Plan your cherry blossom wedding in Paris


Spring has arrived and you want to celebrate your wedding in Paris.

We can also celebrate your intimate wedding in Paris, or elopement with these beautiful cherry blossoms.

The flowering season should be the most perfect time of the year to tie the knot in Paris, especially if you are planning an outdoor ceremony! Imagine having photos like these two love birds for a lifetime.

Cherry Blossom is called Sakura in Japan, the cherry blossom evokes a time of love, sweetness, poetry, which means the perfect time for a wedding in France. This flower so delicate, and particularly appreciated in Japan, embodies the ephemeral nature of life and its perpetual renewal. If you wish to realize your wedding in France in the city of love and at the same time enjoy the charm of the cherry blossom, here are some tips to make your wedding in Paris a success.


Why is the cherry blossom wedding in Paris a good idea? 


The wedding theme and decoration in Paris 

Here is a trendy wedding, and a sublime decor that coordinates with the white, pink, and chocolate decorations for the greatest happiness of the bride and groom!

Wedding decoration with cherry blossoms is very trendy. This sublime decoration coordinates with the white, pink, and chocolate decorations for the greatest happiness of the bride and groom! It will also be perfect for an Asian theme wedding, but also a Japanese theme wedding. The cherry blossom decoration will bring softness and romanticism to your ceremony decoration, to your table decoration. Indeed, you will be able to bring a touch of romanticism by using cherry blossoms as a centerpiece. You will be able to add this detail through several accessories, such as your guest gifts, your wedding dress, your ceremony accessories, or your wedding invitations.


– An Asian wedding

Exhaust, the cherry blossom theme wedding is delicate and elegant: a few branches of flowers decorate the wedding from beginning to end. Pastel colors are often used for this simple and zen wedding style. To bring a romantic touch, the cherry blossom is present everywhere: centerpieces, invitations, menus, and even place cards! The table decoration is thus magnificent.

– Japanese decorations

The Japanese garden is classy and ravishing: the soft branches of the cherry blossom are therefore beautiful natural decorations of Asian inspiration often used: on gifts for guests (cherry blossom candle). The gift for guests with cherry blossom prints will be personalized on the theme of Asia. For room decorations, we often opt for paper lanterns that decorate the ceilings (Japanese balls which are in fact paper lanterns illegally suspended in the air).


– Accessories and romantic details

Thinking about some original details is quite unusual, that’s why small details that change habits are very nice for the wedding: this is the case of personalized water bottles (cherry blossom theme, they are romantic). To distribute nice bottles of fresh water to your guests, you can choose your cherry blossom sticker! Don’t forget the cherry blossom napkins: personalized with the magic flowered branch, they are natural and zen! The candy bag is also the trendy little detail: trendy Asia, it is charming for a wedding in France.


What is the ideal moment for my cherry blossom wedding in Paris?

Cherry blossoms in Paris usually occur every year between mid-March and mid-April. The cherry blossoms bloom for about one to two weeks, long enough for your wedding in France. The beginning and duration of cherry blossoms vary each year depending on the cold and length of winter and the early arrival of spring with milder temperatures. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. A wedding in France in Spring is a good idea.

If you plan your destination wedding in Paris between mid-March and mid-April, chances are that you will be surrounded by cherry blossoms on your wedding day.


Where to find the best spots for your cherry blossom wedding in Paris? 

Indeed, to take advantage of this season, it is ideal to carry out your ceremony outdoors, as well as your wedding photoshoot in Paris. For the rest you have the choice, CTH EVENTS has a package for you if you want an intimate wedding or elopement in Paris.


– TOUR EIFFEL: Cherry Blossom wedding in Paris

The cherry trees of the Champ de Mars are not planted like a grove but randomly distributed in the shrubs. Nevertheless, your wedding with a good creative photographer will be able to choose the best people around for this coveted image of the Eiffel Tower. Emerging clouds of pink and white flowers. The most photogenic of all the trees is probably at the corner of Avenue Gustave Eiffel and Allée Adrienne Lecouvreur. Fortunately, the trees all bloom at different times, from the last two weeks of March to mid-April.


– NOTRE-DAME DE PARIS: cherry Blossom wedding in Paris

The best grouping of cherry trees that the center of Paris has to offer is in front of the south facade of Notre-Dame de Paris. A perfect location for your wedding in Paris. However, due to its location, it is also one of the busiest and therefore perhaps not the most restful. But it is the place to build your wedding souvenir, the wedding photoshoot. You can cross the Pont de l’Archevêché to reach the much less frequented Quai de Montebello if you want an intimate ceremony in Paris. There, you will have a breathtaking view of the trees and the famous rosebushes overhanging them. The trees of Notre-Dame tend to bloom towards the end of the season, in mid-April.


– Jardin Tino Rossi: cherry Blossom wedding in Paris

The Jardin Tino Rossi is undoubtedly one of the most unknown gardens in Paris. Most people pass through it on their way from Ile Saint-Louis to the Jardin des Plantes, or vice versa, without taking the time to stop and enjoy the park in its own right. Here is a place for your cherry blossom wedding in Paris. Occupying an important part of the left bank of the Quai Saint-Bernard, this riverside park has some adult cherry trees that show up in mid-April. The park also has an impressive collection of sculptures, training equipment, and benches offering a panoramic view. Paris is truly the ideal destination wedding.


– Parc de Sceaux: Cherry Blossom wedding in Paris

It is a place where you will find the largest collection of cherry blossoms in the region. This place is just a few minutes from downtown Paris. It is also a very large park where you could enjoy your wedding ceremony in France as well as for a wedding photoshoot in Paris. The landscape architect does wonders in Fontainebleau and Versailles. It contains two large cherry groves, the North Grove and the South Grove, whose flowers are respectively pink and white. Tsungari’s taiko center holds its annual Hanami at the Parc de Sceaux in the second week of April and the blooming usually continues for an additional week.


What time of day should I choose for my cherry blossom wedding?

As a celebrant in Paris, I always recommend that you plan your elopement ceremony as early in the morning as possible to beat the crowd and be as intimate and silent as possible. This is even more important during the cherry blossom season! Because many people come to Paris hoping to see cherry blossoms and of course they flock to the famous cherry blossoming places.

That is why I strongly recommend you to go to the Eiffel Tower no later than sunrise for your cherry blossom ceremony. If you like the romantic park or any other cherry blossoming place, early in the morning will do the trick!


What will the weather be like at this time of the year?

Do you know the saying: April weather, rain, and sun, both at the same time? Well, that explains just about everything! Even though temperatures rise slowly in early spring, it can still be quite chilly, especially in the early morning. So be ready and prepared! Take a few extra diapers or warm accessories for your Paris wedding to fight the chill and feel comfortable during your ceremony.

Also, bring a nice umbrella! Spring in Paris is famous for its sudden but usually short showers. But, oh my God, isn’t a little rain so romantic?



Paris is always a good destination wedding. A wedding in France, a wedding in Paris is our dream. And why not a wedding under the cherry blossoms of Paris.

Your destination wedding is in Paris? Do you want an intimate wedding or an elopement in Paris? We have a package for you. You can also personalize your package with some providers. CTH EVENTS can also organize your wedding in France according to what you want, made to measure and especially for you.

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