Wedding Photographer in Paris

So, you’re planning on getting married in Paris, what a great idea! The most romantic city in the world is waiting for you. We hope you made sure to book a wedding photographer. Why you may ask? Because who wouldn’t want a perfect picture for an occasion as big as your wedding! Having a wedding photographer in Paris by your side while you visit the city is inevitable.

Paris is home to some of the most sophisticated wedding venues in the world. That’s why we’re here to give you more details on why you should book a wedding photographer in Paris! We will also give you places to visit to take pictures to overall capture the best memories!

In Paris, weddings and elopements are there to focus all of us on what is most important: your elopement in Paris and your wedding. It’s one of the most important events of your life. A photoshoot before your marriage is the best way to capture that special moment.

We all know how Paris is an incredible, romantic, and bustling city. It’s full of art, ideas, cultures, and beauty. Pictures are the only way you can capture a moment forever and get back to it as much as you want. They will stay with you and you will have a lifetime of fun sharing the best day of your life spent in a beautiful city.

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Why get a wedding photographer in Paris


A wedding photographer is a person that’s going to stay by your side for a couple of hours, depending on what package you decide to take and be there wherever you go taking pictures and videos of you and your partner. Whether they’re candid or posed pictures, a wedding photographer will guarantee high-quality pictures you can keep and cherish forever.


Booking a wedding photographer in Paris to capture precious memories of you and your partner, whether it’s a surprise marriage proposal, wedding, or elopement. Your journey in the city of love starts with a wedding photographer in Paris.


Wedding photographers are not only talented but are also storytellers, who are passionate about emotions, beauty, and love. A wedding photographer in Paris will definitely know how to create vivid and timeless images of the mixed beauty of Paris for you.


You need a Parisian photographer that you can trust to prepare the perfect photoshoot. You won’t spend your time worrying about how your pre-wedding pictures are going to turn out if you hire a wedding photographer in Paris. Whether you and your partner decide to get married or have a sophisticated venue for your wedding, you both want to make the most out of your wedding experience. You will want to capture it with someone experienced: a wedding photographer in Paris!


You will also be able to spend time with the wedding photographer to plan your engagement and photoshoot. There are so many spots and possibilities in Paris where you can celebrate this intimate moment. That’s why your wedding photographer in Paris is here to help you limit your choices. But also, offer you some advice on where and when it’s best to have your photoshoot.

The best spots for wedding pictures


It’s a dream come true to have your wedding or elopement in the famous city of love. So, it’s a duty for any wedding photographer in Paris to capture the most romantic pictures on your big day!


We suggest you consult your own wedding photographer so you can discuss where you want to have your photo shoot. In the meantime, we’re here to give you some options on where you could go for your picture-perfect wedding pictures. Here are some great locations.


The “Alexandre III” bridge


One of the many bridges that span the Seine in Paris, but also probably the most beautiful one. We highly recommend you go there during sunset because it’s the most romantic during this time! Your wedding photographer might also be able to capture the amazing sculptures with gold and the famous Eiffel Tower!

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The “Pont Neuf”


The oldest bridge that crosses the Seine and is listed as a historical monument by the French Ministry of Culture. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your wedding pictures on a bridge that holds great history, was an architectural revolution at the time it was built, that’s also iconic? This bridge has seen thousands of passers-by, travelers from around the world, love stories, and photographers. What if you immortalize your own love story on the Pont Neuf?

The Louvre Museum


With its trademark glass triangle, the Louvre is an ideal location for aesthetic and romantic pictures. Furthermore, you could take a stroll in the Tuileries garden that’s right next to it, wouldn’t it be so cute? A central landmark for both tourists and couples, a photoshoot in Paris wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t go to the Louvre!

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The Trocadéro


You can either take a walk in the garden, settle a bit next to the fountain and then go to the top to take the pictures. Or, you can directly go to the top and start your photoshoot there! Either way, you will have an amazing view of the Eiffel Tower right behind you. Your pictures will turn out delightful and aesthetically pleasing!

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Palais Royal


We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of pictures of people standing on these small striped columns. Not only are these pylons well known, but the garden that’s by the Palais Royal is so gorgeous it’s guaranteed you will fall in love at the sight of it! Don’t waste any more time and put it on your list of spots to visit with your wedding photographer in Paris!

Le Petit Palais


You might be wondering what is so special about this spot? Well did you know it has a little hidden gem to it? We’re talking about the golden gate of the Petit Palais! This gold-covered gate looks like it came straight from the castle of a fairy tale. And who wouldn’t want fairy-like pictures when in Paris? You wouldn’t believe how ethereal your pictures will look with you in front of those gates!

Eiffel Tower


Did you really think we wouldn’t mention the most famous landmark in Paris? With pictures in front of the Eiffel Tower, your pictures will be unforgettable. Every time you will look at them in the future, with your partner, you will remember the amazing time you spent in Paris, for your D-Day. Those pictures will forever hold the best day of your lives and you will be able to show them to the people you love.

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The list could go on and on since there are so many amazing spots in Paris. If you want more beautiful locations for your photo shoot or your elopement in Paris, make sure to check our other article “Elopement in Paris”. Or to contact us if you need more information on elopement and wedding packages!


Take the time to really talk to your wedding photographer in Paris to agree on a handful of locations for your photo shoot. Even though you won’t be able to do everything in just a couple of hours, that doesn’t mean you can’t come back to Paris and visit the spots you didn’t get the chance to go to and have a photoshoot!


Those pictures will be the symbol of your eternal love for one another. Make sure to contact a wedding photographer in Paris so you won’t have to worry about the end results of your pictures. Your stay in the city of love will definitely be the cherry on top for your wedding day!