Chateau wedding venue in Loire Valley

In Europe and especially in Loire Valley in France near to Paris, there is the most important number of chateaux. Indeed,

this region was appreciated by the French kings because it was close to Paris and it was popular for his beautiful nature.
So good news for your there is something for everyone!You will find for sure the French château which corresponds you the best. Chateaux are perfect as wedding venues because they were made to be stunning and receive many guests. In fact, when a king was receiving his family or other kings; his chateau must have an enormous accommodation capacity to house them. Moreover, kings were showing their power through the beauty and the wealth of their house. Therefore, they are the most beautiful decor for the best day of your life!

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A breathtaking wedding in chateau de Versailles

The most renowned chateau of the entire world built by the Sun King in the goal to be the most stunning of all could be you wedding venue! Isn’t it incredible to have the opportunity to get married in this place full of history? The place of Versailles is such a large place that it is going to be hard for you to select you wedding venue in the chateau. Indeed, there is a bunch of rooms that you can rent for the cocktail, the dinner even a dance party even for some of them performances and shows. Let’s have a little tour of these different wedding locations to get a clearer idea of everything you can imagine for you Versailles wedding.

The Hercules room is the most richly decorated with marble on the walls, a beautiful chimney and the showstopper of this living room: the stunning painted ceiling.

If you prefer to have a more intimate reception, the upper vestibule of the chapel is very elegant with his marble floor and Corinthian columns. The best part of this room is that it opens to Chapel and you can see it wonderful organ.

Also adapted to an intimate wedding and especially if you would like to enjoy the wonderful gardens of Versailles; the lower gallery is made for you. Located under the famous mirror’s gallery, this one is more refined with high vaults. The advantage of this venue is that it has a view and an access to the gardens.

In the same style that the lower gallery but with a way superior accommodation capacity: the orangery is ideal for a summer wedding because it overlooks exotic trees. Next to this huge gallery you will find two beautiful staircases which will make you weeding dress trolley looks good in your memory’s pictures.

The last gallery that you can rent for your wedding reception in Versailles is the gallery of great battles. As it name suggest, this room is covered by paintings of the military France History. The most beautiful part of this room is the glass roof which highlight the gold ornamented coffered vaults.

The crusades room are in the same museum style with some large paintings as well. Furthermore, they are smaller and darker because they have wood floor and ceiling.

Finally, Versailles offers you two options if you want a music show to animate your reception: the Cotelle Gallery and the Royal Opera House. The Cotelle Gallerey is not in the main chateau de Versailles but in the Chateau du Grand Trianon. This pink marble chateau has the best acoustic for a concert and it takes place in the middle of Versailles gardens. The Opera can welcome a bigger group of musicians and dance shows as well. Its architects went to Italy to bring the most beautiful decors of Italy opera’s in France; it is the best ballroom for a wedding that you can find.

If Versailles makes you dream but you prefer a small castle: the chateau de Vaux Le Vicomte has the same style and it suitable for an intimate reception.

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A magical wedding in Chateau de Chambord

As impressive as Versailles, the Chateau de Chambord, build by the French king François 1er, is the perfect princess wedding venue. The large inner courtyard allows to enjoy the view of the white stone chateau, his dungeon, his numerous towers and chimneys. In addition, the courtyard is cobbled so you and your guests will be able to walk in stiletto heels without any problems! The capacity licensed for this outdoor wedding venue is 1000 people seated and 1500 standings.

In Chambord you have the possibility to take the height by planning your wedding party in the terrace. In this area you can see the slate details that stand out over the white stones and you will overview the whole grounds of Chambord with his gardens and forest. Of course, this place is even more magical when you see the sunset at nightfall. If you choose the terrace of Chambord, we advise you to provide drone plans for you wedding video; you could have beautiful top view plans of the entire party.

Lastly, if your wedding doesn’t take place in summer you can chose between different rooms in the chateau. The most stunning are the four coffered vaults rooms. They appeared several times in movies because they take place around the famous “magical staircases” designed by Leonardo Da Vinci.

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Surprising Chateau de Meung sur Loire

This château is deferent from all the others thanks to an architectural particularity; we called it the two facades chateau because it looks like a medieval chateau from one side and like a XVIII century chateau from the other! In addition to be a unique wedding venue it allows to have to distinct atmospheres to go along your wedding ceremony, reception, party times. Moreover, you will have two different wedding photo background in one!

This chateau proposes different facilities for a capacity licensed of around 100 guests. You can start with an intimate ceremony and a wedding blessing in the chapel. Then you can have your ceremony or the cocktail in the grounds to enjoy the pink XVIII century façade. And finally, you can choose between the Orangery, the guards or the medieval room for your dinner reception. We advise you the Orangery and the medieval room if your family like to dance!

Classical Chateau de Vézins

This last chateau we present you is the perfect option if you want to stay a few days on-site with just your closest friends and family and feel at home. Indeed, you can rent accommodations sleeps for a fortnight person and enjoy your stay in the countryside near to Paris and the large swimming pool. Moreover, this wedding location let you free to manage your wedding planning if you are looking for a wedding planner and providers in particular.

Concerning the ceremony and reception the capacity licensed is very adaptable to your requests. The ceremony can take place in the grounds or in a chapel in a small walk distance and a Michelin star chef will prepare your wedding dinner.

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