To get married in Paris

Where you should get married in Paris ?

wedding planner paris If you are planning your wedding in Paris, then you must be on the lookout for the very best venue for your wedding photography as well.

But there is not much to be worried about as you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to a Paris wedding from luxurious hotels to magnificent churches and not the forget the amazing monuments of the city. For that matter, we have brought you a list of some of the best places to get married in Paris that are the perfect spots for wedding photography. So that when you show your wedding photos to your grandchildren in 50 years you would be able to say proudly how magnificent your wedding was and how perfect everything looked. So, here’s our shortlist of where you should get married in Paris.

  • Notre Dame and Pont de l’Archevêché

Notre Dame and Pont de l’Archevêché which is an 850-year-old cathedral are easily one of the best wedding photo spots. During the day, you can see plenty of newlywed couples along with their photographers and some assistants to help them capture the best shots creating outstanding visuals. If you are more of secluded souls, you can avoid the crowded forecourt and have your photos captured in the garden which is behind the cathedral. Also, the Pont de l’Archevêché is the best spot here with the perfect background of millions of padlocks of the couples who have been there for the ultimate expression of their love. The view is further be glorified by the flying buttresses that spout from the greenery.

  • Les Champs Elysées

First on the list is the outstanding Les Champs Elysées which is one of the most beautiful avenues of the world and therefore is naturally among the best wedding photo spots as well. It is quite a touristy place during the day, but if you will go there during the night you will surely thank us later. As the enlightened Arch de triumph will add the perfect amount of mystery to your photos along with the glory that you deserve on your big day. You can surely caption your photos by saying ‘Triumph of Love’ literally. The best idea would be to stand a bit away from the arch so that it provides the most beautiful background without making your photos look too stiff.

  • The Louvre

Have been obsessed with the wedding photos of Kanye and Kim? Then the Louvre would be the best wedding spot for you. This royal residence looks completely glorious and gorgeous during the evening with its outstanding architecture that shows off the perfect alliance between the modern glass pyramid and the old stone. You can also photograph in the courtyard to lend a surreal look to your photos or close to the basins where the glorious reflection of the buildings in the calm waters would present the most ethereal background.

wedding planner paris

  • Jardin du Luxembourg

If you are a fan of nature, then no spot can beat the Luxembourg garden as it is sure to become your top favorite wedding photography spot. Located right in the heart of the capital, this venue offers more than you might think. Form the large sandy paths and vibrant flowerbeds to the gorgeous fountains and the plenty of green metallic chairs which make for the perfect kissing spot for the Parisian lovers. Have your picture taken here which would show off the beautiful bond between you in the way of traditional Parisian lovers.

  • Montmartre

If you are looking for a completely authentic experience, then Montmartre is the perfect wedding photo spot for your Paris wedding. The rooftops in the hill are loaded with the ideal viewpoints with their little climbing streets and the ever-so-lovely squares. And then comes the amazing Sacré Coeur at the top of it which just can’t go wrong as a wedding photography spot. You are sure to make the most out of your wedding photo shoot here while making some of the best memories in this amazingly beautiful place making the splendid background both for your weddings pictures as well as your love story.

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So, go ahead and get the best moments of your lifetime photographed in one of the greatest spots for a wedding in the city of Love. You are sure to start your life together on a ‘love note’ with a beginning this beautiful. For more details on Paris wedding, visit our website.