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Nona & Michel


My dear Inga, I miss you so much already. Before beginning to thank you I want to tell you that our relationship goes beyond a professional one. You are now one of our dear friends and I know that we will always be in touch with one another. Now the part that I thank you! You have been nothing but wonderful, professional, hardworking, serious, kind, flexible and outstanding. There are not enough words in the dictionary that can express to you how I feel about all you have done for Michel and I to make our special day royal and memorable. I know that I was not the easiest bride hahah and that I have always been detailed oriented and picky and no matter my demands and questions you were there to do everything and anything for us, and for that and all that you have done, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart.

But no need to worry, you will never get rid of me I am always going to write you and even come up with other events so we can work together. 

You have a heart of gold and your passion for your job is so ever visible through all you do.

Sending you lots of love

Nona Panygeres

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destination wedding à Paris


Nathalia & Douglas

The best day of our lives❤️! The best wedding planner in the world, that made our dreams come true @wedding_in_france ! We love you so much, thank you for everything! ❤️Sem dúvida a Inga faz parte da nossa história! Um sonho tão distante como casar em Paris, só foi possivel graças a ela. Do Brasil, alinhamos por telefone com a Inga que organizou TUDO em Paris! Ao chegarmos lá ocorreu melhor do que o planejado! Da igreja a festa, das maquiadoras a fotografa, do carro aos músicos, realmente foi um sonho! Eu e minha esposa até hoje ficamos muito emocionados ao lembrar de tudo isso. Só temos que agradeçer e recomendar a Inga e a empresa Wedding in France!

Raquel & Hezrell


The best for your destination wedding

I hired Inga for partial wedding planning as I was coming to Paris from NYC for my wedding and needed help with a few things. She took care of communicating / coordinating with all the vendor there for me and helped me when I was having difficulty with certain people. She made everything come together seamlessly. Never did I think I could pull off a successful, BEAUTIFUL, destination wedding and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without Inga. She was very patient, kind, responsive and understanding with me through all of my questions and emails and when dealing with a very difficult bridesmaid the day of the wedding. Even now, after the wedding, she still helped me sort with vendor issues that came up !! I am very grateful for her and highly recommend her to all brides coming to France for their wedding! She is the best.

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Joselyn & Julio


The best planner in Paris!

Where do I begin! Inga was an absolute wonder to work with. Not once did I doubt her aptitude. Planning a destination wedding can be nerve wrecking but Inga made the process and the day of go seamlessly. She recommended the very best vendors and not one let us down. It was a absolute pleasure working with Inga. We will forever hold her in our hearts for making our wedding day that much more special. She is passionate about her work and it’s reflective on her delivery.




Maïa & Vincent


Superb Service!

I didn’t expect that in a very short period of time Inga would be able to deliver all what we asked for. She’s not only professional and confident but she’s super warm and comforting. I would highly recommend her services for all types of events and weddings!



Aaron & Luis


What a day! Our elopement was perfect! Where do I begin? Inga was a joy to work with through the process of planning our elopement in Paris. When we started planning our elopement the thought of planning a wedding in another country was daunting to say the least. We were also nervous to be planning a wedding as a same-sex couple. Inga blew us away with her customer service and seamless planning. She adjusted the amenities offered since we didn’t have a bride. She gave us several options for photographers and locations to hold our ceremony. When we asked for a location next to the Seine, she knew just the place and accommodated our request. The celebrant she chose for us wrote a deeply personal ceremony that we will never forget.

All things considered, we would HIGHLY recommend CTH Events and Inga any day of the week for your Paris wedding or elopement needs!

Aaron and Luis


Anna & Joshua


“Inga was a wonderful destination wedding planner. She really streamlined the planning process and made everything easy. She has an extensive knowledge of Paris – from restaurants to photo shoot locations to a plethora of vendors. She also respected our budget and addressed numerous requests, going above and beyond just our d-day coordinator. Our guests absolutely loved the rehearsal dinner venue suggested by Inga and had an AMAZING time at the wedding. I was completely stress free leading up to and during the wedding – focused on enjoying time with our families and friends. It was unforgettable and we want to thank you so much Inga for your help through this whole process. Bisous!”

Bonjour Inga,

Thank you for your email, we are back in the states and missing Paris. The wedding was wonderful! The flowers were gorgeous, food was excellent, DJ was great and the venue inspiring. Everyone has been raving about what a dream wedding it was and how much fun they had. We can’t thank you enough for all your help through this process. You made everything very streamlined and easy – I never felt stressed during the whole weekend and we truly enjoyed ourselves and have many fond memories.

Bisous !!

Anna + Josh

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Dunja & Tomislav


If you want professionalism, kindness and quality – Inga it is!

My husband and I had our fairytale wedding in Paris in October 2019. For our wedding planner we have chosen Mrs. Inga from CTH EVENTS PARIS and she fulfilled all our expectations! Since the very beginning, our written communication and planning were perfect. She was very professional, detail oriented, punctual, warm and friendly. Most of all, she was trying to make all our wedding wishes come true – and she did it. On the day of the ceremony Inga was with us all the time, taking a video of the ceremony with our smartphone, holding my bouquet, helping me with my wedding dress, bringing with her a gift for us and some private props for photo shooting and – the most important of all – radiating her kindness and her good mood. We felt like we were in the right hands because she had everything under control, so that we could just relax and enjoy. That was really precious and heartwarming experience we will never forget. That is why we recommend Inga and CTH EVENTS PARIS to everyone. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Dunja & Tomislav


Delilah & Davant


I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who made this day possible. @wedding_in_france My wonderful wedding planner, Thank you for all your hard work! This day has been amazing and this process was so stress free. I cannot thank you enough. Thank you for everything. This was literally a dream come true.

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wedding planner paris


Polina & Dimitrii


4 months of daily communication, 1000 audio messages with a light French “PolinAAAA”, and for each of my problems “I’ll deal with them now, don’t worry, Polina” … It’s already been a week after the wedding and it’s somehow empty  you,  your SMS in whatsapp. Inga, I   am missing you ! girls who were interested in the planning our event, welcome @wedding_in_france !


Anastasia & Konstantin


All photos have not had time to come yet, and feelings already beat over the edge. Inga, I can’t imagine a person who would feel us so much and organize this day better than you and your team did. You have crazy energy, a million ideas and crazy endurance. To answer and solve all questions even at night in five minutes is above all praise. Drive to the store several times to make a better photo or video of the ring. And special thanks for Maria – this is a little man with a huge heart who lives with every picture taken, who climbs onto the balcony of the 5th floor just to make “the same frame” that finds the right words in the most exciting moments and will lead to feelings. Yu a ze tim tim eve! It has come just a few photos, but I am filled with feelings. Inga, I can’t imagine a person who could do it better! U are inexhaustible energy person with a million ideas and incredible stamina. U can fix any problem / question even at night for a 5 min! I have always felt that u know what I need. And I want to thank the best photographer ever, the girl with a big heart, who lives with each photo, and hang even in the air to make “the right photo”. Its a girl who always find the words to make all worries go away! Thank u so much the best team ever !!!

paris wedding planner
wedding planner à Paris


Olga & Fabien


Наша свадьба в Париже…..

Инга, хотим выразить тебе огромнейшую благодарность за организацию нашей свадьбы. Все было просто на высшем уровне! Мы и наши гости получили огромное удовольствие от всего того, что ты для нас сделала, и от этого прекрасного дня! Ты сделала все, для того чтобы по настоящему скрасить наш день, сделать его менее нервным, более спокойным! Надо сказать, что я как невеста, немножко нервничала только из-за самой свадьбы, а точнее предстоящего ответственного шага, но никак не из-за организационных вопросов. Ты обо всем подумала, продумала, просчитала и воплотила! Каждый наш гость, приезжий изМосквы, не был обделенным твоим вниманием и заботой, ты всем очень понравилась!!! До сих пор мне звонят и комментируют!:)

Спасибо тебе, что ты сделала максимум все возможное, чтобы наш день остался поистине незабываемым, и не осложненным тягостными организационными моментами. Спасибо за все скидки, которые ты для нас выбила, спасибо за твои контакты и осведомленность во всех тонкостях свадьбы в Париже! Спасибо, что никак не реагировала на мои “капризы невесты”:) и что с тобой всегда было очень гладко и легко при каждом контакте!

Мы очень рады, что ты нам встретилась, и мы готовы рекомендовать тебя всем, всем, всем, потому что совершенно уверены, что ты опять сделаешь все на высшем уровне! Характер у тебя видимо такой! Замечательный!:) целуем и обнимаем! Оля и Фабиен.

Если кому то нужны будут рекомендации, готовы их предоставить, пускай пишут мне на почту 1165048@gmail.com, а там уже и по телефону сможем поговорить! Инга you are the best!!


Charley & Joe


Hi Inga,

Thank you so much for planning our wedding for us. Everything went perfect it was exactly what we wanted. You found us a beautiful location and made all our dreams come true.

We were extremely hot!! And flustered on the day as we had a problem with a few of our guests who didn’t make it, and we didn’t take the opportunity to thank you as we should have.

We want you to know you have been wonderful and we are extremely grateful to have found you. Again thank you so much it was perfect.

We can’t wait to see the photos. Please email and let us know us when they are ready for us to receive.

If you have a website or require a reference we will be more then happy to. We will leave you a fantastic review for your impeccable service.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joe and Charley x

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Viktoria & Artem


Инга, дорогая, благодарим тебя за нашу волшебную свадьбу!!!✨✨✨Ты воплотила все наши мечты и желания! Весь декор был кропотливо отобран, постоянно на связи в поисках того, что нам нужно! Вся программа, вся организация- все было замечательно!!! Ты профессионал своего дела и просто прекрасный человек!!!Прям так непривычно, что все прошло. Не приходят многочисленные письма на мейл, сообщения в whats app, нет звонков на скайп я скучаю! Ты с нами с нашего первого важного события, ведь именно с твоей помощью, Артем устроил мне такой красивый и романтический сюрприз “предложения руки и сердца в Париже”❣ Мы тебе безмерно благодарны, думаю ты сама все знаешь! Целуем На связи!!! @wedding_in_france


Svetlana & Andrey


Хотим выразить большую благодарность организатору нашей свадьбы!
За такое короткое время, всего за месяц, а особенно в Париже, где жизнь кипит и меняется все ежеминутно, Инге удалось договориться везде и со всеми. Все было великолепно, и так как нам хотелось бы провести этот незабываемый день. И лимузин (отдельное спасибо водителю), и скрипачи и арка из правильного подбора цветов, и мой букет (букет невесты), он оказался именно таким каким я его и описывала тебе, даже лучше, он был очень красивым),за чудесный макияж и причёску, и за ресторан в котором проходила свадьба, блюда были изумительными, ооочень вкусными, невозможно было оторваться, и торт конечно же был красивым и вкусным. В общем, всем всем, и нам и гостям все безумно понравилось! Ну и отдельное спасибо за выбор замка, я до последнего, до приезда в Париж не смотрела в интернете как выглядит этот замок, который ты нам выбрала и посоветовала, что бы получить еще больше эмоций, и увидев его – он просто потряс меня и моего мужа и всех гостей в том числе. Спасибо что ты побеспокоилась и о нашем номере , выбрав нам отельные царские апартаменты . Замок был замечательным: персонал, обстановка, еда, в нем было спокойно, тихо и комфортно!
Ты мастер своего дела, с правильным и трепетным подходом к тому что ты делаешь! В жизни главное найти то, и заниматься тем, что тебе нравится , приносит удовольствие, и глядя как у тебя все получается – значит это то что тебе действительно нравится, ты вкладываешь в это душу, и то, как ты все делаешь – отдает тебе тем же!
Мы рады что нашли именно тебя!
И будем советовать именнно тебя, если кто то соберется проводить свадьбу в Париже!
Спасибо еще раз! Merci beaucoup! Ты молодец! )))

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Linda & Marcus


Inga, It was so very nice to meet you, Marcus and I wanted to give everyone a big merci for all your efforts making our wedding day spectacular. Great job making not just our wedding day great but our entire stay great. Please make sure to tell everyone involved .. Especially Pauline who did a phenomenal job on my makeup and hair. I received so many complements !! My daughter Emily said I looked so beautiful.

As you know if you ever planned a wedding it can be quite over whelming. Planning a destination wedding makes it even that much more time consuming. I always dreamed of having my wedding in Paris the most romantic city in the world. I definitely needed someone located there to help me out. I located Wedding in France on the internet or CTH Events Paris Inga Heusele is a wedding planner goddess. She was so patient and helpful and so attentive. My wedding was quite small compared to the very large chateau type weddings she helps plan for her clients. Inga works hard for you no matter how small or large the venue is. She has great connections to top notch vendors. Our videographer was superb! Everyone that we have shown it to are in total awe. So for all of you out there if you are thinking about having your wedding in France; be sure to contact Inga. She will make it happen and you will end up with a fairytale wedding as we did.

Warm regards Marcus & Linda


Maria & Pierre


Inga, I want to thank you so much! for our fairy tale and magical evening. I am extremely happy that I found you! Everything that you do from dushis responsibility, with skill and ease. You are the Best Wedding Organizer and a true Professional. There would be no real holiday without you. I will not tire of thanking you and I already miss Ps everyone who wants a beautiful wedding is to Inge @wedding_in_france! Only she knows everyone in France and only she will work with you honestly and responsibly! Inga bravo again!

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