A spring wedding in France

A spring wedding in France

Yes, we all want a dream wedding. A wedding in France, a wedding in Paris, is always a good idea.

Make your wedding come true during a very charming season. A wedding in spring, the floral season with a climate in between. Not too cold and not too hot.

Spring, what a beautiful season! It is the season of renewal, fertility, and love. It is not for nothing that this period is chosen by many future brides and grooms! It’s not too hot and the mood is light-hearted. Spring symbolizes the beginning of a new life.

More and more couples prefer to get married out of season, i.e. in winter or spring, to benefit from the many advantages this option offers. Indeed, celebrating your wedding in France, a wedding in spring is rather clever. There are several reasons why there are advantages to getting married in the spring. After the cold winter, the first signs of spring herald the arrival of the beautiful days! This is the ideal season to set the date that will change your life.

For the perfect destination wedding, a wedding in France, we have put together a short list to help you find out why a spring wedding is a good idea. This could help you decide on a wedding in Paris.


  1. Spring or the season of flowers! Do you dream of a wedding in France with a beautiful floral decoration? You can create beautiful spring compositions without spending a fortune because it is the season of flowers. With fresh, seasonal flowers for a spring wedding.
  2. It’s also a good time for a family reunion. After the Christmas festivities, the long cold spell, spring is the ideal occasion for reunions and celebrations. Happy guests after a gloomy winter to set the mood for your wedding in France.
  3. Savings and lots of ideas: Looking for good ideas? The specialists in floral wedding decorations will offer you beautiful decorating ideas for spring!
  4. Spring, the season of bridges: Take advantage of the long weekends during spring to organize your wedding and be sure that your guests will be present and available. Easter, Ascension, Pentecost weekends… Set your date.


Spring Wedding – THE CLIMATE

One of the reasons why you should choose the spring period to get married is of course the climate. Spring marks the return of good weather: you can enjoy this time of year when the trees begin to show their most beautiful colors and especially a season when temperatures are not yet too high. Your guests who are most sensitive to the heat will thank you, and the rest of your guests will have the pleasure of admiring the wonders of nature during this season.

Spring Wedding – THE THEME

Your wedding in Paris can be in harmony with nature, which is a huge advantage when choosing your theme, as the possibilities are endless.

First of all, of course, flowers come to mind. This theme is vast and can be taken in a broad sense or be restricted to a particular type of flower (rose, lily of the valley…). In any case, it will make your wedding poetic. It’s up to you to set the tone.

The renewal of nature leads us to the theme of birds and their melodious song. Butterflies also come to mind, and the symbol of the caterpillar transformed into a thousand-colored insect may suit your couple.

Nature goes particularly well with the vintage theme. If you have a taste for things of yesteryear, then go for retro-chic: back to the 1930s in the country.

Finally, the country and rustic themes are in vogue, so you can surf the trend.

Spring Wedding – DECORATION

The season inspires wedding florists. The advantage of flowers, apart from their beauty, is that they will delicately perfume your reception area. To do this, choose the most fragrant of them: lilies, freesias, sweet peas, roses… They will bring a sensual and delicate fragrance to your wedding in spring.

If you are organizing a secular wedding ceremony, you will formulate your engagement vows under a flowered arch after walking on a carpet of rose petals. Romanticism and elegance will be the order of the day for your perfect wedding in France, emotions guaranteed!

Inside, the bohemian bride and groom will turn to natural fabrics to decorate their tables and chairs. They will favor wood and wrought iron. The place cards will be made of wooden logs, the menu will be written on a pallet.

As for the plates, they will have a little vintage look and will be deliberately charming, like a Sunday in the country. To add a bit of enchantment to a spring wedding, you can opt for colorful lanterns or vegetal garlands. Your atmosphere will be warm and friendly. Without forgetting the beauty and charm of your destination wedding.

Get the outdoors

As we mentioned a little earlier, spring means the return of good weather, so you will be able to enjoy the lovely outdoor park. For a wedding in France, whether you have chosen for your secular ceremony or from the garden of the estate you have rented for the occasion, without fear of extreme heat or waterspouts. If you love nature, you will be able to marvel at the effervescence of the flora in full renewal. The ideal setting for a one-on-one walk with your spouse or the wedding photo session. Indeed, France is an ideal destination wedding for a spring wedding.

The wedding caterer

At the end of winter, our stomachs are heavy and we feel like being light. Offer your wedding guests in France dishes made from seasonal fruit and vegetables.

How about an organic buffet for your wine of honor? Small skewers of vegetables, raw vegetables, and fresh cheese toast. Of course, you will take care of the presentation of these appetizers by presenting them on a trolley or a rustic table. You will delight the gourmands with fruit to dip in a chocolate fountain. And if you want to play the originality card, surprise your wedding guests with an edible flower bar. Yes, you read that right, you can enjoy delicious flowers! In tea, in a smoothie, in syrup and even to be crunched! Chances are that this type of bar will be a must for your reception.

And then, for the meal, you don’t change a winning team: seasonal fruit and vegetables are still in the spotlight for a spring wedding. Espuma of watercress, asparagus flan, cream of peas will delicately accompany poultry and fish.

As for your wedding cake, the most important element of your wedding in France it will contain fresh fruit (strawberries, raspberries, rhubarb…) and will be decorated with flowers – real or in sugar paste. You will delight the eyes and taste buds of your guests. To lighten it, you can decorate it with a fruit mousse.


Your destination wedding is in France, a wedding in Paris would not be as beautiful without good memories. With the beautiful weather and the magical atmosphere of spring, your wedding photos will be more beautiful than ever.


If you wish to have a Spring wedding. You can save money. Weddings that come to rent for the celebration of an event are almost on holiday during this period. You can therefore take advantage of this time to negotiate your rentals at a discount. This goes as far as the wedding catering service.

Spring Wedding – WEDDING DRESS

Wedding dress designers know how to do it. With fewer couples getting married at this time of year, not only will you be able to get married in a dress you don’t see all the time, but it could come back to you at almost a gift price. This is also what a spring wedding is all about.

Conclusion :

Every season is a good season to celebrate your wedding in Paris. However, spring has its special charm. If you don’t know when and where your destination wedding will be. A wedding in Paris is always a good idea. We have concocted for you a list of good reasons to have a wedding in Spring.

This is the wedding season par excellence: the climate is mild, the landscape is wonderful and the vegetation comes back to life.

The trees are in bloom and they inspire the flower designers who let their imagination run wild to make you the most beautiful bridal bouquets and magnificent decorations to set the scene for your wedding in France.

For the most romantic brides, this is the right season!

There are several reasons to have a Spring wedding. The climate itself, the seasonal flowers, the availability of service providers.

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