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Paris in the rain could be the worst thing that could happen for you. But in reality it is not dramatic because there are many solutions to solve this problem. Indeed you may be think that the rain will ruined your wedding, but no worry, it will not be the case, trust us!

Of course nobody can predict you that if it will rain or not the D-day. If you have a Paris wedding planner, she will provide for a Plan B. If you always wanted to get married in Paris, you have to know that there are so many places to get married and to do a photoshoot sheltered from the rain.

There are so many beautiful places in Paris. Many monuments, hotels can welcome you and your guests for your wedding reception or for a photoshoot. These beautiful places often offers an incredible view of the city of love. Your wedding planner Paris France will find you the best places for you.

If you have decided to have an outdoor reception venue, do not worry, it is possible to install structures such as tents to be protected from the rain. Your Paris wedding planner will suggest you to get one in case of the rain,… If you have booked a french castle for example, it is possible to do your reception venue indoor in case it will rain. Even if you wanted to have an outdoor reception venue, you will have the opportunity to eat surrounded by magnificent décor.


Listt of  beautiful  Parisian  places  for  your  wedding


Your wedding will be perfect will be perfect even if it rain. Paris in the rain is also beautiful. Your Paris wedding planner can suggest you many beautiful places such as :


Le Crillon


This starred hotel offers to its clients to get married in their beautiful building. The Crillon hotel can be your reception venue or the place to do your honey moon. Their rooms offers a beautiful views of Paris It offers a magnificent decor. It biggest room can welcome 220 people.


Le Meurice


The Meurice Palace offers incredible rooms for your wedding. It will make your wedding so romantic. These magnificent salons are the absolute legacy of a past illuminated by the most incredible celebrations. This is where you will dream of getting married.


Palais Galliera


It houses the Fashion Museum, where exhibitions and parades very frequently take place. Its architecture is reminiscent of the Italian Renaissance, and Parisians are very proud of it: only a few years ago, the Palace was completely renovated, which promises you a modern and bright setting that will enchant your wedding in France memories.


Collège des Bernandins


Located in the heart of Paris, the Collège des Bernandins is a gorgeous place with a sumptuous architecture. Your wedding photoshoot will be amazing there. Your Paris wedding planner can book this place for your reception venue too. It can welcome between 100 to 360 people for a dinner. Its the colonnaded room will be perfect for you.


Le Louvre


One of the must see places is The Louvre museum. It is the most famous museum of the world.

This museum offers an incredible architecture that you might love. A photoshoot at the Louvre Museum will be amazing. Paris in the rain will be great if you select the most beautiful places to make your photoshoot. Trust your Paris wedding planner she will help you find places for you.


Les péniche sur la Seine


Your wedding planner Paris France can suggest you to have a reception wedding on a Parisian riverboat. You and your guest will be able to eat surrounded by various Parisian monuments, decors.  Paris in the rain by night is beautiful. Paris is known for being the city of love and the city of lights. You will be able to see Notre-Dame de Paris, the Eiffel Tower and other monument by navigating on the Seine River.


Le Jules vernes


Situed in the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, the Jules Vernes restaurant will offers you a breathtaking view of the city of love. It can be your reception venue. If you want to book the restaurant for your wedding let you Paris wedding planner know! You will be able to make this starred restaurant your reception venue. Paris in the rain will not be a problem when you will be on one of the highest place of Paris furthermore in the Eiffel Tower.


Les passages couverts


Built for the majority in the 19th century, these galleries pierced in the middle of buildings and surmounted by glass roofs constitute an architectural curiosity typical of Paris. The majority have shops, tea rooms or restaurants. Paris has about twenty, located on the outskirts of the Grands Boulevards.

The most beautiful galleries are the Galerie Vivienne, the Galerie Véro-Dodat, Passages des Princes and the Galerie Golbert. These galleries offers beautiful décor which that you might like. What a great idea to take picture in these place of the 19th century. Paris in the rain will not be a nightmare, it will be amazing, do not worry about it!


L’Opéra Garnier


A major part of the heritage of the 9th district of Paris, the Opéra Garnier is a cultural hotspot whose architecture can only leave its visitors in awe. Both inside and out, the building impresses with its majesty.

If you are looking for a place that is impressive in terms of appearance, history and cultural value, the Opéra Garnier will be an ideal place to capture photos to immortalize one of the most beautiful day of your life. Your wedding planner Paris France can book one of their beautiful room for your reception venue.


Eiffel tower’s Carousel


 Paris in the rain can be beautiful. You wedding planner Paris France mayt suggest you to go the Eiffel Tower’s carousel. This carousel is located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. A must for tourists who come to visit the capital, it is also an ideal spot for taking sumptuous pictures! It promises you a magical and timeless rendering that will only sublimate your wedding day and the photoshoot.


Le pont Bir hakeim


The Bir Hakeim bridge has a large central part of 12 meters which, on its two sides and over its entire length, is surrounded by columns carrying the overhead track of the metro. The symmetry of this bridge makes it an emblematic place for all photographers and all models who wish to immortalize their memories of Paris. For your wedding photoshoot it will be the perfect place to take some picture. Your Paris wedding planner can suggest you this place when Paris in the rain.


Musée des arts décoratifs


Located in the Louvre museum, the Decorative Arts museum is a gorgeous place where your wedding planner Paris France can organize you a photoshoot or make this make your reception venue. Paris in the rain will not be a problem, thanks to this museum you will forget about it. It offers an exceptional cultural setting. Depending of the room, they can welcome between 20 to 380 people for an event. It is a prestigious place.


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The Paris wedding planner will be at your service. She will understand your project, she will suggest will ideas and also advice you for the conception of your wedding. The wedding planner Paris France will help you from start to finish to create the wedding of your dream. You will be able to dream big, she will make your dream come true. If you are interested, do not hesitate and contact us for your wedding in France!

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