Paris wedding planner, Questions to ask

Organizing a wedding is a long journey full of pitfalls. It is tiring and complicated to go through alone. To help you in this task, the Paris wedding planner is there to accompany you.


He invests himself so that this moment so special for each couple, is the closest to perfection. If you are a foreigner, it is all the more simple to take a French wedding planner to guide you. He offers wedding packages that help you to see more clearly what you want. He knows the best French wedding venues that would be able to satisfy you.


What is the role of the wedding planner?

His role is, quite simply, to organize the most beautiful day of your life. Simple is of course an understatement. It is because this task is immense and full of responsibilities that you need him. The Paris wedding planner will take care of all the details that go into organizing a wedding. It can be finding the right shoes, sending the invitations, taking care of the guests’ movements, everything that the bride and groom don’t have time to think about. He is, in this magnificent adventure, your accomplice, your right arm. Hiring a wedding planner is a real time saver, especially when you know that a wedding is on average 300 hours of preparation.


During a first meeting, the Paris wedding planner will inquire about the type of wedding you want. This is the time to reveal everything you dreamed of for the most beautiful day of your life. A good wedding planner must understand your tastes, in order to offer you a completely personalized wedding which corresponds to you.

He will then draw from his address book to suggest service providers adapted to your desires and your budget. His role is also to negotiate the quotes, and to find the best quality/price ratio. The wedding planner can also accompany you in the administrative steps, advise you for the atmosphere, organize your bachelorette party…


The day of the wedding, the Paris wedding planner plays the conductor. He makes sure that the bride and groom enjoy this special moment. He welcomes the guests, he coordinates the providers and manages the unexpected. No need to run around, the bride and groom can celebrate, the wedding planner takes care of everything.


To choose the right French wedding planner, the one who will understand you and realize the most beautiful day of your life, it is important to ask the right questions. Here are the essential questions to ask your French wedding planner:


Are you available on our wedding day?

This is the first question to ask. There is no point in talking for hours and getting excited about a wedding planner’s profile if he is not available on the big day. Ask him his availability right away, this will avoid you to be disappointed in case of refusal.


How many clients do you have per year (or the month of your wedding)?

The first part of this question is to judge the experience of your professional. It is always more risky to hire someone who has never organized a wedding before or only a few, although there are sometimes very good surprises. This question will also help you to know the availability of your wedding planner and the time that he devotes to each wedding. The success of your event depends on his ability to juggle the different receptions he manages. The answer will allow you to estimate if he will reserve the time you want for your wedding. It’s up to you to decide if you need a professional ready to intervene at any time!


How many weddings, with the same budget as me, have you already realized ?

It is important, to see more clearly in this great organization that is the wedding, to have examples, references. For this great event that has a special flavor for each couple, it is easy to dream, to imagine all the details. However, the budget is very important in the organization of a wedding. Knowing what is possible makes it a little more real.


Have you ever worked with one of the reception halls that make me dream?

Most Paris wedding planners have a list of their favorite vendors that they work with at weddings. Their opinion on your choice of providers will not only allow you to have feedback on their services, but it will also help you find the most interesting ones according to your budget. If you already have ideas about what you want for your wedding, it is important to talk directly to your wedding planner because his contacts can help you.


How much do your services cost to organize a wedding?

The budget being an important element in the organization of a wedding, it will be a criterion to decide you. The Paris wedding planner can propose you wedding packages that will allow you to know his rates and to understand the services he puts at your disposal. To decide between several people, you must be able to compare the services they can provide you. Do not hesitate to ask for the details of the different services announced by these professionals and to require a detailed estimate of the service of your wedding planner. You will then be able to judge if they correspond to your expectations.


Can you explain the selection process of the different providers and how we would participate in it?

You want to be sure to have the best team around you on your wedding day, so it is important to understand how your Paris Wedding Planner makes his choices in terms of providers. Wedding planners spend a lot of time building relationships with other providers (photographers, caterers, decorators, florists…), so you can learn about their already established network. You also want to make sure that they suggest the people who will best meet your expectations. During your interview, write down the names of some of the professionals the person likes to work with so you can do your own research.

How do you ensure that everything is ready on time?

This question will tell you about the organizational methods of your professional. A wedding planner must be an expert in organization. It must be someone square and precise. It is important to see if his way of working corresponds to you and if you feel reassured to leave such organization to this wedding planner.  If the speech of the person you have in front of you does not seem clear and orderly, be wary. Moreover, it is important to know how the wedding planner manages the hazards which can come to disturb the initial organization of the wedding. This includes having a plan B.


What is your relationship with the bride and groom?

This kind of question allows you to judge the personality of your Paris wedding planner. It will indeed be important to meet the person to feel if the current passes between you. The wedding planner is undoubtedly the service provider to whom you will have to deal with the most, it will be your right hand. Also, it must be someone with whom you have affinities, who understands you, who will be able to apply your instructions and to give you good ideas. This will allow you to understand how they work, whether they are more of a bonding type or more formal and professional.


What do you envision for our wedding?

If you’ve already given your wedding planner some details about you as a couple and the style of wedding you’d like, ask him or her to make some suggestions or tell you how he or she envisions your wedding celebration. This will allow you to verify that you all have the same vision of what your event should look like.


With CTH Events Paris, make your dreams come true by trusting us to organize the most beautiful day of your life. A team of professionals is at your disposal to prepare events of this magnitude.  They are reactive and productive, which makes it possible to carry out miracles in a few days. CTH Events Paris is based in Paris, so we know the weddings in France very well.  We have been organizing weddings for the past 5 years and therefore have the best plans regarding French wedding venues. It is essential for us to create a real relationship of trust with the bride and groom so that we can move forward hand in hand for the union project. For this, we get to know you personally as well as your love story to be in harmony with your desires. We offer weddings packages to future brides and grooms so that they can see what we are capable of doing for their wedding in France

wedding planner paris
wedding planner paris