Bridesmaid : How To Be The Perfect Bridesmaid









Being a bridesmaid today is a very important role in a marriage. A role dreamed of by many young women, but also a role to take to heart.

For several years, a wedding can be original just by showing some air freshness. On the other hand, if there is something that is not ready to change, it is the traditional bridesmaids.


Why having a bridesmaid


Do you want to be my bridesmaid?


Since the wedding has been announced, you and many of your friends are waiting for this question. You may not know it, there can be more than one bridesmaids.

There can be several bridesmaids, between 3 and 5, depending on the needs of the bride for her preparations.

A bridesmaid will likely be asked to help the bride-to-be choose her dress and accompany her to her hairstyle and makeup tests because during the big day things can go wrong. The bride will need her advice and an objective opinion during the preparations for the wedding and the party.

Even if it’s a cousin, a sister, or a best friend, the main mission is to be there for her as much as possible for this big day, and above, all have fun. You know that it’s her big day, so it’s not like any other simple event.


If one day you want to be a good bridesmaid, it is also your role to organize the bachelorette party for the bride and try to avoid a “The Hangover” remake Party. It’s up to you to find original ideas that she might like. Don’t be afraid to ask her about anything or even details to make this moment really fun. Maybe she wants a simple party or a luxurious party, we don’t know so be ready to work on that important part. While the wedding planner is there to organize perfectly the wedding, you may also be asked to help choose all the things and details of the wedding and help her with her planning:


Sugared almonds? Announcements? Bridal bouquets? Wedding decorations? Planning? Music? Menu? Or even participate in the decoration of the reception hall on D-day. Of course, you have the right to say “no” to certain tasks.


You will be her wedding best friend. You know that the big day can be stressful and scary for the future bride, which often happens with the stress of preparations. So, she will need the support of a trustworthy person as a bridesmaid.

As a bridesmaid, be ready to reassure her about her perfect wedding dress (when choosing it), her hairstyle or her makeup, the wedding decoration, and other wedding decision. And even any doubts about her future husband (we are never safe from a greys anatomy drama).


You will understand: your bridesmaid’s role is to be with the queen of the day. If certain aspects of the wedding require a little more work and investment, it is for the best that you are there, and above all, to share one of the most beautiful moments in the life of your friend, sister, or cousin. So don’t be afraid to be the perfect bridesmaid, it’s just a gift and an honor.


How to have the perfect Bridesmaid dress


Now you are officially her bridesmaid. So when you became officially a bridesmaid you honor the bride. And all of this goes into the outfit as well.


That’s the most difficult part of your mission being as beautiful as the bride but not more beautiful.


While some brides favor matching bridesmaid dresses, others will leave it to their friends to choose their dress with a few guidelines. The bridesmaids stand out for their homogeneity, but can also be slightly different. To avoid mismatched colors and overly different styles linked to the tastes and personalities of each, it is best to discuss with the bride your desires, colors, or style to adopt. They can make their choice based on what you have suggested to them.


First, define the budget


Before you start your bridesmaid dress shopping and thinking about the styles and colors of the bridesmaid’s dresses, you need to start by setting a budget for the dress. Yes, as a bridesmaid is a huge honor, but maybe not everyone will be happy to spend $500 on a dress that she will never wear again. Money can be a sensitive issue for some of you girls. Consider talking to each girl individually about the budget expectations for her bridesmaid gown shopping.



The importance to establish a dress code


The solution to choosing the same dress for all the bridesmaids may also not be unanimous. The concern: unless the friends of the bride are all lookalikes, they will not have the same morphology. The ideal is to find a dress that adapts to different body shapes, for young and old, for androgynous and luscious and a color that suits each skin type … This will be the most complicated choice. Do not forget that it is possible to make a few small alterations so that the dresses fit perfectly with the morphology of your bridesmaids.


What to avoid


The bridesmaid dress shouldn’t be the same color and length as the bridal gown (so, avoid stealing the show). Therefore, try to not use white or ivory dresses and put on pastel colors, perfect for summer weddings! Choose for example powdered pink, parma, or light yellow according to your tastes.


How to choose the style


You can have any style you like, it depends on the wedding theme. Don’t be afraid about originality and modernism but you can still stay classic but never neglect the coordination with the theme.

You can have a long dress or a short dress but never as long as the bridal gown.

Moreover, you have to discuss the silhouette that you want, the color, and also the fabrics.

Of course, you can add a bouquet to ending the style.


What’s the bridesmaid’s trend for this year


The bridesmaids could have the gowns of the same color but not the same gown shape, so you could choose the shape over their silhouette. Or why not the opposite, all the bridesmaids with the same dress shape but not the same color, that creates something original and specific to the identity of each but with a certain harmony. Make sure that everyone is satisfied with the dresses even it’s not simple.


The One Shoulder Style



Very elegant and above all bringing a touch of modernity to the most sophisticated outfits. The one-shoulder wins first place in the bridesmaid dress trends for the coming year. This hyper-feminine look will give you an air of a Greek goddess both classic and beautiful with a little touch of sexy.


The jumpsuit style

With the popularity of the jumpsuit, it was inevitable that this bridesmaid dress trend would sneak among wedding ceremonies.

Results? A beautiful outfit that is both less traditional and super pretty that will not leave anyone indifferent. We know that this is not a dress but we are in 2020, so why not? For a sensational look for the whole group, opt for the same fabric, but with varied cuts. And you know what, CTH Events Paris encourages originality.


Also, you can opt for a 2 pieces dress, with a pretty skirt, in this case, the skirt is of something really feminine and simple.


A bridesmaid dress with metallic accents










If the bride wants her wedding celebrations to shine, you can opt directly for the metallic material on the bridesmaid dresses. This material will add an oriental touch to the wedding ceremony. All that’s missing is a glass of champagne to start the bridal party!


The dress below the knees

The dress below the knees is perfect for the royal wedding or Royal bridal theme this look inspired by cocktail outfits dresses below the knee are both glamorous, simple, and elegant.



Ruffle dress



The wedding dress trend and the bridesmaid dress trend are a little bit similar in some aspect. You will see in our article “Wedding Dress Inspirations” that this a new trend. It’s very beautiful, feminine, and simple. This look gives a harmonious wedding canvas.


Wrap dress


The wrap dress is classic and elegant. In a way, the wrap dress is a suitable option for all the bridesmaids. If the wedding is being planned for spring, this look will fit you and your friends perfectly.



  • Coral color
  • Millennial Pink
  • The hues in the burgundy and mauve family
  • Sunflower yellow
  • All shades of blue
  • Lots of pale gray / cream / champagne

Or why not opt for a floral pattern is the new trend if you love originality.



If you are not sure, there aren’t any rules related to the flowers of the bridesmaids, except that their bouquet is smaller than that the bride’s one.

More and more weddings are dropping the bouquets for the procession; bridesmaids can wear a flower crown on their hair or if they don’t want it to touch their hair, they could have a bracelet with a small floral arrangement on it.




Succulents and foliage, especially those with silver reflections like eucalyptus, are still trendy. Seasonal flowers, such as peonies and dahlias, are also welcome! Rustic bouquets in the “field flowers” style are generally more popular than very classic and formal bouquets.


Finally, now that you know everything about being the perfect bridesmaid from hair to toes, you only have to wait for the big day of one of your friends, cousins, or sister to show what you’re capable of. We are sure that it will be a really fun experience. It is not simple to be one of her bridesmaids and above all being the best but its a really good experience and a pretty good gift in a way because you can make part of the organization of one of the most wonderful days of your relative that is getting married. Don’t be afraid about the wedding day or dress.