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What are the most beautiful places in Paris for a wedding proposal and Paris wedding?

Romance in Paris, the most beautiful places to declare your love


Married in Paris, how to start

Marry-me in Paris!

Paris, also called the City of Light, is the symbol of love and romanticism. Ideal place for a romantic marriage proposal, it has a multitude of unmissable places conducive to this magical moment. Whether under the sun, in the rain or at night, Paris will always be beautiful.

Why make the wedding proposal in Paris?

Making your marriage proposal can be very stressful, we would like everything to be perfect and not to forget any detail for this unforgettable moment. A large number of women dream of a magical marriage proposal like in the movies and some also choose to ask their loved one!


Love/Wed in France

You can plan the destination wedding proposal to your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day or during a romantic stay in Paris. If you are not from the city, you can take the opportunity to organize a romantic getaway and to visit Paris for a weekend. A magical city full of beautiful walks and mythical places, such as the Champs-Elysées, the Tuileries, the Opéra Garnier, Le Louvre, the Île Saint Louis, the Marais, the Canal Saint Martin, the Place de la Concorde, the Latin Quarter, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Place des Vosges, the Buttes-Chaumont and many others!


Paris also has a wide choice of accommodation, you can spend the night in a pretty room in a romantic, intimate and cozy hotel in the center of Paris.

The most traditional will choose to kneel before opening their engagement ring box for wedding proposal, but you are free to make the request of your choice, from the most classic to the most unusual. Don’t forget to give her a large bouquet of flowers topped with red roses to accompany the engagement ring, and your future wife will be overjoyed.


The top of the most beautiful places in Paris for a marriage proposal


The bridge of Arts / Le Pont des Arts

Mythical bridge in Paris, in the heart of the city and crossing the Seine, the Pont des Arts is also nicknamed the Bridge of Lovers. This bridge is covered with thousands of padlocks, deposited by couples from all over the world to seal their love.

Listed as a Historic Monument, the Pont des Art has an international influence, adored by tourists, photographers, painters, writers and lovers.

Its history and magnificent view of the Seine make it the perfect place for a beautiful marriage proposal.


Eiffel Tower/La Tour Eiffel

The iconic Eiffel Tower is undoubtedly the emblem of the French capital. Also nicknamed the Iron Lady, it has a unique architecture which is the charm of Paris. Whether at its foot or at its top, the landscape will be perfect to ask for the hand of your fiancé (e). It is also not uncommon to see wedding proposals on the famous Place du Trocadéro.

Afterwards, you can dine by candlelight in a gourmet restaurant in the tower. One is located on the first floor and the other on the second floor of the tower, with a breathtaking view during the sunset, an unforgettable evening to celebrate your union.


The Notre-Dame cathedral/ La Cathédrale Notre Dame

Located on the Ile de la Cité in the heart of the capital, Notre-Dame Cathedral is a flagship building in Paris. Tourists from all over the world come every day to admire this monument, whose architecture is unique. A majestic setting for a romantic and most Parisian marriage proposal. You can take the opportunity to take a walk hand in hand along the quays on the banks of the Seine and stop in a pretty tea room in the Latin Quarter.


The Sacred Heart / Le Sacré-Coeur

How not to mention the magnificent Basilica of the Sacred Heart when talking about marriage proposal. Located at the top of the Butte Montmartre, the Sacré-Cœur dominates the city and offers you an extraordinary panoramic view over the rooftops of Paris, an idyllic place for a successful marriage proposal.

You can then stroll through the small streets and alleys of the Montmartre district and discover the Abbesses and Pigalle district. Then, you can stop at one of the neighborhood restaurants for a romantic dinner.


A stroll on the Seine

Why choose a single Parisian monument when you can have them all? A cruise on the Seine by boat is by far the best choice for an original and exceptional marriage proposal. A romantic getaway that will allow you to admire all the Parisian monuments is the ideal place to ask for the hand of your other half. We advise you to favor the night stroll for a magical atmosphere.

You can easily rent a boat on the Seine for a wedding pproposal: for a cruise with a romantic dinner, a cruise with overnight on board or a completely privatized boat. You are free to choose the solution that best suits you.

wedding proposal paris
wedding proposal in Paris


And now it’s time for Paris wedding & wed in France!


After the engagement, the next step is to organize your wedding. You will need to plan all the preparations: reception room, invitations, table decoration, wedding rings … For a wedding in Paris, it is possible to rent a private mansion or a cruise ship on the Seine. You can then choose the decoration and the menu you want to serve to your guests.


Reasons why Paris is the ideal city to get married

Paris is recognized as the City of Light, but also of love. This is the perfect place for hosting a wedding. Parisians and even foreigners opt for this city to make this day important and unforgettable. The existence of stories, legends of love as well as unusual and magical places make Paris the first choice for the celebration of a wedding.


The Eiffel Tower, symbol of love for Paris wedding

Young Parisian and even foreign women dream of a romantic proposal on the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris. Since the symbol of the city is considered a symbol of love, destination wedding plannings and wedding planners in Paris are increasingly in demand.


The city of love par excellence

Paris, the capital of lovers. On the banks of the Seine, in front of a building that the whole world envies us, with a view of the rooftops, there is no shortage of spots to photograph the bride and groom. Walk around the capital on a weekend to be convinced.

It is not possible to walk more than a few minutes in tourist areas without stumbling upon a photo shoot for a wedding. The photo shoot not only immortalizes young Parisian couples, but also foreigners from all over the world because for them, Paris is love.


The temple of gastronomy

The Paris wedding, the photo shoot before it or the party after it, is always a great time with family and friends. So doing it in Paris is giving yourself the opportunity to experience your destination wedding in one of the most gourmet cities.

There are many starred restaurants there, and even more very good establishments, where without achieving the prestige of Michelin stars, we will have a great time at the table. Whether you opt for tourist districts or those little addresses that only the initiated can exchange, Paris is a real joy in terms of cuisine.


The capital of fashion

The dress is paramount in a wedding and no civil or religious ceremony will take place if the perfect dress is not found. It must transcribe the grandiose side of the day, let express the personality of the one who wears it while saluting her femininity and her charm. And to have the choice among the most beautiful dresses, what better choice than that of the capital of fashion which is none other than Paris.

From large boutiques to couturiers, from well-established stores to discreet addresses, Paris offers a choice of unparalleled quantity and quality. For your photoshoot, to immortalize the dress of your dreams, to be the most beautiful for your future husband, there is only Paris that can satisfy you.


Talented wedding photographers for wed in France

The event photographer is the one who will have to accompany you throughout your destination wedding in Paris. Couple shooting, individual photos during fittings, shots of preparations, ceremonies and receptions, he will have his place with you like any other guest.

But being a photographer cannot be improvised and his talent will be to transcribe the emotion of the moment, the beauty of a moment, the complicit looks that you will exchange with your other half and of which only you will know the exact content. It is because this photographer must be talented that research is an important step in the preparation. He will also know how to magnify your D-day with services such as the photobooth, the wedding report.


Breathtaking spots for your photos

Your couple photos in Paris deserve the best to pay tribute to your union. And Paris with its mythical places is perfect for that. Champs Élysées, the Seine, the Louvre, Montmartre, the Arc de Triomphe, not to mention luxury hotels, there are many places for a large-scale photo shoot.

paris wedding
paris destination wedding


French touch and Fench wedding planner for Paris wedding


With the CTH Events Paris agency, a provider of excellence, you will have another destination wedding idea, because we will take care of you from the getting ready to the brunch. Because there are as many ways of loving each other as cultures, therefore of marriage, and a traditional wedding day slips through our fingers. The Parisian agency knows how to conjugate the verb to love and to benefit at all times in order to benefit from the presence of each of the guests and to savor these sweet moments without stress.

To ensure a quality service, the agency undertakes to be at least two wedding planners with additional staff. The team guides you for a high-end reception over 3 days organized, refined and coordinated with a master hand to make it unforgettable.


Welcome party

Behind the scenes of Big day, the team orchestrates your Paris wedding, assists the bride and groom and operates all the organization that has been prepared upstream.

The day before, it is the welcoming of the guests that starts the festivities with conviviality.

For a wellcome party, we can offer a reception on the beach or in the countryside, with your feet in the sand or listening to music on a rooftop in Paris.

Carefully prepared in advance, this moment sets the tone for the rest of the festivities.

Through a dedicated website each guest knows the details of the wedding, the D-day program, the dress code, the menu, the itinerary of the place, the accommodation proposals, taxis and arrives at a point grouping which is most often very close to the place of reception. The party starts from the welcome party.

The next day, early in the morning, the team is already on site, everything is rechecked, checked, tested and the first providers are welcomed to begin preparations.


The Day D in Paris

For a perfect event, the team stays with the bride all day collecting emotions, retouching the make-up, reassuring and accompanying the bride on this beautiful day ahead. D-Day is a day apart, authenticity is the key to a successful Big Day. Then it is time for the ceremony, on a beach or a wine estate, a castle or on a boat, nothing is left to chance.

Hyper-detailed planning by hand, everyone knows how to intervene. Your French wedding planner goes on site upstream for the last checks while the bride and groom take photos in the gardens of the castles or in the surrounding area.

The team checks every detail: welcoming guests, managing interventions, throwing a bouquet, cocktail, until the meal festivities begin. During the meal the team is always active and accompanies the entry of the bride and groom, the surprises, the orchestra, the speeches, the cake until the opening of the ball. The evening ends in the early morning.



After a short night, the team is up to prepare brunch and for the agency it’s time for conviviality. We have to find a perfect place, flower it, decorate it and set up an organization. The guests and the bride and groom arrive little by little, happiness is in the air and everyone has spent 3 unforgettable days.

We accompany our clients from the planning to the implementation. All our weddings are considered by « sur-measure » meanings as we plan very individual styled events for each couple with, of course, an extra touch of French style !

We convert each couple’s dreams and desires into venue researches, vendors selection, floral arrangements, color pallets…

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paris wedding planner


Our service for Paris wedding


Full service planning, Design & Styling , Production, Event Coordination.

Based in Paris, we provide service in Paris but also in Loire Valley, Provence,  French Riviera, Monaco and Lake Como.


Wedding planning services

  • Support, advice and guidance throughout the destination wedding planning process via email and skype
  • Budget management
  • Venue research
  • Selection and management of an unlimited number of vendors
  • Design&Styling
  • Face to Face meetings at the venue with key vendors (venue, caterer tasting, photographer…)
  • Event Design & Styling : color pallet, atmosphere…
  • Production
  • On-site coordination
  • Logistical planning of transportation for guests
  • Drafting on the event schedule
  • Briefing with all the vendors & the venue on the run up to the technical visit
  • Follow-up post destination wedding with vendors such as photographer and videographer until you receive your film and pictures


Vendors selections

  • Venue Research
  • Wedding Celebrant
  • Catering & Wedding Cake
  • Decor & Equipment Rental
  • Flowers , decor, styling
  • Photographer & Videographer
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Wedding Car & Transportation
  • Make-Up & Hair-Dresser
  • Stationary & Calligraphy
  • Favours for guests
  • Security & Hostesses


On-site coordination

On-site coordination from the arrival of the first vendors to the departure of the last guests :

  • Management of all vendors, the general set up and tear down.
  • Supervision of bridal preparations
  • Set up and dismantle of styling touches and details
  • Management of the event schedule
  • Wedding party and guests transport logistic

The number of planners and assistant planners required to ensure the on-site coordination depends on the scale of the wedding, number of guests, venue, logistical complexity and wedding schedule. Clients have the opportunity to sign off on the size of the team required one the needs have been assessed.

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paris wedding venues

The French Touch is invited to the wedding in France

Paris represents the best professional wedding planners. There is something for every taste. Ranging from simple advisor to providers who take care of turnkey weddings. Thanks to these wedding planning providers in Paris, your wedding will be both personalized and original while remaining classy and elegant.

The French Touch to Prince William and Kate Middleton wedding?

A Cartier tiara on the bride’s head and made in France Caudry lace on her dress, from Pol Roger champagne to the reception organized by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

And if you too, offer a royal wedding with the French touch by choosing French wedding planner who will create a wedding of dreams in Paris?


Forget the stress by using a wedding planner in France.

Questions to ask your wedding planner in Paris

Have you decided to hire a wedding planner in Paris to support you in your wedding preparations? Here are some essential questions to help you select the right candidate!

Organizing a wedding can turn into a real ordeal. Indeed, when you work, have children at home or simply lack free time, it is difficult to have to take care of the preparations for such an event.

Deciding to get married forces couples to become real event planners without often having the skills to do so. Also, it is normal to quickly feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task.

This is why the profession of wedding planner or wedding planner appeared, to come to the aid of all those couples who do not want to let long preparations turn their pretty dream into a nightmare!

If you have chosen to appeal to this essential figure of wedding providers, we have provided a list of questions to help you find the person who is right for you.

  1. Are you available on my wedding day?

Before you get carried away by the profile of a wedding planner that seems perfect to you, ask him immediately what his availability is. This will prevent you from over projecting yourself and being disappointed if you refuse.

  1. How many weddings in France have you organized?

The first part of this questioning aims to judge the experience of your professional. It is always riskier to hire someone who has never had a wedding before or just a few, although sometimes there are some really good surprises.

  1. What services do you offer?

To decide between several people you need to be able to compare the services they can provide you. Do not hesitate to ask for details of the various services announced by these professionals. You will be able to judge if these correspond to your expectations.

  1. How do you make sure everything is ready on time?

This question allows you to learn about the organizational methods of your professional. Suffice to say that a wedding planner must necessarily be an expert in organizational matters. It must be someone square and precise. If the speech of the person in front of you does not seem clear or orderly, beware.

  1. What relationship do you have with the bride and groom?

This kind of question allows you to judge the personality of your wedding planner. It will indeed be important to meet the person to feel if the current is flowing between you. The wedding planner in Paris is undoubtedly the provider to whom you will have the most to do, it will be your right arm. Also, it must be someone with whom you have affinities, who understands you, who will know how to apply your instructions and give you good ideas.

  1. What are you planning for our wedding in Paris?

If you have already given your wedding planner some details about your couple and the wedding style you would like, ask them to make some suggestions or tell you how he or she plans your wedding celebration. This will allow you to verify that you all have the same vision for what your event should look like.


You must have an idea of:

Your budget

The number of guests

The date you want to get married

Your vision for your marriage (if you’re not quite sure, don’t worry – having help is one of the reasons you’re looking to hire a professional)

Wedding venues in Paris and Paris area

Paris also allows the bride and groom to choose from hundreds of original places to celebrate their wedding in a spectacular way.

From a luxury palace, to a place with a garden or a terrace, to a magnificent barge or an emblematic castle, find the wedding venue of your dreams in Paris!

Discover breathtaking ceremony and reception venues and the weddings we have organized!

Successful wedding in France
wedding in france

A princess wedding in a castle… what is the average budget?


For those of you who dream of a wedding worthy of a fairy tale, know that many castles open their doors to you for the big day. However, reserving this type of place has a cost… plan on € 5,500 to € 10,000.

If you want to spend a little less money for the venue of your princess wedding, know that a good alternative exists: mansions or farmhouses. Plan a wallet of around € 3,000 for a manor house in Normandy, for example, and € 6,000 on average for a farmhouse in Provence.


How much does a wedding meal cost?

Wedding meal in France: the classic formulas

Most caterers will offer you three options to delight your guests: the seated meal, the buffet and the cocktail dinner.


The sit-down meal: a chic tradition

It’s a classic scenario that always makes you dream. Also know that this is the most luxurious formula. It’s principle? The same menu is served to all guests. His advantages ? If the formula does not shake up the codes, it has every chance of seducing. It is also synonymous with comfort for your guests and will allow you to move between the tables and greet your guests.


Budget: 120 to 150 € per person

250 to 350 € per person and more for the high-end caterer Le Nôtre for example


The buffet for wedding in Paris: a reception reinvented

It’s a user-friendly and less conventional formula. Here, guests serve themselves. So pay attention to the service: in addition to the quality of the dishes, this point marks the spirits. Its trump card? A fluid circulation around the buffet allows you to flutter among the guests. In terms of budget, a buffet costs less in service than a sit-down meal, but still requires staff.


Budget: 90 to 150 € per person

The cocktail reception: a real alternative

More original than the buffet, this formula lasts 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes. It takes around 20 to 30 pieces to taste per person, a third of which will be sweet. If variety is the order of the day, the real challenge is to flatter the eye and the palate of your guests. If you can, provide suitable dishes for a standing tasting. This formula allows your guests to meet easily and, for you, to move around at your ease.

Price question, if this formula is less expensive than a sit-down meal, it requires more servers than for a buffet.

Budget: 90 to 120 € per person


The cocktail and the meal: a compromise that seduces

Many will be delighted with a long cocktail followed by a short meal. The success of this scenario? The guests flutter during the cocktail. The meal they are then served lasts no more than an hour and a half, and is followed by a buffet of cheeses and desserts. And, from 11 p.m., it’s time to party!


Budget: 130 to 160 € per person

The total wedding budget in Paris can be from 90k to 150k euros for approximately 100 people.

Parisian photographers charge from 4k, florists 10k euros.

We will prepare the detailed wedding budget and retro-planning for you.

Reduce the stress of destination wedding preparations, contact us !

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