The best planner in Paris

Where do I begin! Inga was an absolute wonder to work with. Not once did I doubt her aptitude. Planning a destination wedding can be nerve wrecking but Inga made the process and the day of go seamlessly. She recommended the very best vendors and not one let us down. It was a absolute pleasure working with Inga. We will forever hold her in our hearts for making our wedding day that much more special. She is passionate about her work and it’s reflective on her her delivery.



My dear Inga,
I miss you so much already. Before beginning to thank you I want to tell you that our relationship goes beyond a professional one. You are now one of our dear friends and I know that we will always be in touch with one another. Now the part that I thank you! You have been nothing but wonderful, professional, hardworking, serious, kind, flexible and outstanding. There are not enough words in the dictionary that can express to you how I feel about all you have done for Michel and I to make our special day royal and memorable. I know that I was not the easiest bride hahah and that I have always been detailed oriented and picky and no matter my demands and questions you were there to do everything and anything for us, and for that and all that you have done, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But no need to worry, you will never get rid of me I am always going to write you and even come up with other events so we can work together. 🙂

You have a heart of gold and your passion for your job is so ever visible through all you do.

Sending you lots of love

Nona Panygeres

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 “Inga was a wonderful destination wedding coordinator. She really streamlined the planning process and made everything easy. She has an extensive knowledge of Paris – from restaurants to photo shoot locations to a plethora of vendors. She also respected our budget and addressed numerous requests, going above and beyond just our d-day coordinator. Our guests absolutely loved the rehearsal dinner venue suggested by Inga and had an AMAZING time at the wedding. I was completely stress free leading up to and during the wedding – focused on enjoying time with our families and friends. It was unforgettable and we want to thank you so much Inga for your help through this whole process. Bisous!”

Bonjour Inga,

Thank you for your email, we are back in the states and missing Paris. The wedding was wonderful! The flowers were gorgeous, food was excellent, DJ was great and the venue inspiring. Everyone has been raving about what a dream wedding it was and how much fun they had . We can’t thank you enough for all your help through this process. You made everything very streamlined and easy – I never felt stressed during the whole weekend and we truly enjoyed ourselves and have many fond memories.


Anna + Josh



The best day of our lives❤️! The best wedding planner in the world, that made our dreams come true @wedding_in_france ! We love you so much, thank you for everything! ❤️

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I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who made this day possible. @wedding_in_france My wonderful wedding planner, Thank you for all your hard work! This day has been amazing and this process was so stress free. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for everything. This was literally a dream come true.


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4 месяца ежедневного общения,1000 аудиосообщений с лёгким французским “ПолинАААА”,и на каждую мою проблему “Я сейчас с ними разберусь,не переживайте, Полина”… Уже неделя после свадьбы и как-то пусто без Ваших смс в Вотсапе @wedding_in_france . Инга,ай мис ю❤️ девочки,кто интересовался организатором нашего торжества,Велком @wedding_in_france
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Ещё не успели придти все фото , а чувства уже бьют через край. Инга, я не могу представить человека , который бы так прочувствовал нас и организовал бы этот день лучше , чем это сделала ты и твоя команда. У тебя бешеная энергия, миллион идей и сумасшедшая выдержка . Отвечать и решать все вопросы даже ночью через пять минут – выше всех похвал. Ездить в магазин по несколько раз чтобы получше сделать фото или видео кольца И отдельное спасибо за Марию – это человечек с огромным сердцем , который живет каждым сделанным снимком , который залезет на балкон 5 этажа лишь бы сделать “тот самый кадр”, который найдёт подходящие слова в самые волнительные моменты и приведёт в чувства . Ю а зэ бэст тим эве! It has come just a few photos , but I am filled with feelings. Inga, I can’t imagine a person who could do it better ! U are inexhaustible energy person with a million ideas and incredible stamina. U can fix any problem / question even at night for a 5 min! I have always felt that u know what I need.And I want to thank the best photographer ever, the girl with a big heart , who lives with each photo , and hang even in the air to make “the right photo”. Its a girl who always find the words to make all worries go away! Thank u so much the best team ever!!!




It was so very nice to meet you, Marcus and  I wanted to give everyone  a big merci for all your efforts making  our wedding day spectacular.

Great job making not just our wedding day great but our entire stay great.
Please make sure to tell everyone involved.. Especially Pauline who did a phenomenal job on my makeup and hair. I received so many complements!! My daughter Emily said I looked so beautiful.

Warm Regards

As you know if you ever planned a wedding it can be quite over whelming. Planning a destination  wedding makes it even that much more time consuming.
I always dreamed of having my wedding in Paris the most romantic city in the world.
I  definitely needed someone located there to help me out. I located Wedding in France on the internet
or CTH Events Paris
Inga Heusele is a wedding planner goddess.
She was so patient and helpful and  so attentive . My wedding  was quite small compared
to the very large chateau type weddings she helps plan for her clients.  Inga  works hard  for you no matter how small or large the venue is.
She has great connections to top notch vendors .
Our videographer was superb! Everyone that we have shown it to are in total awe.
So for all of you out there if you are thinking about
having your wedding in France; be sure to contact Inga. She will make it happen and you will end up with a fairytale wedding as we did.

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Инга, хочу сказать тебе огромное спасибо! за нашу сказку и волшебный вечер. Я безумно счастлива за то, что нашла именно тебя! Все что ты делаешь от душис ответственностью, с мастерством и лёгкостью. Ты Самый Лучший Организатор свадеб и настоящий Профессионал. Без тебя не было бы настоящего праздника. Не устану тебя благодарить и я уже скучаю Ps все  кто хочет красивую свадьбу это к Инге @wedding_in_france! Только она знает всех во Франции и только она будет работать с вами честно и ответственно! Инга браво ещё раз!



Свадьба является одним из самых главных событий в жизни любого человека. И пережив этот знаменательный день однажды, хочется переживать его снова и снова… так, в мае прошлого года, мы с мужем решили вновь устроить себе церемонию бракосочетания во Франции и совершенно случайно наткнулись на этот сайт и не прогадали! Если вам хочется прочувствовать ту чарующую, романтическую атмосферу подвенечного торжества, как это бывает в фильмах, то тут однозначно к Инге. Инга, прям прослезилась!) Спасибо тебе большое, ещё раз!!!! Умничка ты наша!!!!! Увидимся обязательно!!!!! Все передают тебе приветы! Целуем много-много раз!!!!!!!!Любим и крепко обнимаем!!!!

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Olga &Fabien

Our wedding in Paris

We would like to thank Inga for the organisation of our weeding in May 2014. Everything was done at the highest level! Our guests and we were really pleased by all the efforts she made to turn this day so beautiful! Not only you brightened it up but also she helped us to make it more relaxed and less nervous. I should admit that I was a bit stressed as a bride but only because of this huge responsible step in my life but not because of organisational issues. Inga, you planned everything and after that brilliantly implemented it. Each guest from Moscow was not deprived of your attention and care, and they all liked you!!! They are still calling to me and commenting the wedding 

Thank you a lot for everything you did to make it a really memorable day without complicated and painful organizational moments. Thanks for all the discounts that you negotiated for us, thanks for your contacts and your knowledge of particularities of organising a wedding in Paris! Thank you for your calm reactions to all my “bride’s caprices”  and that communication with you was always very smooth and easy!

We are happy to have found you, and would recommend your services to absolutely everyone as we are 100% sure that you will do everything at the highest level again! It’s your personality! Wonderful!  Kisses and hugs! Olya and Fabien

If someone needs details, we are happy to provide you with them. Please write to1165048@gmail.comand it’s also possible to talk over the phone! Inga, you are the best!!

Wedding in France
Wedding in France
Wedding in France


Инга, дорогая, благодарим тебя за нашу волшебную свадьбу!!! Ты воплотила все наши мечты и желания! Весь декор был кропотливо отобран, постоянно на связи в поисках того, что нам нужно! Вся программа, вся организация- все было замечательно!!! Ты профессионал своего дела и просто прекрасный человек!!!Прям так непривычно, что все прошло. Не приходят многочисленные письма на мейл, сообщения в whats app, нет звонков на скайп я скучаю! Ты с нами с нашего первого важного события, ведь именно с твоей помощью, Артем устроил мне такой красивый и романтический сюрприз “предложения руки и сердца в Париже”❣ Мы тебе безмерно благодарны, думаю ты сама все знаешь! Целуем На связи!!! @wedding_in_france

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We would like to thank the organizer of our wedding!

Over such a short time, just a month, and especially in Paris, a city full of life and constant changes, Inga succeeded to organize everything. It was amazing and exactly as we imagined our unforgettable day to be. Thanks for a limousine (special thanks to the driver), violinists, an arch with the fine selection of flowers, and my bridal bouquet (it was exactly how I described it to you if not better, it was so beautiful), for a charming Yanochka who made me wonderful make-up and hairdo, and for the restaurant where the wedding took place (the dishes were delicious, sooo tasty that it was impossible to stop, and of course our amazing delicate cake). On the whole, we and our guests really enjoyed it! And a special thanks for choosing the castle! Before coming to Paris, I decided not to check how the castle you have suggested to us looked like. And when I saw it – it fascinated me, and my husband and our guests got the same feeling. Thank you for negotiating for us a special royal suite too. The castle was great: the staff, the decor, the food, it was so quiet and cosy!

You are a real expert with a professional approach to the work you do! In life it is very important to do what you really enjoy, and looking how successfully you do it gives an idea that you love it a lot and you put your heart in it, and as a consequence the results speak for themselves!

We are so happy to have found you!

And would advise your agency to everyone who are planning his/her wedding in Paris!

Thank you again! Merci beaucoup! Well done! )))

Wedding in France
Wedding in France
Wedding in France

Charley &Joe

Hi Inga,

Thank you so much for planning our wedding for us. Everything went perfect it was exactly what we wanted. You found us a beautiful location and made all our dreams come true.

We were extremely hot!! And flustered on the day as we had a problem with a few of our guests who didn’t make it, and we didn’t take the opportunity to thank you as we should have.

We want you to know you have been wonderful and we are extremely grateful to have found you. Again thank you so much it was perfect.

We can’t wait to see the photos. Please email and let us know us when they are ready for us to receive.

If you have a website or require a reference we will be more then happy to. We will leave you a fantastic review for your impeccable service.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joe and Charley x

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Another of our fabulous wedding! Amazingly bright, colorful wedding in a castle near Paris!

Здравствуйте Инга! Все хорошо. Долетели отлично.  Еще раз спасибо за организацию такой шикарной для нас свадьбы!!!!

Удачи Вам и Вике во всем! Большие приветы ото всех!

Алексей и Мария

Wedding in France
Wedding in France
Wedding in France


Paris! Fairy Tale! Romance! Surprisingly warm and friendly couple Alexander and Tatiana! We are waiting for you again in Paris!

This is actually true! Inga you will not believe but we with Alexander remember with such nostalgia our Paris … Alexander’s words:  » we want go back only… in Paris » He’s really beautiful, amazing, powder « light veil of poetry »… We’re so pleased to remember every moment – because each was special and unique! But in all of this is your leading hand that in 3 days time to reveal to us all the colors of Paris only in the best of its manifestations. Thank you for understanding, for the delicate taste and advices, for the atmosphere of the presence of native people, while they were so far away! For a smile that never left our faces, for ordinances that stuck in my memory, heart and soul! Thank you so much for the fact that thanks to you, the dream of a white dress, long veil, a strong shoulder near my Darling and all this in the most romantic city of the planet has become a reality. You are a great professional and it’s worth it, we are incredibly glad that life has acquainted us with such wonderful people like you, Alex, Natasha and Sasha, Nadia and Victoria !!!! Thank you Inga, our Fairy – Godmother for donated to us on the palm Paris !!!!!

Wedding in France
Wedding in France
Wedding in France
Wedding in France
May 06, 2015