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Take advantage of the most beautiful wedding venues in France to organize the perfect symbolic ceremony. It is a moment that can be personalized to your desire so that it reflects all your love. Let your French wedding planner organize a ceremony to your image.

The symbolic ceremony is a non-religious wedding celebration. It has no legal value and is characterized, as its name indicates, by a symbolic and spiritual dimension. During this celebration, the bride and groom make a symbolic commitment through speeches, rituals and vows. Anyone can perform a symbolic ceremony, it is not like a religious wedding.  It’s the perfect ceremony for couples of different faiths, same sex weddings or second weddings. Indeed, since it has no legal value, it’s easier to organize but it’s still a celebration of the love that unites two people. The symbolic ceremony can be added to the wedding at the town hall. It gives a more personal and intimate feel to the wedding. 

It is less formal and can truly celebrate the love between two people. Moving away from tradition getting a beautiful, personalized wedding ceremony organized by an attentive French wedding planner. The symbolic ceremony is the form of commitment that seduces more and more future brides and grooms, especially in the French wedding venues. Organizing a symbolic ceremony implies thinking about details that will make your wedding unforgettable. It’s your french wedding planner’s role.

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Many rituals are key moments of symbolic ceremonies. This allows you to choose the ones that suit you. There are more than thirty of them in the wedding packages. Two kinds of rituals exist : the union rituals, which you share only with your partner and the collective rituals, which involves your guests in your union.  Here are the five most popular rituals that will make your ceremony unforgettable :

The Sand Ritual

The bride and groom each have a bottle of different colored sand and pour it together into a vase so that the sand mixes. You can involve your children if they are present. This is an ideal ritual for blended families.

Symbolism : The two colors of sand represent the two families, the mixing in the vase represents the union of these families and the respect of the differences since each one keeps his own color within this new union.

The Ritual  Of  The  Love Letter

Each of the future spouses writes a love letter to his or her beloved beforehand. It’s a declaration of love, a vision of their life in 10 years or how they will celebrate their 10 years of marriage. On the big day, a bottle or a nice box will be presented to them so that they can slip their letter in without revealing it. Once sealed, it can be buried in the garden or in a symbolic place. The bride and the groom will reopen it on the 10th anniversary of the wedding.

Symbolism : You will have to be patient to accomplish this ritual. A part of mystery and adventure.

The Tree Ritual

Before the ceremony, you will choose a tree that represents you. On the day of the ceremony, you will be able to plant it together on your property or to repot it in a larger pot before planting it at home. A collective variation is possible. You can propose to the guests to bring some soil from their home to put at the foot of the tree. You can also ask them to write a note on a tag that they will hang on the branches of the tree.

Symbolism : The evolution of this tree represents your growing love. This tree represents the link of your union and will grow as your love goes on.

The Ribbon Ritual

The bride and groom hold hands, the witnesses, officiant or any other designated person will come and wrap a beautiful ribbon around their hands. Each ribbon will have a different color or texture to symbolize love, fidelity, union…

Symbolism : This is a very ancient Celtic ritual, which symbolizes the official union and their commitment to each other.

The Ritual  Of Stones

Each guest writes a small word on a pebble with a black felt pen. The pebbles will be placed in a vase and given to the couple at the end of the ceremony. These pebbles can be used to decorate the bride and groom’s home, in the garden or kept in the vase as an interior decoration.

Symbolism : Your guests will contribute to the memories that you will have kept of this beautiful day.

Symbolic ceremonies allow you to choose all the details that will make this celebration your very own moment. As we have seen, there are obviously the rituals that will make your ceremony unique. They will be filled with your personal story and your love. But it’s possible to choose the style of the ceremony, the wedding venues, the decoration. So many points to consider with your French wedding planner. There are several wedding packages according to the more or less numerous requests of the future bride and groom.

The decoration is essential in this kind of celebration because it allows to bring out your personalities, your universe. This is done through the choice of flowers, the arch, the chairs but also, more simply, the wedding venue. The symbolic ceremony can be organized in many different places. Depending on your wishes, it can be in a luxurious Parisian hotel, on a beach by the water, in the park of a French castle, in a field of wheat or lavender. So many possibilities that France’s wonderful wedding venues have to offer.

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Symbolic Ceremony

How  The  Symbolic  Ceremony  Takes  Place

A symbolic ceremony is above all personal and custom made. You can discuss all the details with your french wedding planner who will fulfill your wishes. However, the symbolic ceremony follows some steps :

The installation of your decor according to the theme of your choice : Country wedding, bohemian, vintage or typical wedding in France. Choose an arch made of flowers or wood, celebrate your union in an outdoor park or in an indoor reception hall. So many possibilities that your French wedding planner’s wedding packages can offer you.

The entrance of the groom and the bridal party : Opt for tradition or choose a more original entrance with music.

The bride’s entrance : A special moment for every woman. Make your little girl’s dreams come true.

The entrance speech of your officiant : It’s possible to make a formal and traditional speech or to make it more personal by letting him present your story.

Speeches from your loved ones : Since they know you well, the speeches of your loved ones are usually exquisite and full of beautiful emotions.

Symbolic rituals : They sacralize your union in the form of gestures or words.

The exchange of vows : This is your moment, the one where you testify in front of family and friends, all the love you have for each other, of your sincere commitment for the rest of your life. Words that make your love sacred and that tell your story.

The exchange of rings : You seal your promise of your union. This step punctuates the exchange of vows or it can be done in a more solemn way by being announced by your officiant.

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Wedding  in  France  organizes  a  symbolic ceremony  that  looks  like  you !

With Wedding in France, you will have the chance to experience a timeless moment that you will remember for a lifetime. As a French wedding planner, we listen to your needs and expectations. Indeed, we try to know you, to understand you. During the organization process of the symbolic ceremony, we offer a questionnaire about you, your love story. It is used to understand above all your desires. This questionnaire is included in the wedding packages of the symbolic ceremony. These are quite personal questions in order to discover your universe. This includes your vision of love, why a wedding in France, what wedding means to you. The answers serve to create a symbolic ceremony as personal as possible respecting your desires, your values and also the customs of wedding in France.