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The Perfect Gift for a newlywed couple as a Wedding Witness

As famous American journalist and author Mignon McLaughlin said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person”.

A witness has the privilege of reminding the married ones how perfect their relationship is, the wedding witness has a lot on his or her hands.


It is an honor to be asked to serve as a witness during a wedding – destination wedding, but the part does come with multiple tasks of different complexities.

The run-up to the wedding day is an exciting time for the couple as well as their entourage especially if the wedding is in France for example. Obviously, if you live in Paris you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a gift for the couple. Boutiques abound in Paris offering sumptuous gifts in housewares, linens, crystal and glassware. Nothing says congratulations like a made in France gift selected from a genuine Paris boutique. There are many details to take care of, decisions to make, and planning to execute. The Best Man and the Maid of Honor are typically very close and special to both the bride and groom and therefore are key in helping the event go smoothly.

These key players have to be available at all times to clear up and swipe any doubts or misunderstandings. The Best Man and Maid of Honor also frequently have a key role in hosting premarital events, such as the Bachelor and Bachelorette party.

Other tasks that a Best Man and Maid of Honor maybe called upon to perform include delivering a speech during the destination wedding dinner.… Furthermore, the Best Man and the Maid of Honor also usually have a special outfit that coordinates with the theme of the wedding and signals the special responsibilities of their role.

These are just some of the ways that demonstrate the singular importance of the role of the maid of honor and best man in any wedding.

Another way that the special of the role of witness is seen in is in the offer of a unique and heartfelt gift to the married couple. Such gifts do not have to cost a fortune. With a little effort and imagination, a best man or a maid of honour can come up with a gift that the couple will treasure.

In order to stand out from the other gifts the newly married couple will receive, we’ve come up with a list of ideas for meaningful gifts that communicate the special bond between the best man and the maid of honor and the newly married couple.


Guest book

One idea for a gift the couple would cherish forever might be a special guest book that goes beyond the ordinary. Have a golden book open and ready to be written on. After being signed and dedicated by the guests, open the book to a brand-new page with a tree drawn on it. The guests will be invited to put their fingerprints as leaves. This will be a good memory page on the golden book. In addition to the tree page in the golden book, bring a Polaroid camera and invite guests to take pictures and then glue them on the different pages. A golden book is an excellent idea of gift as it has shown great results, and everyone will remember this unique day!


Personalized gifts

As a friend, you might want to think about offering a personalized gift. Perhaps a bottle of champagne with a personalized label or matching bathrobes with the names of the couple embroidered on it, “Sir, Madame” or even “His, Hers” clothing, personalized wedding picture cake.



Obviously, after the celebration of the union of two loved ones comes an unforgettable honeymoon experience. As best man/maid of honor, you might try and organize a trip with the other witnesses and therefore collect a nice sum and offer a memorable moment to the newlyweds. Also try and think of the during their trip perhaps aluxury night in a dream setting with a starry meal and a duo massage finally an unusual activity.



Something memorable and that cannot be forgotten about like a portrait would be a great gift. Ask a local artist to draw the couple and offer the framed picture so it can be hanging the couple’s new little love nest.


Video Compilation

But sometimes, non-material gifts are often the most touching. Making a video with the help of all the relatives of the couple in the form of a “Everything we love about you”, or even in the form of a karaoke carpool and simply a compilation of little words will demonstrate the attention/affection that you have towards the loved ones.


Tree & Plants

Often offering a tree or a plant is considered as offering a very symbolic gift. This significant gift will grow with time and obviously will give birth to beautiful fruits exactly like the growing love between the couple! That is what we all want them to do, anyway—


Unusual gift

By pushing the two lovers out of their comfort zone during a night in an unusual accommodation is a great gift. As thrilling and exciting as that might be, by giving your friends an experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. For example, spending a night among animals.


Writing and sending mail for a year

handing out postcards to the guests on the wedding day so they can all write a little note about one of them. Then, each and every week, send a letter to the address of the bride and groom. They will be happy and surprised to receive them in their mailbox as it will remind them of their beautifulwedding day regularly.


Parachute jump/ Bridge jumping

If the two loved ones are not afraid of anything and if they’ve both decided to make the big leap by promising themselves to spend their life together, why not spice things up a little? By challenging them to deliver on their promise with reckless actions such as bridge jumping or even parachute jumping, the couple will be pushed out of their comfort zone and will live the full experience of having fun together!


A Go Pro or camera

A Go Pro or camera might seem very little right after the idea of parachute jumping but the attention given is what we’re focused on.

The basic idea is to film the whole entire wedding day. Therefore, at the end of the evening, you will offer them the images but also the device that made it possible to box these precious memories. Perhaps they might use the GoPro or the camera during their honeymoon. Basically, turning their day-to-day love story into the filmed most romantic journey ever as its being.


Love Basket

The famous “Love Basket”. Now, this gift might be the best since it will remind the two love birds a lot of different memories with a lot of people included. As the wedding approaches, try and ask the guests a little something that reminds them of one of the two loved ones (something old, something borrowed, something new for example). This will constitute a basket full of different memories and which the two newlyweds will love opening.


House Gift

As a classic as this may be, nothing will ever outrun an “heartwarming house” gift. This gift is made for the two newlyweds and their new love nest that they will possibly share soon! Perhaps a candle or something just as like it, so that when the two love birds come back home from a long day at work, they will be reminded of their special and memorable day!


The organization of the Bachelorette party.

This is the final step before the happy wedding day. While being in a reunion between closest friends, it is also the time of challenges and amusements of all kinds. The witness has the most important task/gift since they will by playing with their greatest creativity to make this day, an unforgettable day for either the groom or the bride.


Knowledge Game

During the wedding, why don’t you organize a knowledge game based on the happily married? To really see if both know each other by heart or not, this game is very amusing. With a series of questions and with the discovery of the answers, everyone will get to see if the two really know each other. For the game to be perfect, it has to come a humoristic tone to it, light subjects which will make the guests laugh.



Whether the happily married couple like material gifts or not, this list has a multiple choice of gift ideas for the Brides Maid or the Best Man. Always remember that, if chosen as Bridesmaid of Best man that is because one of the two of the couple really acknowledges you and care/love you. Being chosen as a witness might be stressful as the tasks are quite complicated sometimes but always remind the two of their love & happiness.

Remember being asked to fill the role of a bridesmaid or a best man it a great honor and joy! This list might give you ideas of gift for a beautiful and memorable wedding in France for example but always keep in mind the idea is to please and remind the two of the birth and growth of their love for each other.

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