Excellent reasons to hire a wedding planner

Planning a wedding on your own is a very complicated and stressful job especially when it is your own wedding.

Do you still hesitate to call a wedding planner for your destination wedding planning?We have composed a list of arguments that will give you peace of your ease, our talented wedding planner will change your life!


The bride and groom happiness

In the run-up to marriage, a question to share followed: Is it really necessary to call a wedding planner? The prices of these organizations are often cooled by the bride and groom, who then prefer to organize their own big day to delegate certain tasks to their loved ones. Paying for the services of a wedding planner is one of the most profitable investments in marriage products. We will tell you why!


Benefit from the experience

The use of a wedding planner means utilizing its experience to avoid traps, simply inspired by the previous destination wedding organized. Established in 2012, Wedding in France accompanied hundreds of couples in their wedding preparations. Based in Paris, we also organize in the French Riviera, our agency knows how to meet all the challenges. Our teams have already traveled to different corners of France, sumptuous French castles to organize unforgettable wedding in Paris. A wedding planner will use its own experience and know-how to guarantee the success of his great day.


Reducing the stress of wedding preparations

We talked about marriage as the happiest day of life, but we forgot to mention that the months before are usually filled with stress. To avoid disrupting your daily life, wedding planners are there to handle the smallest details of the preparations for you. Together with these professionals, your only function is to give your opinion, choose your destination wedding dress , the wedding meal and count on earlier days of the D-Day! In Paris, the destination wedding in France is the big ally of your project. In front of the agency, a wedding planner who accompanies you from A to Z, specifically manages the search for service providers, quotes and contracts. Coordinate all the steps in the preparations thanks to a detailed subsequent planning. Our methods of organization, our experience, but also our goodwill, will make you release your pressure. By our side you will avoid several months of stress and doubt that can sometimes create tension in couples, think about it!


Making the destination wedding of your dreams come true

How do you think about the best day of your life? Whether you want a sober wedding or an extravagant party, the wedding planner will help you bring your project to life, in every detail. At the same time, decorator and wedding planner, our wedding planner is equipped with an overflow of creativity and a well-stocked address book, especially in Paris. From the first meeting, the wedding planner will make it comfortable and natural to establish a relationship of trust. Then you can share your ideas, your desires, your tastes while allowing yourself to be guided by your advice. Then the adventure will begin!

Start early!

If you do not necessarily want to call in a wedding planner but are planning a beautiful secular ceremony and need an agency that will also coordinate your wedding in France on the day, we have found your rare gem! What if we dream of it? Your audience will be subdued and you can exchange your wishes with confidence with the permission of an experienced trader. Secular ceremonies are becoming more and more popular, but few offices use the art of language and words gracefully and naturally, so we wanted to advise you on this. You dream that everyone will be moved to hear his speech, that your loved ones will smile while telling stories about their partner and that everyone will literally drink his words. Do you dream that everyone will be moved by hearing your speech, that your loved ones will smile as they tell stories about your partner, and that everyone will literally drink your words to share this moment of intimacy with you? It will be done! Furthermore, our agency will also advise the best suppliers in terms of animation and decoration.


Realize your marriage abroad

Besides the modern and the last ten times since that completely excluded printing is so complicated to organize. The help of a wedding planner is then essential, because it is, she who will look for providers in the country of your choice, and who will be your intermediary with them. With its international experience, the wedding in France is proposed on your wedding in the area or French Rivers that will suit you on all your income. If you use that site. With these burdens lie the progress of the prepared trusts. Pack your bags!


Negotiate prices with a provider

The wedding organizers address book also allows brides to get some benefits. Negotiating prices or offering additional benefits to service providers is an integral part of the Wedding Planner operation. Wouldn’t you dream of getting married in France? Wedding in France was built in Paris, France, and is known for the best service providers in the area. Let’s work with us, we can negotiate the prices of the bride and groom’s benefit. Are you ready to live a sumptuous memorable wedding in Paris?


Get advice at every step

Even if you are free to choose all the details of your destination wedding, the wedding organizer will advise you through the preparations. Wedding in France is our agency specializing in the marriage organization working in four phases: Listen, anticipate, organize and animate. It is in the second we will give you our best tips for your wedding in Paris to go without delays or unpleasant surprises. Therefore, we will also follow your meetings with suppliers. Its role is also to give you different ideas that you may not have thought.


Delegate Wedding Decoration

Many wedding planners offer the brides from the additional services. This is the case for weddings in France, we offer different performances to design the destination wedding decoration. Depending on the style and desires of the bride and groom, we take care of buying and setting up the day j all decoration, from the ceremony to the reception room.


Discover breathtaking ceremonial and reception venues

Thanks to our address book and our knowledge of the Paris region, wedding planners for our agency – marriage in France, we can show you places where you have no idea. In Paris, our Bureau organizes festive and cozy weddings in Paris, which we all would dream of participating today. And see your eyes when the wedding planner knows the best places in the area. From the ceremony in the sumptuous French castle as Château de Villette for the dinner, we get you to discover rooms that are as romantic as they are heavenly. Your photos will look as amazing as possible from a history book.


Manage your budget

Whatever the financial means, the wedding planner adapts to the budget of the bride and groom. It is our goal is to fulfill your desires while respecting the budget set at the beginning. Wedding in France is entirely committed to respecting all budgets. Our goal is to optimize your spending in total transparency. We can thus create you a tailor-made destination wedding in Paris respecting all your desires, without exceeding a penny.


Relaxing the days before the wedding

The days before the wedding in Paris are often the most eventful: everything has to be ready in time. But it is also at this time that the bride presents herself in good condition on day J, which usually has to be in good shape, it usually means taking time for her to be with his friends to relax in the spa, to put on masks for the face, to meditate. in a short time, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. In Paris our agency manages the organization of your marriage in all its smaller details. We work with a floral designer to design your decoration and install it at the reception location the day before your destination wedding. We also reach out to all of your service providers to make sure everything is ready. The rule is simple: count on your wedding planner to take care of the final details of the preparations and you will think of you, just you!


From the management of service providers, to those of the guests and especially the possible risks, the wedding planner becomes the driver of your day and all you need to do is enjoy every minute without worrying about an unforeseen event. We are present as soon as your beauty in the morning on the big day. We verify that the decoration of the ceremony and reception room has been installed the day before, monitor service providers and welcome guests. Until the end of the evening, we will follow you to assure you to ensure a smooth ride of each step.


So, convinced that a wedding planner will be the key to the success of your big day? We hope that this list will reassure you in this stressful moment please contact us for any service regarding a wedding proposal in Paris or a wedding in Paris.