The botanical messenger of William Amor for your wedding

“Your new fashionable eco-friendly and original solution for your wedding flowers”

Its time to choose your perfect wedding flowers !

Create elegant plastic flowers for your wedding is possible. You may have heard of the profession of plastic artist, but do you know William Amor who excels in the field of Plant Decorations? Founder of Créations Messagères, his artistic approach is primarily environmental. It is just by transforming plastic, a neglected material and responsible for major pollution that it makes us discover its floral creations in 2015 during COP21.

Discover with this article the magical and poetic universe of William Amor : the one who reinvents plant decoration for your day.

A view of the artist’s universe

Creating flowers and floral compositions using plastic bottles, bags, fishing nets, rope and recently with cigarette butts, it is the idea to find the artist with multiple creations. “An enabler of neglected material”, he wishes above all to convey to the public a strong message with each of his plant creations. In fact, it is by succeeding in making noble a material destined for the garbage such as plastic that it manages to create an emotion and interest for his remarkable work. Among other things, he considers each of his creations as unique and rare pieces of art whose duty is to raise awareness on environmental issues that are a major issue in our current society.

Inspired by nature since always and from the countryside, that’s when he arrived in Paris that he noticed the lightness of the plastic bag similar to a flower and that he decided to work it to make it beautiful.

His work is quickly noticed because he received many awards and managed to collaborate with many luxury brands like Kenzo.

An alternative to natural vegetal design

Offer to you one of this artwork for your wedding in Paris!

Whatever it is to decorate your wedding interior, just your office or for an event such as your beautiful wedding in Paris, plastic plant creation seems to be a good way to bring an original and ecological touch to the place where it is installed.

Opting for this solution is like acting for the environment and give a chance to materials too often sidelined to be recycled and to bring freshness and beauty to a space.

Like plant walls, these tailor-made creations increasingly invite visitors to events of the biggest luxury brands, or they highlight themselves to accompany scenery and artistic installations.

Why not use plastic flowers for your wedding? they will make your event original and incredible. You can also use it for your sweet bridal bouquet.

In addition, with this creation, there is no need to pay attention to the season for the day! whether your wedding is in summer or winter, all flowers are allowed. You can choose boutonniere, bridesmaid bouquet and beautiful flowers for your decoration at will ! You will be able to have fun on the colour : whether pink, white, red or purple, you are free to please yourself. Buy perfect plastic flower for your arrangements, you will love them. Its a good solution for weddings

The flowers of the botanic messenger

To create, the artist take his inspiration from flowers of all kinds: from rose to tulip through anemone, anthemic and camellia, all these creations reveal an unlimited imagination.

These artificial flowers prove to be of stunning quality today and seem ideal for people who do not have the time to take care of a plant. In fact, they do not require any need for watering.

If you love authenticity, William Amor’s floral design and taste for beautiful things will leave you and your guests speechless with real groom’s table and guests tables tastefully decorated and bouquets of flowers that look like real ones !

Now, just enjoy and love your perfect wedding in Paris with elegant plastic style flowers.