Wedding planner in Paris


How to choose a wedding planner in Paris ?

wedding planner paris

The city is not just a cliché and is undeniably the perfect place to celebrate your union. However, it can be easy to lose sight of the reality when you are making huge plans and dreaming, which is why it is important that you hire a wedding planner to help you keep everything in check as it can be difficult to plan a wedding in Paris while you reside in another country. So if you have no clue about planning a wedding in Paris, a wedding planner is the perfect solution.

You need someone who is by your side at all times and knows Paris in and out. The capital of France is big and has a wide range of places where you can hold the reception and the ceremony. A person who is familiar with the city will be aware of the places that would be perfect for you, considering your needs and wedding plan.

It can take some work to find the perfect wedding planner, but after you find them, you will not be required to put in a lot of effort in planning the wedding. Here is a guide that will help you find the most suitable wedding planner for you in Paris:  


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After you make a list of prospective planners, check out their websites and see if they are there. See if factors like the décor, lighting, and colors. Also, research the types of services offered by them, their clients and awards.


Pick your favorite three or four planners and get in touch with them. Confirm the planning services they offer, their average cost and date availability. Here are some things you should consider talking about:

  • If they have  any see testimonials  of previous weddings they are planned or if there is a way you can get in touch with their previous clients
  • Make sure they will take the responsibility for the paperwork and legal rights of marrying abroad
  • See if they work with fixed suppliers and venues. This can be beneficial sometimes as they probably prefer them to their reliability and high standards. However, to make sure they are also flexible when it comes to.
  • Determine what they can organize for your wedding and if they want something extra.
  • Go through their fee structure and see if they get a commission for a booking. It is important to make sure they only prefer them to their high standards
  • See if they have a minimum limit. There are a few wedding planners that will only work  with you  .
  • Request a budget sample. See if they give you the option to be able to opt for a different priced supplier.
  • Determine if they will be present on the day.


Lastly, communicate any ideas you have about colors and your style and see if the planner responds to your ideas with enthusiasm. In order to get a better understanding of their work, ask them how they will be able to implement your vision to the décor. A reliable planner has the ability to consider your ideas and refine them further.


Spend some time comparing the prices, any formal proposals, and other aspects. Once you are able to shortlist the planner, get in touch with them to sign the contract.

Finally, after closing the deposit, you will have a right-hand planner to make sure your wedding turns out to be one of the best.