The Parisian Restaurants

You are visiting Paris or you live there and you want to go to restaurants in the Parisian restaurants?

This article is for you, since we offer a selection of restaurants for all tastes! That it is not to be missed, the most luxurious or the restaurants where it is absolutely necessary to go in love for a romantic dinner, you will find your happiness among our selection.

  • L’Oiseau Blanc

The parisians restaurant l’Oiseau Blanc located on the sixth floor of the Peninsula Hotel with an extraordinary view of Paris, has a terrace for sunny days, an incredible place to admire the capital. Elegant and authentically French cuisine is offered in this restaurant by Chef Sidney Redel. Every day, a new bistronomic menu is concocted using seasonal products found on the market.

This restaurant is a tribute to two French aviators who attempted the first non-stop North Atlantic crossing between Paris and New York in 1927.

The biplane named the White Bird took off safely on May 8th, but it did not land in New York and disappeared forever with the two aviators on board.

In addition to the name, the restaurant’s decoration is based on the theme of aviation. First of all with the bar which has a counter with a metallic decor, vintage and elegant. Accompanied by leather sofas and walls decorated with frescoes and pieces of old planes.

The french cuisine restaurant l’Oiseau Blanc, is located under a huge glass roof, reminiscent of the cockpit, while having a contemporary decoration, accompanied by aviation style decorations. Several elements of a plane are exposed in the room as an engine, the toilets are all metal, which reminds the interior of a plane … But the most impressive is the replica of the biplane that is suspended in the air towards the Eiffel Tower, as if it was about to to fly over the Capital.

This bistronomic restaurant is made for aviation fans. Even if for the others it is a great adventure to discover too!

  • Jules Verne

Feel like living an exceptional experience? Reserved at the Jules Verne, the Parisian restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the Eiffel Tower.

In this restaurant you will find a gastronomic, refined and graphic cuisine. It is realized by the chef with three stars, but also Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Frédéric Anton. He combines the cuisine sought after with aesthetics, to be able to propose in his dishes cogs or nuts, to correspond with the architecture of the Eiffel Tower.

To make his exceptional cuisine even better, the chef has surrounded himself with the best talents. Whether they are pastry chefs or sommelier chefs… They all realize the French gastronomy in its purest history.

To live this unique experience and keep unforgettable memories of it, the service can take place in three different locations at 125 meters high.

In this gastronomic restaurant you will enjoy the most beautiful view of Paris. First of all thanks to the three main rooms proposed, each with a different view: the Quai Branly, the Trocadero and the Champ de Mars.

Then with L’Alcôve, which this time allows you to appreciate the spectacular Dame de Fer from the inside with its mechanical engineering. This is an intimate place where only two tables for four guests are available, with a decor paying homage to the couture and chic of Parisian women.

The third and last proposed location is the Comptoir du Jules Verne. This place, once again intimate, since it is available for only eight guests this time, offers a view of the interior and the engineering of the Eiffel Tower’s constantly moving wheels.

If you are looking for a Parisian romantic restaurant this one is perfect for a romantic dinner. It can also be perfect for a wedding proposal or a Valentine’s Day dinner, since the view and the cuisine of the Jules Verne guarantees an unforgettable evening.

  • Le Pré Catelan

The parisians restaurant Le Pré Catelan is located in the heart of the Bois de Boulogne, in a sumptuous Napoleon III pavilion, where contemporary French gastronomy is served.

Le Pré Catelan was founded in 1856 and immediately became a huge success, making it one of the most popular places in the capital.

In 1976, Colette and Gaston Lenôtre took over Le Pré Catelan. They made it a high place for the organization of events and for its top-of-the-range gastronomy.

The chef of Le Pré Catelan is Frédéric Anton, Meilleur Ouvrier de France. He is a chef with a passion for complex cuisine without being complicated, which exalts aromas and flavors. He puts forward dishes with very graphic and modern compositions. It is thanks to his talents that the Pré Catelan, is served two more stars in the Michelin guide. This allows him to join the circle of the five Gault Millau toques in 2015.

The place is modern while retaining its elegance and symbiosis with nature. With black, white and silver colors to highlight the spaces and highlight the details. But also white and beige to bring light into the restaurant. Then without forgetting green, for a nod to the greenery outside. With furniture that harmonizes or, on the contrary, opposes the architecture of the building, classic and modern, to highlight each element.

  • Mun

The MUN parisians restaurant, which has set up on the terrace of the Galeries Lafayette on the Champs-Elysées, offers visitors a chic and spectacular setting with its rooftop. This location offers an exceptional panorama of the capital, from the Grand Palais to the Arc de Triomphe, including the Eiffel Tower.

Its mysterious name and its decor mixing Asian and French arts, gives us desires of alleurs.

This large space surrounded by large bay windows and a rooftop with its green bar offers us a corner of greenery and exceptional light in Paris.

This chic atmosphere was thought by Eve Von Romberg and Charlotte Besson-Oberlin who decorated the parisians restaurant with warm carpets, velvet armchairs with flowery fabrics and soft lights for the interior.

The kitchen side is created by chefs Julien Chicoisne and Roland Puse, who also make us travel between France and Asian countries, while adding their contemporary touch. There is a sushi bar at our disposal to satisfy our taste buds.

For cocktails, Aurélien Fleuryest is there to answer our requests. While desserts and pastries extend our multi-sensory taste experience with the pattry chef Yann Couvreur.

  • Le Grand Restaurant

The reputation and know-how of the chef, Jean-François Piège, have enabled him to open a parisians restaurant where he offers a modern and innovative high gastronomy cuisine.

You won’t find an à la carte menu at the Grand Restaurant but a 17-course menu that promises to set off on a journey to meet the “Territoires de France Mijotés Modernes”. First with a trip to Brittany (snail, sardine), then a passage through the Ile-de-France (mushroom, corn …), in Vendée (duck, can …), then sweet notes by leaving in the Southwest, Alsace and Normandy. Each dish is mastered to offer plates sometimes surprising, often greedy, but always right in composition and quantity.

Moreover in this gastronomic restaurant you will find only the cream of the French vineyard. What makes the place perfect to live a unique experience, is the fact that the chef works in the dining room to thank the customers for their coming.

The room with only 20 seats gives an intimate touch to the place, since the customer’s experience is at the heart of the proposal. The decor highlights the gastronomic side of the restaurant with the quality of the materials made of marble and wood, as well as the magnificent glass roof that overlooks the room to bring a beautiful light to the place.

The Grand Restaurant has been awarded two stars in the Michelin Guide, which once again confirms the prestigious side of the parisians restaurant.

  • Lapérouse

The Lapérouse parisians restaurant is located in an 18th century mansion.

With its black and gold front and its panoramic view of the Seine, the mythical restaurant has been making people dream with its French art de vivre since 1766.

The interior is as exceptional as the exterior, the gastronomic restaurant is composed of small private rooms decorated with paintings, period mirrors, magnificent crystal chandeliers and porcelain dishes. There are also beautiful carpeted floors, elegant tapestries for the walls and beautiful moldings on the ceilings.

To sublimate the deliciously old-fashioned and typically French style of the place.

The menu proposed in this parisians restaurant respects the tradition of the great French brasserie.

The chef Jean-Pierre Vigato, sensitive to the French art of living and with a great gastronomic culture, intends to put the restaurant’s cuisine back in the spotlight. Just like in the past, when Lapérouse was the first restaurant to obtain 3 stars.

As for dessert, it is the pastry chef, winner of a pastry world cup, Christophe Michalak, who is in charge. He wants to recreate traditional, emblematic, gargantuan traditional desserts, ultra gourmet but also ultra modern while working with his time.

It is not only the restaurant’s gastronomy that is entitled to a revival, but also its cellars. It is one of the most secret in Paris, which will be open to the eyes and palates of all. It houses about 800 references of wines from all regions of France, whether it is a first vintage or a vintage.

Lapérouse’s little plus is that the restaurant has welcomed great names of all kinds, first from Paris and then from all over the world. Like Victor Hugo who took his grandchildren, Serge Gainsbourg who met Jane Birkin, or that French politicians also gave secret meetings there …

But Lapérouse is also a place of expression for artists, with Balzac who was inspired by it for his soap opera “La Maison Nucigen”, or Woody Allen who chose the place for his film “Midnight in Paris” …