Once upon a time Joselyn and Julio…A Chic & Luxurious Wedding In Paris

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A Chic & Luxurious Wedding In Paris

It’s really hard to find your soul mate but even if it takes time

you have to be patient maybe in this world your true love is also waiting for you.

Jocelyn is now married to Julio and she wants to share their beautiful story and the fact that love is never something planned.

Across the love story you will discover Jocelyn,  who had a beautiful soul.  In effect, her main values and goals:  having compasión for others, wisdom, happiness, honesty, and kindness.

How everythings start

“The first impression is not always the right one”

Jocelyne and julio met each other in a retirement party, they were introduced by a friend. But in fact, a few years later Jocelyn try to catch the “handsome” Julio’s attention in an elevator, but unfortunately he ignored her and she thought he was an arrogant man. Life is sometimes funny because the first impression is never the right one.

Guess what after the encounter, it was now Julio who tried to get her attention, but with difficulty. As she said to us “He had to work very very hard”.

Joselyn –      My first impression of him when I met him was that he was very handsome.

After I starting to get to him what caught my attention was his way of speaking,

calmness and his smile. I love his smile. 

Julio –    my first impression of Joselyn was that she is very well put together, can easily captivate a room and a personality full of excitement.

Every couple remembers their first date, For these lovebirds they went out as friends, it’s was above all to know each other.

Jocelyn did not expect Julio to be as interesting as this, but the date became more and more surprising and adorable.

Jocelyne – At that point, I didn’t know he was interested in me. So that day I ordered wings. As I was bitting into a wing Julio said “I think you’re beautiful”.

First Date

“An unexpected alchemy”

This first date was so nice that they following that lunch a few months later after not seeing each other for some time.

But one day they decided to have dinner.

When you know he is the One

“I Love you” 

Jocelyn- When he was that person to comfort me best, that I felt that I confide in

and the best shoulder to lean on. 

However, she waited to say “I love you” until he told her and don’t worry he told her.

Little Pleasures of life

“Handsome and Muffin”

A thing that can bring you joy is also the little pleasures of life. You know this little and unique moment spending together, this little moment that shows you who you want to spend your time and your life with.

We called this “Little Pleasures” but it’s more like all the characteristics of happiness.

An in this story, Julio or Jocelyn are not going to tell you the opposite. They truly love cooking together and enjoying a nice bottle of wine and they also enjoy traveling. Effectively, they really like to experience different cultures and food.

They also have their own stuff like a cute nickname , she calls him “handsome” and he calls her “muffin”.

The proposal 

“I was the happiest girl in the world to know I was marrying

the man I thought didn’t exist. He’s everything I ever wished for and more.” J

Who is the ablest to tell us the proposal and what she felt than Jocelyn herself?

“He proposed at home when I was least expecting it. I had had a long day and he had made a nice dinner for us. After dinner, he said he had dessert for us but wanted me to close my eyes. So as I had my eyes closed, he laid out two cupcakes and the ring box in the shape of a macarrón. 

So at first, I did not notice. I had to take a second look when I then realized he was on his knee asking me to marry him. I was in utter shock and started crying.”

Marriage, The logical response of their Love 

” Yes , i want it”

The Wedding is not really the conclusion of a life, this is more the beginning of a new life and a life of mutual respect and trust.

It’s a life in life, nothing can be compare to this feeling to give all your love to another person, forever. Moreover, it’s the logical continuation of love and it is true and powerful.

Getting married for them is building on what they already have into a lifelong commitment.

“To support and be there for one another through the good and the bad. To be one another’s rock in times of need. To love, to hold, to confide and to trust.”

This ceremony means making this promise in front of our loved ones and who are near and dear to us from the beginning of our journey together.

Marriage is often the beginning of many dreams, like Building a family.

“Our dream and future plans are to build a family to give our love to and build our own family traditions together.”

A Beautiful Wedding in the “City Of Love”

“Love Beyond Borders”

They always wanted something small and intimate in a foreign country and when they were planning a simple trip to Paris, the mother of Julio said “ You guy should get married there”.


Paris is always a good idea to get married, which is more perfect than getting married in the “city of love”. As we said before, they always loved to travel around the world, this city is the perfect compromise between traveling and showing their mutual love in a city where love made part of the traditions.

Therefore, Paris means to us sealing our love and commitment to one another doing what we live best and why not in the city of love.

For this wedding they choose us,  CTH Events Paris. It’s was a pleasure to organize this beautiful ceremony with these two lovebirds. under the violin sounds. We remember how much they are in love, and it’s not a legend you can really see true love in the eyes of each people who love each other.

I Love him because….

For many and different reasons our love inspires us and makes us a better person. when you find the good one you can only improve yourself and evolve the way you thinking and how you see life.

In this way, you can enjoy the present and dream of the future, because you know your partner sometimes more than he knows himself and you respect his/her personality.


“I love the way he loves me.  He’s very caring and nurturing.

how bad something may get. He dreams for me more than I feel it may be possible.

No matter how crazy of an idea I have he finds a way to make it come to reality.” j

One of the most amazing things is to see your partner as an example for your family and for you. Your Partner should be your bestfriend.

“Julio is, humble, caring, calm and loving. He is also very quick to drop to whatever he’s doing to help anyone without thinking twice.”

Today you have to know that we are talking about a beautiful family who are the happy parents of a lovely little girl.

For Jocelyn you have to know that it is something really important for her, a family represents the world and today with the love of her life she made her Dreams come true….

“Marriage is the prose translation of the poem of love.” A.Bougeard