How to elope in Paris?

“The new Romantic Wedding trend”

An Elopement marriage, in other words, “romantic escape”, is a getaway where the couple finds themselves alone for their union, far from family obligations. Choose to celebrate your wedding in the setting of your dreams, an exceptional or romantic place that is close to your heart.

Why choose the option of Elopement ?

“Romantic and Sincere”

Choosing the location is choosing to make a simple wedding, in complete privacy.

It also avoids the stress of all the preparations for a great wedding. You can choose to invite only the closest members, or just you and your love one. That is the main difference with the destination wedding then if you decide to make a big list of friends and family like instead of 10 persons you invite 100 persons, it’s not an elopement anymore.

Besides, this kind of ceremony is generally much more romantic and sincere than a large ceremony with dozens (see hundreds) of people. And for small budgets, this is the ideal solution.

Unlike a traditional wedding, the development requires little organization, no more stress from months (see years) of preparations ! Just choose a place, a ceremonial officiant and voila.

The advantage of the Elopement is that you can do your ceremony wherever you want. Many newlyweds take the opportunity to flee far from home, have a nice trip.

But, If there is one thing that is important to keep in mind compared to a standard wedding, it is the photo shooting session ! Because, no matter how you decide to get married, keeping memories is essential. And nothing better than a photoshoot to immortalize every moment. It is also a way to show your loved ones who are not invited to your ceremony how it took place. More and more photographers specialize in this kind of ceremony. Understanding perfectly the principle, they know how to offer you a “natural” shoot, under your wishes.

If you are getting married abroad like in France, the two best ways to find a wedding photographer are still the talents of a clever wedding planner or Instagram. Talented wedding photographers see in this social network a privileged platform to share their work around the world.

My Elope in Paris

“The City of Love and Lovers”

Celebrate your wedding in Paris, the most romantic city, that of lovers. At the foot of the Eiffel Tower, on the beautiful avenue des Champs Elysées, in front of the Louvre pyramid or even the Luxembourg garden. `

So there are so many places where you can celebrate this amazing day, this city is perfect and offers you a breathtaking pallet of choice. It’s like a dream experience

You can find many Paris elopement packages like France elopement package too. Preparing your elopement in Paris is in a way easier than preparing a traditional wedding but it’s not easy in fact. That’s why you need a wedding planner so, it will be easier for you to just thinking about the person that you want for your birthday. Because the wedding planner knows how it works in her own country.

More often the couples have a civil ceremony and after that, in France, they have a symbolic ceremony to avoid the complication of french law, even it’s legal to get married in Paris, it’s a little bit complicate.

How to roganize your Elopement in Paris

I. The best Period

You need also to decide the good season to get married but we know that Paris is always a romantic wedding venue. But in a way, it’s really important if you want to choose the place where the ceremony will take place. For summer you can choose a nice garden in Paris castles or near Paris. Don’t forget that in fact, Paris is the perfect city because near Paris there are specials venues that are also magical, ad where there are not so many tourists.

You should better choose off-seasons dates as Spring or autumn if you want for example to get married at the tower Eiffel and summer for the fairy gardens.

II.The place to be

After you decide when you want to get married you have to decide where. And for this it’s better to know the principal theme of your fairy wedding : luxury wedding in a Palace or a Five stars Hotel, simple but chic in a villa or a country house, a Royal elopement in a chateau or a floral wedding in a beautiful garden with many varieties of flowers. A wedding planner can help you find the perfect venue for you and your guests. And she can also find places where you and your guests will stay.

III. Guests or not guests

That is one of the most difficult parts because some people just want to be alone with their loved one or some with just their family or just their friends. That’s your own choice and your day. But if you invite everybody you can have a grand dinner with all the people that matter to you and sharing your marvelous french experience.

IV. Your wedding preparation

After that, you need to think about your wedding dress, hairstyle, and makeup and also the bridal bouquet. That’s your own choice, but if you want some inspirations you can read our article about “wedding dress inspirations” that can help you in the wedding trend of 2020 and if you have on your ceremony some bridesmaids you can also find some inspirations on our article about “Bridesmaid”. It’s important to choose the theme of your wedding to match your wedding dress and also the guests’ outfits. You can also choose your wedding dress in your own country or Paris the city of fashion too. There are so many advantages in your Paris elopement why not taking them.

However, don’t forget the wedding vows in all this preparation because that’s what will create something unique. It’s really important to keep the romantic dimension. You are free in your wedding vows, you can say whatever you want and be funny you are not obliged to be solemn.

A Paris wedding officiant is someone of will conduct symbolically your wedding ceremony in Paris. This Paris celebrant can give you an official certificate about your wedding. You can have a beautiful and personalized ceremony just for your wedding day, you can receive a symbolic paper/certificate after the ceremony that will remind your special wedding in “the City of Love”. More often, it’s could be your wedding planner if you want.

And to finish, you have to find all the professionals that you need for your wedding as the photographer the florist, the car service, the makeup, and hairstyle artists and the dinner. If you want to do it by yourself, you just have to think about all these things, because even it’s a symbolic wedding it’s above all a wedding in Paris.

This elopement in Paris stays the big day of your life don’t neglect all these details or call a professional wedding planner as CTH EVENTS PARIS to organize this elopement. In this way you avoid the stress of many things as the respect of your budget, finding the inspiration that will make your ceremony romantic and comfortable, you can have time-saving and avoid some of the last minute’s problems.

Finally, if you’re recently engaged and now thinking about wanted something intimate where “only love” is the main goal, the Paris Elopement is the best idea with its differents and personalized packages. The “Elopement” marriage is a parenthesis that must be in your image. It involves organizing a secular and symbolic ceremony with an officiant and hosting a reception in the strictest of privacy. It’s a way to experience your marriage differently. You will keep an unforgettable memory immortalized by a professional photographer. Elopement can also be organized in place of a more traditional wedding reception, or beside, after a ceremony and a civil reception for example. And for all of this Paris give you all of this by being the city of love and to all your romantic dreams.