Outdoor wedding in France: a romantic and summery idea!

You are dreaming of getting married in France and you want to enjoy the magnificent French landscape?

So, opt for a wedding outside the walls, in the open air! There is something romantic about an outdoor wedding … Plus, an outdoor wedding is the perfect opportunity to have the nature as your backdrop. You may have also already considered organizing an outdoor wedding in France, because it is a dream, you want a more natural wedding. So here are some tips that we hope will help you plan and give you a taste of what an outdoor wedding in France can offer you!

Outdoor wedding in France: ideas and concepts

Some advice

An outdoor wedding is idyllic; however, it is necessary to better anticipate the hazards that you may encounter on the occasion of your wedding in France.

First, there is the subject of the lighting. During the day, you will not have any problem, since you will have the chance to make use of the natural light. The advantage of getting married in France, especially during the summer, is that it is daylight until around 10 p.m.!

When come the night, it will be necessary to illuminate with light garlands. So, remember to check the possibilities in terms of electricity that your choice of location can offer you. The light garlands will enlighten you and bring a special romantic touch to your wedding in France!

Outdoor weddings are not that common, so it would be best to reassure your guests that your wedding is going to be well. Choose comfortable chairs or benches, think about their arrangements so that they are not wobbly. If you are getting married in hot period, consider offering cold drinks and fans to your guests. Especially, try to install them in places where there is shade.

On this subject, for your wedding photos, you really have to find the right spot, so that the light does not spoil your photos.

One last little advice… Prepare shelters or big tops, in case the weather does not work in your favor. You can also organize it near a building or a house, so you always have a plan B.

Some ideas

In terms of decoration, who says outdoor wedding, says arch of flowers or even balloons. If you have chosen a specific theme or colors for your wedding, harmonize the arch according to that theme.

For an outdoor wedding, wooden decoration is a must! Go for wooden table decorations. On the table you can also add greenery, flowers.

Put flowers everywhere, use them as pieces of confetti, or as decoration for tables and chairs.

You can also create your tables with natural materials such as wood or straw.

You are organizing your wedding in France, so you can opt for decorations representing France and its culture.

What is certain with an outdoor wedding is that the nature around you will be the best decoration!

Of course, we advise you to choose the summer or even the spring period, because it is during these periods that we are most likely to see the sun appear. It’s always better to get married under a bright sun!

Which places to choose for an outdoor wedding in France

There are several places where you can organize your outdoor wedding in France.

First there are the parks and gardens. Our advice for you and the best solution is to get married in an uncrowded area so that it can be quiet and you will not be disturbed.

An original idea for your wedding in France would be to organize a wedding on a barge. In Paris, for example, the barge you have chosen will be able to sail quietly on the Seine, while you and your guests admire the beautiful monuments that Paris has to offer. Imagine spending your wedding evening on a barge right next to a sparkling Eiffel Tower, it would be magical and so romantic!

If you want an even more convivial outdoor wedding in France, opt for a wedding in a campsite. This is a great idea for couples who want a country wedding and it will maybe remind you of your childhood holidays. In addition, you will have no difficulty finding a campsite for your wedding, because in France we have a wide choice of campsite,

There are many beautiful places to organize your outdoor wedding in France.

The Dîme de Giverny from the 13th century, located in the village of Giverny in Normandy is a superb venue. Your wedding will take place in a peaceful, tranquil location, away from tourists. You can also admire the village of the famous French painter Claude Monet.

In Epernon, in Center-Val de Loire, you will find Les Hauts de Pardaillan, a magnificent 16th century residence. It is located near the forest of Rambouillet, one of the main forests in Ile-de-France.

If you want a rustic wedding in France, you can opt for a rather original place … a barn! La Grange de Bory located in the Yvelines near Paris, is the ideal place for you!

If you want a wedding in France, in the South, get married on the Terres de Saint Hilaire in the Var in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur region. You will be able to unite in the heart of the vines and have as backdrop, a breathtaking nature!

An outdoor wedding isn’t common enough, it’s not the first thing most couples think of when they decide to get married. This idea remains, however, a good alternative for nature lovers and couples who want to mix originality and marriage together. We hope that with our advice and ideas, we have enlightened you more on the organization of an outdoor wedding in France!

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