Different ways to achieve your dream wedding

Planning a wedding on your own is a quite difficult job. That is why most people turn towards wedding planning agencies like us!

The wedding is planned and organized to satisfy the different wants and needs of the clients especially weddings in France.
Some may prefer a more “simplistic” destination wedding whereas others prefer to give it all during this special day. If you are not sure on how to take your event to the next level, we’ve created a list of a few tips and advices and ways how to achieve the dream wedding  in France that will make your wedding day your own.

Candlelight venue

Obviously this one depends on the weather, and the requirements of your venue, but if possible, candlelight is the ultimate in romance and luxury. Give your wedding in France a romantic glow with the ambience and color that only candlelight can offer you. You can choose scented candles, if you are in Paris there are several specialty boutiques that offer a delicious range of scents. Choose a scent that matches the theme of your flowers arrangements such as rose, lilac.


Wedding Stylist

When it comes to creating a cohesive wedding day look, a stylist can ensure all of the elements come together, from florals to lighting to crockery. Whatever your vision is for your wedding day, a stylist will honor that and transform any space to reflect your theme, vision and expectations.



Investing in a calligrapher will no doubt lend your wedding stationery a special touch of elegance. Beautiful handwriting is practically a lost art but one that is deeply appreciated.  This seemingly small touch will set your invitations apart and turn them into a keepsake for receiver. Plus, you can enlist a calligrapher to do seating charts, the name tags for Bomboniere and more.


Flower arrangements

The more flowers, the better. Flowers are the ultimate luxury signature! Flower installations and decorations are a great way to take your wedding styling to the next level. Orchids for example add a particularly glamourous touch, as peonies and roses particularly when they are in abundance. Think carefully of how you want to coordinate the colors and scents of your flowers. This is another area where a wedding stylist can give you counsel. A final word on flower: why not have a small bouquet to offer to each guest as they depart.

A good idea to install a green wall to decorate and as a background for the photobooth.


Personalized touches like custom neons lights, wedding signs, wishing wells will make your wedding stand out and make it more personal to the two of you and your journey.

Music and entertainment

Entertaining your guests is an important of each destination wedding! When selecting the type of entertainment, you would like to have, make sure it is coordinated to theme and look of your wedding. Do you prefer a small classical quartet, or do you want to rock your guests with a live DJ present? Maybe some mellow jazz? Or a funky RnB band playing live? A growing trend involves the bride and groom entertaining the guest with a song or dance that they learned prior to the event. Whatever the entertainment you choose, make sure their repertoire of music sends a message you would like your guests to remember about your special day. Also, make sure to include a piece of music for a memorable first dance as a married couple. If there are children present, you might also want to include special entertainment just for them, fun games, storytelling, dancing games.


A feast to remember

Why leave your destination wedding meal to chance? There are special caterers and chefs who specialize in wedding meals. A well-thought-out menu can make the difference between a mediocre meal and one that the guests will be talking about afterwards. If you decide on one special dish like seafood make sure to always include other options for guests that may have dietary requirements. For weddings being held in France, the cheese platter is de rigueur. Be sure that the food looks as good as it tastes. You can coordinate your food color to match your flower arrangements and china, why not small sachets of macaroons placed on each plate? French weddings will enjoy selections of wines and champagne from country that made them famous. Elegant food choices can be found for each budget. And don’t forget the piece of resistance the wedding cake. Nothing will take your wedding to the next level as an elegant original wedding cake.

Dressing the part

This is your day to shine. There is a special dress for every bride, you just have to find it! A personal shopper can help you find the dress that suits you bests. The different shades of white can do wonders for your complexion. There is so much to think about: what material? what cut? which jewelry? which shoes? Make sure to do your shopping well in advanced. You also want to keep fit and healthy to make sure you glow on your special wedding day. For the groom, there are also many decisions to make and styles to choose from. An old custom says that the groom should never see his brides’ outfit, but you may want to give him a hint in order to coordinate his outfit to his spouse. For the French couple, a wide choice of high-quality clothing is at your disposal and all budgets can be satisfied.

Looking the part

You have found the perfect venue, and the dress, now it is the time for the final touches! Hiring a makeup artist is a must-do when it comes to brides. Your wedding day is the day when you’ll be the most photographed in a single day. Therefore, paying a visit to the hair salon and to the makeup artist can take your looks another level. If you are a bride, searching for the best makeup artist for your D-Day is extremely important. A professional makeup artist will help to make you feel calm and beautiful while enhancing your natural glow. Bridal makeup artists are the best deal makers when executing your dream bridal look.

Be careful that the makeup artists don’t overdo the makeup just because it is your special day. Aim for a soft elegant look for a fresh touch like the French elegant women. Have fun trying different hairstyles in the weeks prior to the event and make sure the style coordinates with the dress and your veil if you are wearing one. As with your makeup, don’t overdo it and go easy on the hairspray and gel.

The day before your wedding is not the day to try out a new cut or color. You want to feel happy and confident as you the spotlight will constantly be on you during the event.


What about a gift for your guests?

By offering gits, you will leave a lasting impression on your guests. By offering a splendid bonbonniere, with luxurious gifts that they will be able to find in the latrines like perfume, chewing gums, hair or body products. Some also give out what are called SOS bag that include little cakes (try giving out the Ladurée macaroons if you’re celebrating a wedding in Paris), aspirin for a wild night for example, chewing gum, toothpaste/toothbrush. Others coordinate their gifts with the actual season, summer weddings have the possibility to offer flip flop for example.

Some newly wedded couples like to have what are called transfer cars. Cars that are rented in order to take people to the luxurious hotels for some events.


These different ways to achieve your dream wedding in France and making it uniquely amazing have for some been performed by our agency during multiple destination weddings. We want you to think about all these tips during the organization of your own wedding.  If you have picked the wedding venue and sorted out a theme according to your preference already, we can always make sure to coordinate these ideas to your wedding. Also, a little research can help you to get a clear idea about the theme you choose to make your dream wedding stand out. Your wedding stylist will be there to execute your dreams in more interesting ways as well as your wedding planner. Others, like the dedicated bridesmaid/best man are also there to help in the decision of any of these details and guide you in the pursuit of your ideas/dreams.

Lastly, try to remove all the stress. After all, it is your special day. Obviously, the earlier the wedding planning starts the better it will be and will allow you to make your wedding less stressful. Do make sure you have a clear idea regarding the venue, guest list, and budget. By following all of the above-mentioned tips, you should obviously be one step closer to achieving your dream wedding in France or a wedding in Paris perhaps.


If you are interested in planning a wedding, please contact us.