Wedding package in France

Planning a wedding can be difficult! You don’t know how to start, where or what to do? You don’t necessarily want to do everything by yourself? Choose a wedding package in France! Indeed, this package can really make your job easier! It will be of great help when you are making decisions. This can take away any stress or tension. All you have to do is choose from the different options that are offered to you !

Wedding package in France: definition and advantages

What is a wedding package?

A wedding package is a solution that is offered by a wedding planner agency to the bride and groom for the organization of their wedding. For a destination wedding in Paris, it can be very interesting to opt for a wedding package in France. Indeed, your provider will offer you choices that you would not necessarily have thought of because you would not know the country very well. Choosing a wedding planner means above all making the decision to have peace of mind!

What does a wedding package contain?

In a wedding package in France, there are firast proposals for the wedding venue. They can be hotels, halls, castles. What’s more, the advantage of a destination wedding in Paris is that the choice of castles is wide. The wedding package can also include places like parks and gardens, for an outdoor wedding.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the presence of your wedding planner. Will he/she be present throughout the organization? Will he/she be able to advise you, provide you with answers and solutions? Will he/she be present on your wedding day? Ask him/her if his/her help and that of the team are included in your wedding package in France or if these are additional costs.

Among the places offered in the wedding package in France, there are some where you can organize your wedding ceremony as well as the evening. You can also choose to get married elsewhere than at the chosen location for the evening.
In addition to the venues, your wedding package in France can include a choice of cocktail. If it is a wedding planner agency that offers you this wedding package, it can also offer you a caterer. The wedding package in France can also include test dinners, decoration and music.
The price may differ depending on the number of guests.

At CTH Events Paris, we offer several packages. First, we offer the “Paris Wedding and Elopement” pack. This pack is intended for weddings hosting up to 15 guests. However, we also organize “tailor-made” weddings, so you can contact us if you are planning a larger wedding.
The amount of the pack depends on the length of the wedding you want. We offer you three different choices. There is the one hour pack for 1317 euros. In this pack, the following services are included: the wedding officer, a personalized and romantic symbolic ceremony, the bride’s bouquet, a personal photographer for a period of two hours for the wedding ceremony as well as a photo shoot in Paris. The three-hour package for 2,280 euros offers on top of that : the groom’s buttonholes, the personal photographer for three hours as well as the opportunity to rent a vintage car or a black Mercedes E. And finally, the four-hour package for 2,740 euros offers the advantage of having a violinist for the ceremony and having a personal photographer for four hours.
In this wedding package in France, we offer several places including places for an outdoor wedding. Thus, you can get married on the Bir Hakeim bridge, at the Trocadéro, in the Tuileries garden and also on the quays of the Seine. If you wish to privatize these places, it will be necessary to envisage additional costs.
As mentioned before, this pack includes the bridal bouquet. We work with many florists, so you can have the bouquet you’ve always dreamed of.
Once the ceremony is over, your driver will drive you to the location chosen for your photoshoot in Paris. Choose the location, or we can also advise you. If you want to make a video, all you have to do is ask!

Of course, you can add additional services to your package, such as hairdressing or makeup.
Our offer therefore contains a “Paris Wedding and Elopement” pack but also a “Proposals in Paris” pack. If you opt for this pack, the wedding planner will be there to help you choose the location of the proposal. This pack also includes a photo shoot to immortalize this magical moment. If you wish to propose in music, we are offering you the chance to have a violinist who can play the music of your choice. As for the accessories, the red balloons in the shape of a heart will add more romanticism. Ask for the hand of your loved one during a romantic snack. We will prepare this snack with macaroons and French pastries. Champagne and a bouquet of roses will obviously be there! In addition to these services, there are hairdressing and make-up services.
To surprise the bride or groom, we offer two solutions. You can make her/him believe that you are having a photoshoot and you will ask her/him for her/him hand during the photoshoot. Or we can schedule an intimate place and time with the photographer, so that he will take beautiful photos of this wedding proposal without the bride or groom suspecting anything!

Our wedding package proposal in France includes the three-hour “Church wedding” pack for 3550 euros. This pack includes: the privatization of an American church for a period of two hours, the possibility of having a personal planner, a Christian blessing, a ceremony officiated by an English-speaking pastor, a certificate of blessing, a personal photographer and the rental of a luxury car with a driver for three hours. You can also have an organ being played during the ceremony. The advantage of this pack is that the number of guests is unlimited.

A wedding package is therefore an asset for the organization of your future wedding! Weddings packages are becoming more and more popular and it is quite believable! It will always be easier for you to make your choices!

Voilà ! We hope this article has enlightened you on what a wedding package is. Perhaps it also made you want to opt for a wedding package in France … We will be delighted!

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wedding package in France
wedding package in France
wedding package in France