Photo & Video shoots in Paris

This is how we create magic moments : Paris photo & video shoots

Paris wedding packages

Keep beautiful memories in Paris by taking beautiful photo shoots in Paris in the French capital! We offer you the possibility of ordering a Parisian photographer or videographer for all kinds of events! Let’s take a look at what we have to offer for a Paris photoshoot!

We offer you a photo shoot in Paris as a couple!

You can want photo shoots in Paris for a Parisian wedding proposal, that would be magic! Take advantage of the presence of a Parisian photographer to celebrate your love. Indeed, Paris is the most romantic city in the world and therefore it is the best place to capture your love in photo or video! Asking for the hand of the chosen one of your heart is so romantic and even more so in Paris! So, you surely want this wonderful moment to be immortalized… This is a great idea because we are offering you the chance to have marvelous Paris engagement photos! Paris is THE city in which to do your Paris proposal, it is so sublime! In addition, there are so many perfect places for your Paris proposal!

Calling on a Parisian photographer to immortalize your Paris Proposal is necessary! You can choose typically Parisian places like the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Elysées, the quays of the Seine or the Louvre Museum.

At CTH Events Paris, you have two options to immortalize your proposal in Paris. You can either make your future partner believe that you are just going to perform a simple couple’s photo shoot. Or we can decide on a place and a time in agreement with Parisian photographer. This is called a “paparazzi” Paris proposal!

We of course offer you the possibility of hiring a Parisian photographer if you are planning to elope in Paris! We also organize pre-wedding Paris photoshoot. You will have the opportunity to show your souvenir photos to your loved ones!

And finally, what better way for a wedding in Paris than a photoshoot in Paris on your wedding day! We can make this dream come true!

If you just want to capture your stay in Paris, don’t worry, because we also have plenty of ideas for a couple photo shoot in Paris with a real Parisian photographer.

That’s not all! CTH Events Paris offers you the opportunity to organize a family photo shoot in Paris. It’s not always easy to take a picture of yourself with the whole family! With children who do what they want it would be better to hire a real professional. In addition, a vacation in Paris will always be memorable and therefore hiring a Parisian photographer will allow you to capture unforgettable moments with your family!

Then if you are celebrating a special event like a birthday, a baptism or a pregnancy announcement, hiring a Parisian photographer is the best solution!

You are in Paris for your child’s quinceañera! It is a once in a lifetime moment for your daughter. Take advantage of this event to offer her a Paris photoshoot for her Paris quinceañera.

Finally, if you came to Paris as tourists, hiring a Parisian photographer is a great idea. So, you will create beautiful memories. Also, if you want great photos for your social networks, we can assure you that a Paris photoshoot with a real Parisian photographer will earn you lots of followers!

Whether it is for a wedding proposal, a pre-wedding, a wedding anniversary, a wedding or just to capture your love, a couple photoshoot in Paris is necessary! So is hiring a Parisian photographer or videographer for your child’s quinceañera or to immortalize your holidays. What’s more a Paris photoshoot will improve the content of  your social networks , let’s not forget this important fact!

So, take the plunge and don’t hesitate to contact us!