Pre-wedding photoshoot

Wedding photography is constantly evolving. New trends and services have become fashionable such as photo booths, pre-wedding and post-wedding photo shoots

,slideshows, and much more.

However, the one that stands out the most would be the pre-wedding photoshoot.

The pre-wedding sessions have become one of the most used in recent times because they show a more informal and relaxed facet of the couple before the wedding day. At the same time, it is a good opportunity to start chemistry with the photographer who will be in charge of portraying them on the wedding day and so that this professional becomes familiar with the best angles and peculiarities of the bride and groom.


The pre-wedding photography is one in which the bride and groom perform a session prior to the wedding, where the photographer will try to capture the personality and essence of the couple in their total naturalness and love.


Imagine having your pre-wedding photos in Paris, the city of love?


Advantages of a pre-wedding session


Each couple may be unsure of the photographer’s abilities to meet their expectations. But with a pre-wedding session, you have an opportunity to assess the photographer’s skills and see if everyone is on the same page. You will have the opportunity to see what the photographer will offer you on the day itself, which will make you feel confident that you will get what you planned.


You can choose the place where you can make this photo session, and in Paris, there are incredible places to do so, like castles, hotels and on the streets.


The result of the pre-wedding photos is very original, as well as very beautiful. You can save this memory for your whole life, however, there are other reasons why it would be worth doing this type of photoshoot:


Less fear of the camera


There are many people who can feel comfortable in front of a camera, others who are photogenic without effort, but there are others who will feel tension when facing this situation.


Photographers are used to working with all kinds of people, and being professional, you will know how to get the session done. The photographer will help you feel more confident and more relaxed in front of the camera.


Having a good pre-wedding session will allow you to feel even more comfortable for your wedding photos in Paris, as it will feel more natural to the photographer.


Images that talk about you


Usually, people only take photos on the wedding day, however, it is highly recommended to take other sessions, before or after. This would be the perfect occasion to keep some very happy memories with your partner. The previous moments are full of emotions such as illusion and nerves, and love is lived in a very intense way. Their new life together will be about to begin, and this deserves to be kept in their memories.


The wedding day will be an incredible moment that they will never forget, but the feeling of nerves, the possible protocols, and the emotion of the ceremony may not allow them to fully show what they are like.


On the other hand, the pre-wedding session shows a more informal image of the couple, and how they are daily. The perfect time to expose your emotions, the looks, your complicity, and everything in the most natural way possible. The moment to make the representation of your proposal in Paris.


It gives you an idea of ​​which style of photography suits you best


Once you see the pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris, you can decide which angles, positions, and postures work best for you. You can also choose what type of photography you need on your wedding day. Whether it’s candid, portrait, magazine or something else. Modern photographers are more focused on capturing the intricate details of their wedding. Therefore, a pre-wedding session will make you understand how good your photographer is to capture.


More photos to include to your wedding memories


Pre-wedding photoshoots are for those who want pictures that show the loving relationship; without the hassles of the heavy wedding attires, makeup, ornaments, umpteen number of people around, and the annoying selfies.


You can pose or you can choose not to. Pre-wedding photographers try to capture natural moments, expressions, and real emotions shared by the couple. Such pictures make your album more real.


Highlight your photos in your wedding album


A wedding album tells the story of the greatest day of their lives and their love story. What better way to start the story by including some images from your pre-wedding session? It is a fun and informal way to start your wedding album.


A wedding album is a compilation of all the good, embarrassing and fun moments that you and your partner have experienced. Often times, the wedding album is typically boring thanks to orchestrated poses, forced smiles, and worldly images with long lost family members! A pre-wedding experience is a good way to add more photos to your album – that is, photos you really like and appreciate.




Why is this type of photoshoot important to a photographer?


Today, wedding photography is not just about posing and smiling. Unlike the old days, photographers are coming up with innovative ways to make a wedding album perfect.


To make a good wedding report, it is important that the photographer knows the couple beforehand. The job of a photographer is to capture the essence of the bride and groom to offer a report of the feelings and emotions that will be experienced at the time of the session, from an artistic point of view. Therefore, it is important to know the couple to be able to capture these feelings of love in images.


The photographer could ask for an afternoon with the bride and groom, go to a Parisian café, where he could ask them questions about their life, which people are significant to them, what they like and don’t like, and what they expect from the wedding report.


Then they will work with the camera so that the bride and groom feel comfortable during the session. It will try to work naturally, and they will also help them lose their fear of showing emotions.


Also, a pre-wedding photoshoot can be thought of as a test photography session to prepare you for your big day. In addition, it will make you feel comfortable with your photographer and you will also know his shooting style.


The idea is then, to create a bond with the photographer so that on the wedding day, his presence does not deter them and does not prevent them from being yourself.




Pre-wedding session preparation


Choose the best moment


In general, the pre-wedding photoshoot is held shortly before the wedding. However, for this to be perfect, the idea is to find a time when natural light is adequate, then take into account:


The season of the year


The best times to do a photoshoot are spring and autumn, since summer is a season where the sunlight is very hard and this makes the shadows more pronounced, and the heat can be very overwhelming.


Session time


Avoid at all costs the times of day where sunlight is strongest. So the best times are sunset or sunrise.


As the light is very important, plan your trips so that you do not miss a minute of the photo session, since 30 minutes of delay can totally change the light.




It is recommended to do simple hairstyles since you do not want that to be the protagonist of the photos. Always try to be natural.




Makeup according to the place where the session will take place, and as natural as possible. Glitters should be avoided at all costs for the pre-wedding photoshoot.


Clothes colors


Avoid garish colors, as this can focus attention on your clothes and not on you. For men, they are advised to avoid garments dominated by logos or very striking elements. For women, it is best to find something where you feel as comfortable as possible, but at the same time sophisticated.


The place


The setting is very important for the photos. So try to find a place that means something to both of you, if not you can venture out and pick random places that match your personality.


Extra tips


It would be ideal to dedicate the whole day to the two of you. To achieve this, it is important to avoid any type of distraction such as mobile phones or any type of device that distracts you.


Most importantly: enjoy the pre-wedding photoshoot. Try to have a good time and leave your fears on camera.


It is really helpful to have a pre-wedding session. It really helps you get used to the camera. Any experience is a good one because otherwise, you might feel a little tense on your wedding day.


We want you to enjoy your day and the pre-wedding session is a way to get rid of the unnecessary stress of “posing in front of the camera”.


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