Your elopement to Paris


How to organize my elopement to Paris in 1 hour?

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Plus, it is full of outstanding spots for the exchange of vows as well as the most memorable and remarkably romantic photo shoot. So, if you are planning to elope to Paris, we have brought you some practical advice to help you plan your romantic getaway.


Choose your Date Wisely


It would be a better idea to plan the celebrations and festivities of your elopement during the week. If you decide to elope in Paris during the season of the weddings which is from April to September, then it would be great to elope during the weekdays so that you would be able to find a makeup artist, celebrant, photographer, or any services that you would need. It makes absolute sense as they are most likely to book the weekends. In this way, you would find wedding professionals that would help you make your dream wedding a reality.


Choose your Place according to your Preferences and Budget


Next important thing is to choose a place for the ceremony according to your preferenceS. You can choose a private or a public place for exchanging the vows. Some of the popular choices amongst the best public spots include Trocadero near Notre Dame and Square Jean XXIII. Both of the spots offer unparalleled settings, however, you might have to be really quick and arrive early if you don’t wish to be surrounded by a load of tourists while you exchange the vows. Most of the eloping couples arrange their ceremonies around 6:00 a.m. to avoid the crowd as well as have their best moments captured in peace.


Choose the Professional Smartly

wedding planner paris


This is where it gets tricky as Paris is not short of professionals when it comes to offering services for a wedding. Therefore, making the right choice can get gruesome and challenging. Most of the couples choose one of the top four to five results shown by google and check a few Instagram accounts while making the choice. However, you are likely to miss out on so many pros if you do so. It is recommended to look a little longer and not to hesitate to contact any local wedding planners for some help.

When selecting your elopement planner, celebrant, videographers or photographers, it is always recommended to get in touch with them over a Skype call so that you get to see the person and decide if they are good for you or not. Or you could go for a professional firm like Weddings in France to take over the awful task of planning the wedding to themselves.

It is always best to discuss the best setting for the most romantic wedding photo shoot beforehand with the photographer and/or videographer and ask for their advice as well. This will help you to decide the style you like and then you can stay with it. Whether you want it to be classic, romantic but fun, glamorous, or fun and youthful, you need to convey your exact specifications with the photographers and finalize the locations with them as well according to the feel you want to create. It’s better to choose a couple of spots and not to photograph everywhere to avoid the chaos as well as concentrate on taking the best pictures and capturing the memorable moments.

These are some of the things that you need to consider before you elope in Paris and make some everlasting memories. Take your time and choose everything smartly so that you get to enjoy your big day and make some wonderful memories that would last the lifetime.