Wedding destinations in France

“My unforgettable French Wedding”

We all dreaming about a perfect wedding why not choose a wedding abroad or more precisely in France ?

One of the most beautiful countries is France in Europe. With a rich culture, historical background and differents landscapes, France gives you the luxury choice of breathtaking wedding venues or any unforgettable events. CTH Events Parris Agency is an expert, in that case, we know that France can offer you something unique and exceptional.

You just can have a luxury wedding or a simple wedding. Weddings in France are all stunning .There are many beautiful venues that can be your future private reception. With a terrace or a pool if you want. From the beautiful city of Paris to a lovely village located in the south near a sea both can create something magical.

Finding the perfect venue is important because it needs to be representative of your wedding or events. All your events can turn around the country and the tradition of the country. When you choose to get married in another country you choose to create an experience for you and your guests. You also know that you have to deal with many different problems that dimension can be scary that’s why you need to be well prepared and organize everything correctly to avoid all the unexpected. You also have to know what it entails to do this kind of event.

What is a destination wedding ?

“The new trend far from traditional wedding”

For your wedding, do you want to make an impression and play with the originality card ? Organize abroad, far from traditional marriage, the destination wedding, as it is called, is a trend that came straight from the United States and which is enjoying increasing success in France. It allows you to bring together your loved ones for a weekend or an extended stay in a unique and exotic environment. But preparations for such a wedding can be very stressful and require a well-oiled organization. So how best to prepare for your wedding abroad ?

Our first answer is to find a good wedding planner agency.

Before starring everything, you have to choose the dimension of your wedding day and why you want to go abroad.

Moreover, you need to choose the best destination for the number of guests. Couples generally choose their destination for family reasons, in the case of mixed couples for example for the love of the country. Or simply out of pure curiosity. We have many of our lovebirds that came to France because it’s a country that inspires them, and above all Paris.

Once the destination has been chosen, you will need to decide on the number of guests. You can choose to organize an intimate wedding by leaving only a few family members and friends or prefer a large wedding that will bring together all of your loved ones. In all cases, be aware that travel costs will be borne by your guests. But then, how to book such a stay ?

For the arrival of your guests, it is more interesting to collaborate with specialized travel agencies which will find you hotel establishments proposing wedding packages (wedding packages France).

The wedding packages are just created so that the bride and groom have everything to hand.

Reservations for all the logistics and may even offer you a tourist program that will allow everyone to enjoy the activities to do on-site. Because is also really interesting to visit a little bit of the beauty of France and to understand why they choose this place.

You can also organize everything that you want abroad because it’s made things more impressive as a bachelor or an anniversary party. And if you are a real Romantic you can opt for a proposal in France or directly in Paris “the city of love”. And for this event you can have a wedding proposal planner in France, to organize something as unique as your love.

In Effect, France is always a good idea it’s will give you something unique and unforgettable.

Get married in France

“Say yes in France”

Why not giving a french touch to your wedding?

France is a country offering a large number of beautiful possibilities from north to south. Marked by a rich history and many traditions, this country will be able to offer you the answers to all your expectations, mixed with a part of the change of scenery. Tradition has it that several symbols are respected during a marriage in France. If you wish to respect the French traditions of marriage, for example, you will have to sleep separately the day before the wedding, place the bride on the left when exchanging vows, or even offer sugared almonds to your guests.

First, think about a region in France in which you would like to get married and which would suit you. France is not very large geographically, but it is rich in diversity and influences from different eras.

Perhaps you have preferences about one place rather than another, due to a particular memory for example, or simply because it is your dream. On the coast, in the mountains, in a castle or an old farm, France just offers you all the possibilities you could be looking for.

Many of our clients want to a French royal and luxurious wedding, in a beautiful century chateau, a sumptuous palace, a villa or a simple and intimate ceremony in a stunning french typical house.

Some regions such as Paris, Provence, the Alps or the French Riviera are in high demand, even by French couples. This is why the sooner you do it, the more choices you will have. You have to think about the rooms or the hotel where your guests will sleep near the wedding ceremony, it’s better for them. Moreover, you need to thinking about the views of the photoshoot to create the most magical memories. In effect, if you want to have a ceremony outside you need to find the perfect venue closest to your dreams. In that case, everything is important and all the details matter than a fairy garden near a forest with a sumptuous swimming pool some statues from antiquity etc… This kind of detail.

If you are organizing a wedding in France, it is strongly recommended that you use a wedding planner to help you with all the procedures. They will contact providers in France, who will have to accompany you and propose you the best package for a better organization.

With a good photoshoot and a private venue for your reception, Also with a perfect dinner with a good traitor for your wedding dinner. Because it’s really important to have a good dinner that’s made part of one of the most important things during the ceremony. for example, if you want to get married in a Century Chateau near Paris or in a villa also near Paris, you need an expert in this venue because you have to think about the special transport of your guest to the reception.

It It is also advisable to go at least four days or a month before the wedding to meet all providers on-site and settle the last details together. In Effect, because once you have chosen your wedding location, it is advisable to go there. A little verification visit will give you a good excuse to make a pre-stay in France.You will be able to take advantage of the premises for a few days and start getting closer to professional stakeholders such as the photographer, the florist, the caterer, the hairdresser, and make-up artist … All the professionals who will intervene to make your big day a success.

” We know that planning a wedding abroad can be stressful and frustrating, and it depends on us to make the planning process stress-free. This is why we take our role very seriously and take care of each of our clients, we accompany our clients from the planning to the implementation”.


A french wedding and reception is just always something special with special rules. You have to learn a little bit about some traditions but in the way, it’s more important to be organized. So take a wedding planner she knows her country she could find the best place four the most beautiful day of your life. She will find the best hotel for your guests and all the solutions that you need to avoid being stressed. A good wedding planner agency knows that you something as perfect as your dreams.

And there are so many venues in France that seem to be perfect for weddings but maybe not for your wedding ceremony. This destination is really Romantic even in Paris in “the city of love” or in Provence, located in the South of France with its marvelous traditional and old village. Finally, you have the luxury to choose between different landscapes and venues that are all exceptional for weddings so it’s more difficult to find the perfect one for your wedding ceremony. So don’t hesitate a lot because we are already ready to make your dream come true in France.