How to have a dream wedding in Paris

Having the perfect wedding in Paris is the dream of all couples. So why not make this dream a reality? Often overwhelmed by everything there is to prepare, I know that marriage is a trying and stressful ordeal in the life of a couple.

Here are some tips to help you have a dream wedding in France.


That’s it … the big day has arrived … what stress for the bride! but after months of preparation, nothing more normal.

Here are some tips from a Parisian wedding planner to help you put things into perspective and really enjoy your evening.


Do not hesitate to surround yourself with a loved one or a professional to make the preparations simpler. Having the support of the people you love will help you relax and put things into perspective. Doing your share of your anxieties and your desires will allow you to delegate some of your stress to them.

If you are surrounded by a Parisian wedding planner, even better! chat with her! she is used to it and will be able to advise and reassure you.


It’s important to take time to be close to the big day. Do not hesitate to go out with your friends and family and have a good time in Paris.

Why not opt for a day at the spa or a shopping day the day before the wedding?

If you prefer to be alone for this last day before a new life, go ahead and take the time to live it quietly and at your own pace. This is an opportunity to remind you of good memories to think about the future that awaits you.


What could be better than entrusting your event to a wedding professional in Paris?

With a wedding’s planner, you will experience the preparations for your wedding with confidence. She will be there to manage all aspects of the event for you and your simple role will be to provide input. In addition, your Parisian weddings planner will give you the

best advice to organize your luxury dream wedding. She will be the voice of reason and will accompany you with insight.

Thanks to her experience, she will be able to accompany you in your project from start to finish and will listen to your doubts and fears so that you really live the best day of your life together.

Your wedding planner will be there to help you make the best choices in terms of decoration, place, flowers to choose, decor etc.


Take the time to make a phone call to your wedding planner to get an update on your providers. Prepare your questions in advance and be sure not to forget anything.

This exchange will allow you to be more peaceful and to really enjoy before the big day.


Finding THE dress for the big day is often the focus of the bride’s concerns.

What is a dream wedding without the famous wedding dress? To live a dream wedding in Paris, you will have to choose a sublime wedding dress that will highlight you during your wedding and your photos in a magnificent Parisian weddings decor!

Being seen as the queen of the evening she must choose her outfit with the greatest care.

here are some recommendations that will help you make your choice:


Know where to go and why to go. Avoid wasting time in shops that don’t offer what you are looking for.

Do some preliminary research based on your budget and the style of dress you want and the models you like in general.

All this preliminary research will allow you to take stock of the solutions that come within your budget.

Once you know where to go, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to let your designers know if you want a custom dress! Otherwise, go to a boutique of large manufacturers who will be able to advise you and offer dresses according to your desires.


It’s not clear what choice you have. Each dress is different but they all allow you to highlight or erase certain areas of the body.

It is therefore essential to find the one that suits your silhouette: Princess dress, crinoline, mermaid, empire, sheath…


Shopping in Paris is good, but two is better! more seriously, surround yourself for your fittings with trustworthy people who will be able to advise and support you in this delicate and intimate moment. Preferred a frank and tasteful person who will tell you when things are going well and when you are on the wrong track.


Find the perfect dress and be comfortable in it, what could be better?

The evening may be long and the dance floor may know you by heart so if a dress seems too tight, too long, too tight, too wide … try another.

Do not think of going out of your usual comfort if it does not suit you. Stay true to yourself and don’t feel like you have to go through complexes or genes during the evening. If you want to opt for a simple dress, go for it but do not hesitate to accessorize your outfit with original and elaborate jewelry.


Choosing the ideal venue in Paris is often something complex, but to avoid getting too lost, it is better to ask yourself a few questions:

First of all, what is the theme of my wedding? do I want a hotel a castle ? a chalet ? a party room? there is so much unusual venue for a wedding in Paris that it will be necessary to sort out what you are likely to like and what on the contrary you are sure to hate.

Lots of couples opt for room rental which can be the least stressful and friendliest thing.

However, keep in mind that some of these venues are very popular and that you need to plan months in advance to be sure you have the date you prefer.

Do not hesitate to entrust this work to your Parisian wedding planner who will organize and find you THE ideal venue according to your desires!


Regardless of the location of your reception venue, the location should be easy to access so that your guests can get there without a problem. Do not hesitate to provide means of transport such as buses if the room is far from where you live and for large groups


Your place must adapt to your wedding. If you have a lot of guests, consider a very large room that can accommodate them all.

On the contrary, if you do not have many guests, think of a smaller room to avoid the empty spaces that will cool the reception room.


An unexpected thing quickly happened in a marriage. Don’t take the risk of relying 100% on the weather! if you want to organize your wedding outside, your weddings planner will always advise you to plan a space inside if it starts to rain in Paris. So look with the help of your wedding planner for a place that offers an alternative in case of bad weather.


Knowing which flower arrangement to choose for your wedding is not something simple, and yet flowers are sometimes enough to make a place wonderful and the setting for an exceptional wedding.

But when you don’t know anything about it, how do you know if you’re making the right choice?

Here are some tips to help you choose your flower arrangement for your luxury wedding in Paris.



Flowers are good, but seasonal is even better! Adopting flowers out of season is not a good idea from an ecological point of view: they grow in the greenhouse with the help of light and heating in order to recreate an artificial summer and promote flowering. We now understand why this is not very responsible at a time when energy saving plays an important role.

This is why I advise you to choose flowers that are fair and ecological and bear a label!

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