Wedding Venues in France

France is a beautiful country; a lots of fiancés choses a wedding venue in France and not only because this country symbolizes love. It is also because in France there is a lots of wedding venues to rent: from castles to villas as well as hotels and more unusual venues, they are many choices.Each wedding venue in France will offer you a gorgeous view and an elegant architecture. Depending on the different regions of France there are different styles of architecture. We will help you to find the wedding location that suits you the best. Your wedding is going to be the reflection of your love story, you’re loved ones will have this memory of you, so it is important that your wedding venue look like you and be unforgettable.

Magical castles in Loire Valley – Paris region

If you are dreaming to get married in a fairy tale castle: the region around Paris is perfect for your wedding location.

During the Renaissance, a lot of nobles have taken up residence by the river named “La Loire” attracted by the beautiful nature of this region. Indeed, the Loire Valley is sometimes called “Les Jardins de la France” that is to say: France gardens. These breathtaking landscapes had also brought some artists during this period especially painters who drew their inspiration from it like Leonardo Da Vinci in his Amboise castle.

The most gorgeous castles build in the Loire Valley have been ordered by French kings in order to go on vacation close to Paris and take advantage of the peace of the countryside. To make the most of those natural scenery they had large piece of land and elegant gardens around the castle: the perfect decor for your wedding photos. The castles of Chantilly and Chenonceau have the most exceptional gardens.

A little closer to Paris city, the main residences of the French kings like Le Château de Vaux le Vicomte or Versailles provides richly decorated wedding venues with gilding details will impress your guests and look amazing on your wedding pictures. They are the biggest French castles, so they are suitable with many guests weddings thanks to their spacious rooms.

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View over the roofs of the city of Lovers and the sparkling Eiffel Tower

In the city of Paris, you can find the largest number of luxury hotels. They combine beautiful architecture and decors with French gastronomy for outstanding receptions. They offer high quality services, so they are a great option if you want a comfortable wedding location. Moreover, the Parisian luxurious hotels will certainly satisfy your aesthetic tastes because there is a large choice between classical edifices with sumptuous ornamented decors and historical function rooms and modern hotels with contemporary design.

Let’s talk about the showstopper: your gests will enjoy the view over the famous Eiffel Tower that will light up at the evening surrounded by the roofs of Paris very romantic with their numerous chimneys. Lastly, during the day you could have a look to the unique Hausmann architecture of Paris buildings. The Four Seasons Hotel George V is located next to the Champs Elysées has the most elegant decoration whereas the Ritz has beautiful reception rooms and lounges in a classical and chic style.  

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Wedding venues in Provence – The authentic charm of French countryside

In the south countryside region of France named “La Provence” there is not a lot of medieval or renaissance castle but a lot of mansion and villas. They are great private hotels in a blend of the baroque and Mediterranean styles with great outdoors to enjoy the sun and the colorful south plants. Inside, the spacious rooms flooded with light lend themselves very well to be wedding venues. Those typical houses have some gorgeous colored details which gives with the flowers in the gardens a fresh vacation vibe to the wedding. Moreover, these stone buildings form picturesque villages calm and restful thanks to the song of the cicadas.

The vineyards in Provence have the benefit to be in very quiet places, apart from the city’s influx. This includes vines and fields landscape as far as the eyes. For example, Le Château de Berne is in the middle of a vineyard provides beautiful gardens, a warm decoration, a spa and little more: wines produced on site.

Let’s not forget about the lavender fields which offers the best perfume and colorful shades of violet from June to July.

French Riviera – Glamour wedding venue under the sun of the Mediterranean

Imagine having your wedding reception in a beautiful villa which overlooks the sea and the “Calanques” in other words the rocky inlets which characterize the French Riviera.

You could enjoy the captivating show of the sunset reflecting in the sea during your evening party. You could opt for a medieval castle, a palace, a private beach or a gourmet restaurant: everything is possible for a wedding venue in French Riviera.

We advise La Chèvre d’Or 5 stars hotel near to Nice and Monaco for an intimate wedding in its beautiful gardens overlooking the sea. For a larger number of gests, the villa La Vigie, Karl Lagerfeld’s holiday home in Monaco or the villa Rothschild close to Nice will be perfects. The first one has an interior decoration sophisticated and 360 degrees view over the bay of Monaco. The villa Rothschild has the most awesome gardens with an incredible number of plants which colors compliment marvelously the dusty pink façade.

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Wedding in the “beauty island”

In Corsica island you can rent a private beach for you wedding venue. In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, you could take advantage of a sunny sky without any clouds over a long period of the year. The Corse’s landscapes are very unique between wilderness and turquoise blue water. You can also rent some charming stone house and villas. If you like the mix of contemporary decors and authenticity you may find your wedding venue in Corsica. In addition, you could add to you wedding banquet some Corsican gastronomic specialties to surprise your guests.



Chic and bohemian weddings in unique and surprising French locations  

Now let’s talk about some lesser-know wedding locations in France.

Surprising Bourgogne the famous vine region

The Bourgogne region is lesser known for a wedding location, but it has a few very pretty castles. They were dukes or princes’ residences. They are a lot of choices from the fortified castles to the Renaissance style. Getting married in Bourgogne offers multiple benefits. First, this region is famous in whole wide world for his vine. Therefore, the vineyard gives outstanding landscapes. Finally, it is close to Alsace’s atypical villages with their half-timbered houses. If you have to plan to stay several days your gest will be surprised to discover Alsace vines and architecture.

Enchanting sea landscapes in Bretagne and Normandie

In the North Ouest of France there is a lot of shingly or sandy beaches in the Atlantic Ocean. Most of them are magical with their rocks and cliffs. To enjoy these areas during your wedding you could chose a pretty seaside gastronomic hotel like the Grand Hotel in Dinard city. This hotel has a view aver the estuary and it is located in Dinard which is the most distinguished seaside town in the region.  If you prefer the countryside you can rent a castle or a mansion.

Sea and incredible sand dune in Bassin d’Arcachon

If you prefer a complete change of scenery, think about Bassin d’Arcachon. This beautiful lagoon, open to the Atlantic Ocean, constitutes a pleasant inland sea with a tiny island in the middle called “L’Ile aux Oiseaux” which means “The Birds Island”. The huts on stilts on this island made it very cute. But the most incredible part of this lagoon is his sand dune by the ocean. It is a perfect spot for you wedding pictures it will give you magical memories; on top of the dune you have a wonderful panoramic view over the entire lagoon, the ocean and little forest of pine trees. At the foot of the sand dune you will enjoy a beautiful beach.

The most beautiful artworks just for you

Last but not least, France is also renown for it large number of museums. If a museum is not always the first idea when it comes to wedding venues, that makes them a unique choice. However, museums are always in wonderful historical buildings and they are decorated with a great effort in order to highlight the pieces of art. You could get married surrounded by the most beautiful artworks and furthermore have a wedding which looks like no one. Your wedding will be all the more unforgettable and in the best of taste. For example, the Rodin museum in Paris intramural proposes it gardens for large number of guest receptions accompanied by a private visit of the expositions. The museum of Orsay has a great dance hall for weddings in the heart of the historical monument and on the banks of the Seine river. From the terrace of Orsay you can see the Louvre museum, the Opera Garnier and the Sacré Coeur church.