Wedding in 2021: start your planning now!

It’s now been 1 year since all our projects took a break because of the Covid 19 virus. Wedding ceremonies and travel plans to several destinations have been affected.

However, all will be fine for the year 2021, don’t worry.

We see that the vaccine is now available. Therefore, if you planning your wedding in 2021, start your planning now! Wedding preparation is not a one-click process, to have a dream wedding, you need to start right away. 

But why take all this time in advance to have a wedding in 2021?

  • To be sure that the people you care about will be there: you are never safe from incompatible agendas and other technical impossibilities. Especially since it is already possible to travel despite the virus. Arrangements can be made if there is an impediment because of the Covid 19. For example reimbursement of airline tickets, cancellations are more possible for hotels and service providers. The world of event organization already has solutions in these cases. Don’t worry about anything, but go ahead and organize now if you want your wedding in 2021 so that you don’t regret it.
  • To get the service providers you want: if you start too late, you will only have what is left. There are more romantic places than the local bistro.
  • To spread out your expenses: it’s not the most romantic subject, but it’s a must. And a wedding is still a budget.- To have an evening with little onions: there are a lot of things to plan. But apart from the wedding dress, there are two things to remember: the decoration of the hall and the entertainment. It takes time for preparing.

This is why we are going to show you what are those famous points you need to see to have a beautiful wedding.
To begin, when to start a wedding in 2021?

It is generally advisable for brides and grooms to start making preparations for their wedding in 2021 between one and a year and a half before the desired date of their union. This may seem like a long time, but if you want to be sure you get the venue and providers of your dreams for your wedding in 2021, you will need to book the services in advance. So get started now!

Step 1: Find a wedding planner!

For a successful wedding, a wedding planner is always helpful. It will take you some time to decide, but it doesn’t take long.

Step 2: Interview with the wedding planner

After finding your ideal wedding planner, you will have an interview together, with CTH Events- wedding in France this is possible via mail and/or skype.

  • Support, advice, and guidance throughout the wedding planning process via email and skype
    This is the moment when you exchange with your wedding planner. Please note that it is possible to do this interview by videoconference. This is the moment when your wedding preparation begins. During this discussion, we will ask you if you already have ideas about how you see your wedding
    ceremony. Whether it would be a small ceremony or a big one if you have an idea of decoration and theme for the wedding reception hall. If you already have service providers in mind, a wedding DJ or wedding caterer. Or if not, which providers you need during your wedding. Concerning this, the wedding planner could guide you and analyze your preferences.
  • Budget management
    After a long discussion about your wedding in 2021, it’s time to move on to budget management. The question you will be asked is: what is your budget? This is necessary for the wedding planner to know what to do and what the best she can offer you.
    After defining all the details about your wedding in 2021, it’s time to get down to business. This is the part that takes the most time and above all, it is the part where it takes a lot of time. This is why I invite you to start planning your wedding for 2021 now.

Step 3: Find the wedding venue

The choice of the wedding venue can really be the most difficult step in the whole preparation process, as it is the most important decision to be made and will set the tone for the whole day.
Many popular venues are quickly booked up, especially if you want a wedding venue for Saturday. If you’re looking for Sunday or even a day of the week, then you’re more likely to find availability.
One of the reasons to start wedding planning for 2021 now is to find the right wedding reception hall. After discussing with your wedding planner and having more or less in mind the size of your wedding ceremony. You need to start looking for and if possible booking the wedding reception hall as soon as possible.

Step 4: Selection and management of an unlimited number of vendors

Once you have made a reservation for a wedding venue, it is time to select and find the different service providers for your wedding day. Here is a list of all the providers you need to look for and choose carefully.

  • Wedding Celebrant
  • Catering & Wedding Cake
  • Decor & Equipment Rental
  • Flowers, decor, styling
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Wedding Car & Transportation
  • Make-Up & Hair-Dressing
  • Stationery & Calligraphy
  • Favors for guests
  • Security & Hosting

We can see that there are several tasks to be done. To carry out these tasks, it is essential to do them months before your wedding in 2021.

Step 5: Event design & styling

Then it’s time to choose and reflect on the theme of the wedding ceremony. You can choose the theme that suits you and then your wedding planner will take care of the rest.

About creation:

  1. Your wedding planner sends you a survey to know your desires and your likes/dislikes.
  2. Your wedding planner provides you several options of design & styling: color pallet, atmosphere, flowers, accessories… by your wishes and budget of course. But like at CTH events-Wedding in France we also propose to you something that would fit these criteria, and we visit them. All your desires will be explored with the wedding planner and event planners to provide you with a unique offer that suits your taste.
  3. An illustrator shows you the ideas by drawing mood boards. They show you what the wedding venue will look like the d day following the work of your wedding planner and your florist. This is an optional service that CTH Events-Wedding in France proposes to help you imagine how it is going to be.

Step 6: On-Site coordination

It’s time to check in with the service providers at the wedding reception hall.
On-site coordination is dedicated to organizing everything at the wedding reception hall. It takes time after all the previous planning. Management of all vendors, the general set up and tear down.

  • Supervision of bridal preparations
  • Set up and dismantle styling touches and detail
  • Management of the event schedule
  • Wedding party & guest transport logistics
    The number of planners and assistant planners required to ensure the onsite coordination depends on the scale of the wedding and also for any other event like corporate events planning in France, bachelor or anniversary party in Paris, the number of guests, the venue, logistical complexity, and the wedding schedule. Clients have the opportunity to sign off on the size of the team required once the needs have been assessed.

It’s not over yet, there are still things to be done, but the most time-consuming tasks are there.
It remains :

  • Logistical planning of the transport of guests
    Knowing that there will be guests coming from far away, he is obliged to please the guests whose transportation.
  • Drafting of the event program
    It is a preparation of the thread of the complete wedding ceremony.
  • Briefing with all suppliers and the location of the technical visit
  • Post-wedding follow-up with vendors such as the photographer and videographer until you receive your film and photos

Conclusion :

In short, wedding preparation is done in several months. One of the most complicated is to find and book the wedding reception hall. It is necessary to reserve it as soon as possible. Don’t worry,it is possible to change the date or move back if there is a problem with the virus. This is why you need to start now if you plan to have your wedding in 2021. The borders are open again and travel is therefore possible.