Wedding in winter

You have made the choice to have a wedding in winter and in France we are here to advise you!

Your loved ones have all had the same reaction, why make a wedding in winter in the cold and not in summer, when the weather is nice and warm? Not to do like everyone else at first. Then, despite the fact that there are some disadvantages with wedding in winter, we remind you that every wedding, regardless of the date, the place or even the theme, can encounter all kinds of problems. Moreover, weddings in winter make the D-day even more wonderful with the original setting that offers magical moments!

We will therefore present you the different alternatives to choose from when choosing to get married in winter. But you will see that there are many advantages to wedding in winter and the few disadvantages that this brings with it, become less once your dream day comes true!


  • Availability of providers

One of the first advantages of organizing a wedding in winter a Paris is that there is less demand for providers at this time of the year, except at Christmas or New Year’s Eve, of course.

This will make it easier for you to have the reception venue or caterer of your dreams, without having to make any negotiations or concessions and to be able to realize the wedding in winter in France of your dreams.

Moreover, who says wedding in winter in France says wedding in low season, therefore the rates of the providers are generally lower than during the high season. If there is no rate reduction in that season from your claimants, it is still much easier to negotiate at that time of the year, than in the middle of the summer when claimants regularly receive requests, so they will more easily refuse your negotiations at that time of the year.

  • Availability of relatives

In addition to the availability of the providers, it is the relatives who are much more available in winter than in the middle of summer, since there are not as many weddings, baptisms or vacations that can sometimes cause absences during weddings carried out in summer.

  • Warm and friendly atmosphere

To realize a wedding in winter a Paris allows to have a decoration in connection with this season and thus to have a rather warm and convivial style. A wedding in winter is quite original so highlighting the cocooning side of a wedding reinforces this originality once again. Getting married in winter, which is a festive season, can only strengthen the feeling of conviviality of your wedding. The emotion of finding your loved ones and to live warm moments at their side will only increase tenfold and will reinforce the magic of your day.

You can be sure that you will stand out from other weddings to which your guests have been invited and they will have good memories for sure!

To carry out your decoration you will need light garlands and candles to achieve a soft light for a warm aspect and if the place allows it you can reinforce this feeling of warmth by preparing a big wood fire in a fireplace.

To accompany this while remaining sober one can opt for the nature side with

Seasonal flowers such as ranunculus, white roses or cotton flowers for the softness of your decoration. You can also place on the tables or on the walls of the reception room pine cones, wood, fir branches, or mistletoe branches for the romantic and natural side.

The colors to highlight while remaining warm and elegant will be white and silver or white and gold with a touch of red without forgetting the wooden elements.

This decoration will bring the grand and warm side to your wedding in France.

You can even add some animal skins to make your decoration authentic and warm.

To finish you will place at each place where it is possible to arrange plaids in coherence with the color of your decoration as a little attention for your guests, they will be delighted to snuggle in next to the warm wood fire while sharing wonderful moments of conviviality between you.

With all these elements and small intentions your guests will feel good at your wedding in winter.

The place of reception is a key element of the wedding especially during a wedding in winter in France.

Although you have the choice, it is impossible to get married in the heart of a park, a garden or on a beach in the middle of winter. You should therefore focus your research on interiors such as a building with character like a manor house or castle, make sure there is a large fireplace so you can warm yourself by the fire. If you want a more natural atmosphere, make the choice to organize your winter wedding in France in a chalet on a snowy mountain. The combination of chalet, snow and view on the beautiful valley will be a winning combination for your wedding in winter, moreover the warm atmosphere will be there.

A wedding in winter allows you to have access to beautiful scenery. So to not be disappointed by the winter decor of the place you have chosen for your wedding, make sure to visit it at the same time the previous year and not during the summer so as not to be surprised afterwards.

  • Goodbye to the stifling heat

To make a wedding a Paris in winter makes it possible to avoid the stifling heat of summer, with this choice you will not die of heat with your dress ladies or your suit gentlemen. Moreover, when you decide to organize a wedding in winter you know from the beginning that the temperatures of the tropics will not be there and that it will be rather cold, so you make sure that the wedding will take place indoors in the warmth.

But low temperature will not mean no sun, very often in winter beautiful sun rays invite themselves to the party to make the moment even more fabulous with this beautiful natural luminosity. If you are very lucky, snow can also be there, enough to make your wedding in winter magical!

You organize a wedding in winter and in France, but more specifically in Paris, no worries the capital is generally not invaded by meters of snow if there are any planned, so no worries a winter wedding in France does not mean cold weather.

Whether it’s sun, snow or even rain, each weather element can bring its own original touch to your wedding photos.

  • Original meal

At a winter wedding in winter we can not afford to propose dishes based on feta cheese, dried tomato, melon … Or frozen desserts, these proposals are rather for summer weddings. Your choices will have to go from presence to warm dishes to warm up your guests, such as red meat, gratins, pan-fried foie gras or even dishes with sauce… Make sure to propose seasonal food and dishes.

With a wedding in winter, you can offer your guests hot and gourmet workshops to treat themselves to good culinary pleasures without making them feel guilty.

But also theme bars which are more and more trendy at weddings, but at a wedding in winter they are even more trendy and they are welcome since they can be Candy bars, hot chocolate bars, coffee or tea bars, to give a cosy atmosphere and moreover it is a good way to warm up your guests.

Of course, for the final part of the meal, don’t forget the cake or the wedding cake according to your preferences. To perfect your wedding in winter in France, choose chocolate cakes to delight your guests’ taste buds. It is well known that chocolate warms the heart of everything that eats it!

  • Original wedding outfits

You have made the choice to have a wedding in winter, but you have questions about your wedding dress? You don’t need to worry about it.  Since you can still wear the dress of your dreams, even if it is more for a summer wedding. It is possible to add sleeves of silk or lace for example, or to accessorize your dress with pieces of fur, cardigans or a cashmere vest to avoid catching cold of course. But there are also beautiful wedding dresses of all kinds for wedding in winter in France, they are made of long sleeves, with long trainers, embroideries… We can also provide an elegant umbrella, in case of rain to be well protected during the short trips to be made outside.

Everything to avoid catching cold on the most beautiful day of your life, your wedding in winter a Paris.

For the gentleman’s suit the choice is much easier, since it can be composed of several pieces. Making the choice to wear a three piece suit will allow you not to catch cold, between the shirt, the vest, the jacket, the pants and a long elegant coat for the most cold, there is no reason to be afraid of the low temperatures that you may encounter during your winter wedding. Moreover, getting married in winter allows you to not think about the little worries you may encounter during the day because of the heat.

We remind you one last time that having made the choice to have a wedding in winter in France is an advantage when it comes to the dress, since the heat of summer is often an ordeal for the bride and groom both with the dress and the suit that can keep you warm all day long.

  • Honeymoon

A wedding in winter in France allows you to leave your country where it is rather cold for a warm country and be able to enjoy your trip even more.

But if you are a fan of winter and snowy scenery you may prefer a trip to a cold country.

Moreover the savings made by making a wedding in france a Paris can be used to make your dream honeymoon trip come true.


Even if a Wedding in winter in Paris is one of your dreams, a ceremony during this season can cause some compromises in the organization as we have seen previously.

Whether it is in terms of the outfits that need to keep warm or the meal that needs to be adapted to the season, there are also several other elements to take into account.

  • Brightness

A wedding in winter does not guarantee an extraordinary luminosity, therefore it is an important element to take into account when organizing your wedding. Make sure to use lights and candles to illuminate the place where your wedding will take place, which will give a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Organize for your wedding photos as well, as they cannot be taken late in the day as it will probably be dark or there will be much less light than in the morning for example, so make sure you take them before your ceremony.

  • The weather forecast

The weather has been mentioned as a positive point but it can also be a negative point, since with the cold it is not possible to enjoy the outdoors, or if you decide to plan some activities outside anyway, make sure to plan alternatives to these animations, in case the weather prevents you from carrying out your plans.

But don’t forget that having a wedding in winter a Paris we don’t have the time to ask questions and stress about the weather, since we know very well that there won’t be much sunshine at the rendezvous.

Moreover if you organize a wedding in winter in France you will necessarily reserve a room which will allow you to create the universe you want and to welcome your guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

We hope that following the reading of our article your choice of winter weddings has been reinforced and that there is no more everything for you on this subject. Or that your curiosity on the subject that led you to us has brought you a new vision on winter weddings and that it has allowed you to review your plans for your ceremony that may turn into a wedding in winter!