8 points for a successful wedding

All right, it’s time to take the big step: “Getting married”. And all of us want to have a successful wedding. Your future bride or groom may have made you a perfect proposal

or even a request with a charm of uncommon simplicity. This is just the beginning.

There is still a wedding, which is not easy to organize. Marriage is something new in our lives. We want everything to be perfect and everything to be beyond reproach. Whatever your destination wedding. You want a successful wedding.

When preparing a wedding, we constantly have two questions in mind: “Will everything goes well? “, ” Is our original wedding perceived as such? “. Indeed, with every decision to be made, every detail to be selected, we tend to wonder if the guests will be surprised and happy. Whether it’s discovering the wedding dress and costume, savoring the menu, or taking part in wedding games. We want a successful wedding.

The wedding in France is not just a celebration between the bride and the husband. It is above all a moment to reunite with family and friends and to offer them a day they will never forget. It is a celebration of the union of two people.

For this reason, wedding in France has put together a list that will help you to know what not to miss in the organization of your wedding.

  1. Choosing the right wedding date

Deciding on a wedding date seems easy. But you’re wrong because it’s the trigger for the beginning of your successful wedding. It all depends on the date. For a wedding in France, the preparation time lasts about a year. This is enough time to organize all the points we will discuss below.

Then, the choice of the season. Indeed, it depends on you, but the season must be taken into account. Would you like to do it in the summer? We tend to think that there will be good weather, warmth, and more people gathered around us. But this is also the most popular time for the bride and groom. This is why it is sometimes difficult to find availability for venues and providers. It is also the time when the guests have potentially planned a holiday. So take all this into account before confirming your wedding date.

In winter? It’s probably not easy, but it’s a season that will allow you to have a beautiful wedding because it’s the time when there are many more venues and service providers available.

Springtime? Autumn? This decision also depends if you want a destination wedding or another country.

Having chosen this, it is essential to know what the weather will be like on this D-day.

  1. Choosing and taking a wedding planner for a successful wedding

We can see that organizing a wedding is not an easy task. To make sure your wedding is a success, choose and take a wedding planner. There are several advantages to taking a wedding planner. It is the person who will be able to guide you and tell you what to do. It is the person who will take charge of your wedding. He or she will accompany you in every detail of preparation. In short, the main role of a wedding planner is to advise and support the bride and groom.

Each Wedding Planner has his or her own working technique. For example, a Wedding in France can accompany you serenely but we also offer packages if you are interested in a destination wedding. We will make your dream of a successful marriage come true.

  1. Wedding reception venue

Finding the ideal wedding hall is essential for a successful wedding. You need to find the perfect place to welcome all your guests, meeting your needs and desires. You can choose the reception room according to what you like. And especially if it is not too far away from all your family and friends.

If you want to make your wedding in France, especially a wedding in Paris, and if you have a reception venue in mind, and you already have a particular preference, take this room at least 1 year in advance as there can always be unforeseen circumstances. Don’t forget to enquire about all the details to reserve your reception room. The questions that arise are mainly about the caterer, the different services that the wedding reception hall offers you.

– What is the place to dance?

– Should the tables be pushed?

– Number of toilets?

– Heated room?

– End time?

– What is the possible cost per hour of overrun?

– Is it possible to organize a night after the party?

– Is it possible to make the wine of honor outside?

– And what to do in case of rain?

– Are other weddings planned on the same date?

– Are the service providers compulsory?

You can find details of the questions to ask before taking a wedding reception hall here.

  1. Ask wedding guests about culinary restrictions

A successful wedding is a ceremony where you are happy and make your loved ones happy as well. In order not to disappoint your guests and to please them 100%, you have to take into account what they don’t eat. It is possible that some of our guests are allergic to various foods. Whether it is seafood, pork or so much more. These are details that must be taken into account. Thus, the technique to find out the culinary restrictions of the guests is to ask them directly in the wedding invitation with a deadline for answering for his presence as well as for the foods they do not eat.

  1. What kind of wedding do you want? 

Note that your choice of the ceremony will not define whether it will be a successful wedding or not, but it is just important to get organized in time to prepare everything. If you want your wedding in Paris, each couple has the right to choose which form of wedding they want. The choice remains with the bride and groom. There are several types of marriage. In order to be well organized and to know the whole course of your perfect day, you need to define which type of wedding you need.

  • Do you want a civil wedding aka an official wedding?

This is an official wedding in the eyes of the law, the passage through the town hall is obligatory. Civil marriage requires you to meet a certain number of criteria as well as to carry out prior administrative procedures. You will need to bring your birth certificate, identity document, certificate of domicile and celibacy, or a list of your witnesses and their civil status records. This is an official procedure that must be carried out properly. This is why you should prepare in advance for all these procedures.

  • Do you also want a religious marriage?

If you are getting married in France, if you are a believer, you will still have to go through the town hall to make your union official before going to church to get married before God. Religious marriage is rich in symbols. It is usually prepared several months in advance with the priest who will officiate at the ceremony. It is an important step for Christians and will also take you some time beforehand.

  • Or do you want a secular ceremony?

The secular celebration ceremony is above all symbolic, i.e. it has no value in the eyes of the law or before God. However, the lay ceremony is a beautiful way of promising love and commitment before our loved ones. It is a way of having a wedding feast without the limitation of the law or to be done before God.

  1. Service providers for a successful wedding

Your successful wedding depends too on your service providers. Make sure you are well informed about your service providers. They play a very important role in your wedding ceremony.

  • Photographers: Make sure that the photographer is suitable for you and that he or she will be able to meet your expectations. This is the person who will capture the best moments of your married life. The number of photographers will depend on the number of guests you have. If you have more than 50 guests, consider taking 2 wedding photographers. They may be in the same team.
  • The videographers: It is the same process for wedding videographers. Analyze their work and ask yourself if this is the right person for you. Wedding videos are the memories of your big day.
  • A florist: You can see this with your wedding planner if you don’t know much about it. But you will always have a choice.
  • The wedding DJ and/or artists: don’t forget to choose your wedding DJ if you want one. You can also choose to take an orchestra. It depends on you but chooses well. And if you already have an idea for a wedding DJ or artist in mind, book them as soon as possible. For a successful wedding, what better than a good wedding DJ.

You have a wide choice for the wedding ceremony. You can take, magicians if you want a rather special wedding full of surprises.

  1. What presents for your guests?

For your wedding in France, to make your guests happy, think about preparing nice wedding gifts for them. A small original wedding gift is a good idea so that your loved ones go home with a smile and a memory of the event that they will never forget. It is also a way to thank them for coming to your wedding.

  1. Preparing and anticipating / Making a schedule for the day

The schedule of the day is the most important. It is the guiding thread for the course of your wedding ceremony. Above all, it is a way of not stressing but being organized. In general, if you have a wedding planner, she will take care of it. But don’t forget that it’s your wedding, not yours.

  1. You have to plan the day before the wedding
  2. Planning the wedding day
  3. Planning the wedding evening

A successful marriage requires a lot of work to be done. The smallest details play a role in its organization. But the most important thing is not to let yourself be stressed by this pressure, but to always let go and do your wedding planner and your loved ones.

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