French Château Wedding Inspiration , how to live an unique experience

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When considering which area to get married in France, you will find it hard to beat the stunning Paris region which has fairytale wedding venues for your wedding day.

Château de Villette where we decided to realize this creation is prestigious and beautiful, your guests could really get to experience the classic French way of life in château and enjoy the wine and the gastronomy.

From the planner, Inga HEUSELE from CTH Events Paris : this inspiration wedding photoshoot took place at the beautiful Chateau de Villette near Paris. When I visite dit for the first time I instantly fall in love and wanted to create something special. I would like to propose the unexpected, explore to surprise and seduce.

My attention to details made all vendors want to go further to perfect the photoshoot to the last little details. Everything was perfect : I wanted only some best in the wedding industry vendors to participate in this shoot and wanted them to be creative.

We took time to work on the table top setting in violet, blue, orange and yellow colors (that are not use often) to emphasize the splendor of French decor.

The tableware was crafted by master glassblowers and cutters considered to be among the very best in France (“Meilleurs Ouvriers de France”).

The wedding cake was a «Pièce montée en meringue» in pure French XVIII century traditions.
I choose to order all the calligraphy and the drawing of a castle to a designer who completely realized the drawing with a black pencil. Menus and invitations were created using this drawing.

The chateau was built in the XVII century and designated as one of the most important historical Château in France, the splendid gardens were designed by Andre Le Notre, who also created the gardens at Versailles.

The pedigree and elegance of classic design, brought by him, earned Château de Villette the designation of “Le Petit Versailles”.

So we created the artistic presentation of champagne in these gardens.

Château de Villette stands as a silent and refined monument, defending the French way of life that fascinates the world. This inspiration shoot allows to visit this this little gem and little-known site (it is best known, in recent years, for having served as a backdrop for certain scenes of the film “Da Vinci code” by Ron Howard).

We set up a beautiful table for wedding dinner in a very innovative piece … A dining room! At the time, we set up flying tables on trestles, usually in the master bedroom . This room is undoubtedly one of the first dining rooms of the time.

So we decide to show how wedding dinner can be served in the best French traditions.

New dishes appeared in the mid-eighteenth century such as “hot-cold”, foie gras pâté of Alsace, overseas products including cane sugar, and in Normandy, a certain Marie Harel, in his village of Camembert, prepare a cheese that will delight the world.

It is also the success of jams designating compotes, jellies, candied fruit or paste and meringue.

So chosen dish and the great wedding cake were the « Chaud-Froid » and « Piece montée de meringue », and what better than the piece « piece montée » in cheese to present France?

Bride was wearing sublime hand embroidered dress with a long train from Mae collections and diamonds from Rivka Nahmias Jewelry Paris. Each Rivka’s creation is unique and show us the « French Know how » according to the codes and rules of French jewelery.

All aspects have been gathered for the success of this photo shoot , France, stunning château, creative team !