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Compelling Reasons to Engage a Wedding Planner

You’ve got numerous details to contemplate as you prepare for your big day, and one significant aspect is your wedding menu. Regardless of your dietary preferences, we’ve got your French wedding feast covered.

Selecting the Ideal Venue for Your Reception

The first order of business is settling on the perfect reception location. It could be a magnificent wedding hall, an elegant wedding restaurant, a regal wedding castle, or perhaps an enchanting outdoor space complete with a wedding tent rental. Once you’ve made this crucial decision and determined the number of guests, your next challenge is crafting the wedding menu.

Crafting Your French Wedding Experience

The wedding meal stands as one of the most substantial expenditures on your wedding day, and it deserves your careful attention. However, you need not feel bound by traditional norms dictating a seated, plated service. There are various options available, and we’re here to inspire and assist you in finding the perfect one.

The Classic Approach

A prevalent and traditional choice for a French wedding meal is the seated, plated dinner. Waiters meticulously serve each course to your guests. This option ensures guests feel pampered and provides a comfortable, leisurely dining experience. Nonetheless, it can also be one of the more expensive choices due to the need for numerous servers and a starter, main course, and dessert for each guest.

The Convivial Option

For those who desire a relaxed and less formal ambiance while still maintaining table service, consider a variation where dishes are placed at the center of each table. Whether individually or for sharing, this setup promotes conviviality without abandoning tradition.

The Practical Alternative

Buffets break away from convention. If you want your guests to have the freedom to select what and how much they eat, a buffet is an excellent choice. Nothing beats the appeal of a beautifully arranged buffet table filled with tempting options.

Considerations for Dietary Preferences

Choosing a caterer can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Your wedding planner can guide you by recommending reputable businesses. However, you should also be mindful of your guests’ specific dietary requirements.

Since a wedding dinner brings together all your close relatives, it’s likely that some have dietary restrictions due to health conditions or allergies. Additionally, you might have guests following specific diets, such as vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan, which can be accommodated successfully with the right recipes.

Vegetarians abstain from meat and focus on vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and sometimes eggs or dairy products. Pescatarians include fish but no other meat, while vegans strictly avoid animal-derived foods and products. Allergies and dietary preferences should be addressed when planning your wedding menu.

Examples of Typical French Wedding Meals

Before the main wedding meal, the “Vin d’honneur” serves as the perfect opportunity for appetizers. You can select from an array of finger foods, such as duck foie gras, smoked salmon, and other options tailored to your preferences.

A traditional French wedding meal typically includes a starter, main course, and dessert. The traditional trio of starters often features scallops, lobster, and duck foie gras. For the main course, you can opt for beef tenderloin, tournedos, duck breast, or fish-based options like sea bream or perch fillet.

Desserts often feature a show-stopping centerpiece accompanied by petits fours and a pastry buffet. Get creative with dish names to add a touch of poetry and whet your guests’ appetites.

French Wedding Meal for Vegetarians

Vegetarian options can be just as delightful. You can offer vegetable cocktails, soups, tomato skewers with mozzarella, bruschetta, and vegetable wraps. For starters, consider dishes like baked eggplants with feta, vegetable quiche, or mushroom and spinach ravioli. Main course options can include tofu, chickpeas, or cheese substitutes like Halloumi or Berloumi.

A buffet that caters to both meat and vegetarian preferences can ensure all your guests are satisfied. Be sure to provide enough vegetarian dishes to meet demand, as they might prove exceptionally popular.

For dessert, options like cherry chocolate muffins, pistachio crème brûlée, and revamped lemon pie can tantalize taste buds, and you can hardly distinguish them from their traditional counterparts.

Key Considerations

If you’re planning a wedding in Paris, France, or embracing a French-themed wedding, think about how you want your meal served—plated, family-style, or buffet. While the three-course meal tradition followed by the Vin d’honneur has its merits, don’t hesitate to incorporate other diets to ensure everyone’s happiness.

Catering professionals are well-versed in accommodating various dietary preferences, and the Maître d’hôtel will be informed of specific needs to ensure a seamless wedding day. Allergies and dietary restrictions are taken seriously, so make sure to address them.

Pro Tip: Include a question about dietary preferences in your wedding announcement to ensure everyone’s needs are met during the celebration.

If you found this article helpful, don’t hesitate to contact us as you begin planning your dream wedding with a touch of French elegance.

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