des Tuileries

Created in the 16th century, the Jardin des Tuileries is one of the oldest French gardens. It owes its name to the tile factories that stood on its present site. It is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Classified as a Historic Monument, it is an integral part of Parisian life and attracts more and more people.

It is a relaxing place to take a breath of fresh air with a very cheerful decor in the summer. But it is also a perfect place to have good wedding photos. If your wedding photographer is strong in colors, it will be perfect. You have to show the beautiful colors of the flowers!

The garden’s small pond provides a perfect setting for your photos. Indeed, thanks to the French-style symmetry, you will have a view of the Place de la Concorde on one side, or of the Tuileries Palace on the other. The choice is yours! What could be better than a French-style wedding with photos in Paris?

For more charm, take a wedding photoshoot near the Grande Roue de la Concorde, by night and by day, it impresses by its size and allure.

Numerous statues line the garden, perfect for unique photos and full of French elegance…

  • Le Sacré-Cœur et la Butte Montmartre

The Basilica of the Sacred Heart is an emblematic monument of Paris. It was built in 1870. It is located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris with a magnificent view. Its architecture is reminiscent of the famous Taj Mahal palace and provides a most poetic setting for couples and wedding photos.

Without forgetting La Butte Montmartre which is generally one of the most charming places in the capital.

  • Parc Monceau

This park in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, as well known to Parisians as to tourists, is an ideal place to take beautiful wedding photos.

The Duke of Chartres wanted this park to be a veritable garden of illusions, mixing decors from all periods and regions of the world. Thus, a false Egyptian pyramid stands next to a Roman Naumachia (a basin in which naval battle shows were performed).

You can even take your photos alongside Maupassant or Chopin if you feel like it, as the park is strewn with marble statues of great writers and musicians, including Ambroise Thomas and Alfred de Musset.

This park has even inspired the painter Monet, as he realized 5 paintings of the Parc Monceau, but he is not the only one, George Braque and Gustave Caillebotte were also inspired by this place.

  • Wall of “I love you” in Montmartre

In 1992, Frédéric Baron had the idea of collecting the words “I love you” in several languages. He first asked his brother and then foreign neighbors until he obtained 1000 “Je t’aime” in more than 300 dialects and languages from all over the world.

So, he decided to assemble all these writings to reproduce them on a wall. This idea was made concrete by entrusting his work to an artist specializing in painted walls.

This place inspires love. What could be more romantic than taking your wedding photos in front of the wall celebrating love?

  • Le Marais

The Marais district is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetic places in the capital. It is located at the 4th arrondissement of Paris.

The charm of the small streets like the Rue des Rosiers or the passage de l’Ancre, the majestic Place des Vosges, the adorable Place du Marché Sainte Catherine are all reasons to go there to immortalize your union. With your little wedding dress, the bouquet: a simple wedding photo with a lot of charm.

Yes, Paris, the city of love is a wedding destination full of elegance.

We have seen that France, more precisely, Paris offers us several beautiful places to create our wedding photo album.

One of the most special days of our lives, we want everything to be perfect.

The wedding venue, the wedding dress,… and especially the places where we could have fabulous wedding memories.