Truly memorable wedding proposal ideas

Wedding Proposal in Paris

As we are hoping you will only propose once in your life. Choosing your soulmate, lover and partner is probably the most important decision

you have ever made and especially when you’re about to have a wedding proposal.

So know what you’re doing. And once you have chosen the woman you want, ask for her hand in a way she will never forget. It’s also a huge moment for her.


You may be as modern as tomorrow, but respecting traditions will serve you well. After all, you are at the beginning of your own tradition. Start creating your perfect future now. Get his family’s approval before theweddingproposal itself. It may not seem important to you, but the small details do matter in the long run.


Keep in mind that the story of your proposal will be told and repeated for a long time. Imagine your loved one telling your grandchildren how Grandpa asked him to marry him. Make sure she has a great story to tell.


Decide which wife your future wife will have. Is she an outgoing person who would love to be in the spotlight? Would she prefer integrity in such an intimate moment? You want her to feel comfortable. Of course, this is a huge moment, so there is nothing wrong with shaking things up a bit. Surprise and delight her, what is more romantic that a wedding proposal in France or in Paris?


Here are some methods that will surely melt her heart – when she comes across the surprise and shock. Make sure you have a photographer or videographer ready to capture every second of your wedding proposal in Paris.


If you know of a particular place that her parents (or even grandparents) used for their suggestions, take her to that place. Tell her you to want to create the life her parents created. (Yes, it works best if her parents are still married.) It also shows respect for tradition and her family.


If there is no specific place for the wedding proposal in Paris, offer him to his parents, along with them. They will be very happy, and she really does not expect that. You earn huge bonus points in the gender department.


What is his passion? What really affects him? Goes to the gym? Shopping at the mall? Jogging? Coffee? A certain book?

Show her that you really know her by the bone. Continue to the gym and kneel down. Follow her to the mall and offer her in front of her favorite store. Appear on his usual jogging path with a ring in his hand. If she wanted to read a new bestseller, ask the seller to bring her to your table while you enjoy your expresso in the French restaurant. Put a note inside asking her to marry you.


You’ve found your treasure – let her chase her and there you are, finally, rings in your hand

Treasure hunting is fun, especially if you are the prize! Find an excuse for the hunt – it could be his birthday, or you pretend it’s a competition between the two of you. As long as she does not suspect the real reason. Give her clues all over Paris to get her to beautiful places that are meaningful to both of you.


And there you are at last, calling in your hand.

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea – You and I, me and you, consider how happy we will be/She may not know the musical of 1914, but she loves the sea and the beach very much.

Write a good message and put it in a bottle in the sand. Sunset would be the most romantic time for a walk on the beach. This is the best time with a friend who can place the bottle in a certain place and keep an eye on it (you want to make sure no one catches it before her!) While you drive her to the placein the French Riviera perhaps.


Go down on your bent knees as she reads the note. The wedding proposal in France will be the most romantic.


Houses of worship are usually dark places, but most priests, priests and rabbis view true love positively. If you and your special wife attend services regularly (or even semi-regularly), talk to the person in charge. At the end of the service, ask them to explain that there is only one special message. This is your signal to come.


In a beautiful French church, do ask your priests to stand up and go with you and ask her to marry you in front of the whole congregation. Make sure your place of worship allows for cheers and applause, as there will be a lot of it.


A scene from around the world. It would probably not work on Broadway, but it will get applause everywhere

Do you and your future wife like the theater? Do you go often? It would probably not work on Broadway, but it will attract applause everywhere.


Talk to the manager of your local theater so you can suggest after the curtain call. Chances are good that he or she agrees because it is a great ad. When the actors are definitely bending, join them on stage and give your best performance during the wedding proposal. Let her come with you on stage.

Bonus points for getting the actors to make their last arc in your direction rather than the audience.


Karaoke wedding proposal in Paris

Like the theater, this is another opportunity to make a proposal on stage. While you can take her to a karaoke bar and surprise her by singing a love song and then ask her to take the stage before performing in front of the audience, there is a more crafty way to do it.

Ask a friend to take your bride-to-be for a girls’ karaoke night. Make sure your friend cannot reveal your secret. While the ladies (including yours) enjoy the show, shock her by appearing onstage with a rendition of “Will You Marry Me”. Ask him to join you on stage and ask him to marry you. After agreeing, serenade her with The Beatles “When I’m Sixty-Four”.


Now that you’ve proposed and the lady has agreed, relax. Law? Not really. The fun has only just begun. Your next step is to choose a location and find a caterer that suits your budget and taste. Better to start planning now or hire a destination wedding planner to make sure your special lady has the destinationwedding of her dreams.


Billboards attract attention.

Design a romantic billboard wedding proposal and have it placed on a route that the two of you will pass together, preferably on foot. How not to say yes!


Ring In My French Dessert

You don’t have to hide the ring in the chocolate cake. Choose a good restaurant with a dessert cart. After your meal, have the waiter come to your table with the cart. The ring is on one of the dessert plates. Ask the waiter to point finger at it. “Maybe Monsieur would like that?” Have him return the ring to you before you kneel down.

Dessert and champagne will likely be on the house

Flash Mob Firstin France

You need a lot of people. You can advertise on social media and contact local volunteer dance schools. Find a location that can accommodate (and will allow) a crowd. Pick a romantic song and ask the audience to start rehearsing.

You can be with your girlfriend when the flash mob strikes, or you can stand on the sidelines. As the group is almost done singing and dancing, walk around the crowd and introduce yourself.

If a fan of a band decides to hold a concert, this may be the perfect time to offer. During a favorite song, sneak up behind her and present the ring carefully.

If she likes big gestures, you can also ask to go up on stage and offer her with all the crowds watching.

Written on the stars

You may ask a question during a visit to the planetarium in the Palais Découverte while looking at the night sky. Here’s a tip to get a star dedicated to your wife as a gift to remember the engagement! Internet dating If you are a couple who loves technology, create an interactive website specifically to offer her. Actually, a question as important as this needs to be asked right away, so do not forget to participate as well to witness her reaction. Here’s a tip, you can pretend to ask her to look at this cool site you found without knowing its intention!

One last tip, be sure to be a photographer or filmmaker who will document the most beautiful moment in your life. That way, the pictures are also visible during the destination wedding day and you will have something valuable to look back on after years of marriage.

Which of the above ideas is your favorite? For any service regarding a wedding proposal or a wedding, please contact us.