Reasons why you should get married abroad

Many newlyweds dream of the perfect destination wedding  but are discouraged by some of the challenges that require their friends and family to travel.So they try to be “healthy” and plan a local wedding that ultimately disappoints them. What to remember when your mood and concern about the logistics of a wedding in your destination is that it is your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life, and should you really be sensible? There is no need for an excuse to get married abroad. Here are our great reasons why you should get married abroad and especially  in France!


You don’t have to invite everyone you know.

Ever dreamed of a big wedding in France with hundreds of guests? If this idea fills you with fear instead of excitement, getting married to the stranger is a great excuse to invite only your loved ones. If you are lucky enough to have a large circle of friends and family in your home who expect to be invited to your wedding, you can immediately reduce the number without offending anyone by simply taking your destination wedding in Paris or abroad.

If you are seriously considering (or being close to, just with your immediate family), going abroad is the perfect way to do it. Instead of a grand wedding, have a private, romantic ceremony with just the two of them, or be accompanied by an extremely small wedding celebration. When you take your wedding abroad (wedding in Paris for example), you have the opportunity to make it much more intimate, which is an extremely attractive proposition for those who want to avoid a reception party and simply afterwards have an amazing meal with good local food.


Roll On the Honeymoon 

If you don’t want to go back home a few days after your destination wedding, feeling a sense of anti-climax until you finally take off for your Honeymoon, taking your ceremony abroad with a wedding in Paris, France for example is a great way to combine your wedding and honeymoon with a family holiday. There are hundreds of incredible private wedding venues you can hire and spend time far away from your lives at home for a week or two (or three!).

This could be a good option if you have young children and that you do not  want to be away from for too long but also want some alone time with your new husband or wife; bring along your mum and dad and park the kids with them (hey, they’re getting a holiday with their grandchildren, right?) and travel around for a few days or a week while they stay elsewhere. Your children won’t feel like being left out and you don’t have to leave them for any longer than you want to.

The Weather is Better 

Having your destination wedding abroad or a wedding in Paris means you have a much better chance of having perfect weather for your big day. While we have our share of hot, clear days in the summer, the French weather is sometimes unpredictable and you probably passed someone who got married on the only rainy Saturday in a July with 30 degree weather. You must be heartbroken!The weather cannot be guaranteed anywhere, but the destinations in the south of France are pretty reliable. When it comes to sun, the French Riviera is one of my favorite places. On long summer days, the place has the most beautiful sunsets and can last for years, as was the case in this picture of Montmartre.


Only Option for a Beach Wedding 

Let’s be honest, there are some amazing photos of couples on a beautiful beach in the south of France, but this is not a beach wedding. When you travel abroad, you can get the real experience of a beach wedding in France with azure blue water, soft golden sand and later photographs at night as the lights from the reception shine on the dark water behind you. If you have spent hours searching for beach wedding photos on Pinterest, it’s time to make that dream come true and there are plenty of options nearby in Europe and elsewhere.


You Can Get Married in the Winter 

Organizing your destination wedding in France or a wedding in Paris in the time going from October to March (or even mid-April) can be quite uncomfortable. It is dark, cold and likely to rain, wind or even snow. Not only will you have to tremble down the hall without a overcoat, but you may even tolerate some guests struggling to get to the venue due to bad weather. Nobody needs it. If you want to get married ASAP or have an excuse to escape the bad weather, the wedding is a good reason to get out of the country and take a long honeymoon.

You will also be much less likely to struggle with your wedding with other family events and vacations, and your family will be more than happy to accompany you to another country to rest from the short days and cold weather.

It’s Actually Easier to Organise 

Why? Because most places that organize English-speaking parties have full wedding planning packages and are more than happy to make sure everything is the way you want it to be when you arrive. A planning package like this takes so much stress out of your wedding that you will feel embarrassed later when your friends complain about the stress of planning their own destination wedding in Paris for example. This is a very good problem to have.

Great for Global Families 

If your family is spread out around the world, it may be more convenient for everyone to meet in a beautiful place in France, and it may even be more affordable for them to do so. The perfect place for their families to meet. If you have not been to the French Riviera and are planning a travel destination wedding, I will definitely check this place out!


A wedding is not going to be like everyone else.

There are great places here in France (we’ve included some of the best places), but we can agree that without serious creativity, most French weddings look alike. These include a classic church, a former mansion or castle or a converted barn and often a tent – all of this can be done well, but imagine you are having a wedding in France and its beautiful countryside. These really aren’t the kind of weddings that all your friends will hold!


It is acceptable to pay guests

One of the reasons we are all happy to invite to a destination wedding is the free food and (often) the open bar offered by the bride and groom. Many couples save the alcohol that they will serve months in advance so that they do not have to hand over the money all of a sudden just before the wedding. While you are probably still paying for your guests food and drink abroad, you can also expect them to pay for their own tickets and meals if you wish. Going back to the first point, that also means you don’t have to feed so many walls and therefore you will spend less on food and drink, and the place can organize everything for you.


Photos of your wedding

Imagine this, you had your beautiful destination wedding in the sun, all your friends and family are talking about how much fun it was, and you are home from your honeymoon with the perfect golden tooth. When you look at the wall in your living room, hallway, dining room or office, you will see the most impressive images of the memories you can keep forever. They were not made on a boring day in a French town (as much as we love those towns), they are photos of you and your loved ones on a French Riviera beach, and beautiful gardens in the south of France. In short, they are perfect.


Obviously, your special destination will always have a place in your heart


That tranquil beach, that Renaissance city, that breathtaking lake, that luxury resort. Wherever you have your destination wedding, you will always associate that far away, fairytale location with the most special day of your life.


So why not? If you and your partner love to travel and like the sound of having your closest friends and family in paradise with you, then go for it, plan your dream destination wedding now.

We hope that our list of different arguments will have given you the want and new ideas to get married in a different country/city.


We also want to give our the most of our beautiful country that is France. From the astonishing lights of Paris to the breath-taking sunsets in the French Riviera, we would be most flattered and delighted in planning and organizing your beautiful destination wedding.

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