Wedding cake, Be or Not to be?


One of the key parts of your wedding is the cake!

Wedding cakes come in different forms, tastes, colors, and sizes!


What is the composition of a wedding cake?

This layer cake consists mainly of sponge cake and decorated with a lot of Italian meringue or sugar paste icing.

The sugar paste can be shaped in a way that it can represent an image of the couple.

It can also follow the wedding theme. The cake can be part of the decoration and an essential piece for the day.


True works of art

They often are a work of art. Besides, the designers of wedding cakes show some talent with some high performance and creativity.

The arrival of the cake has become a time when the flashes crackle to immortalize this unforgettable moment!


Wedding cakes have been present at famous wedding ceremonies for centuries.

From the gigantic cake of Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III to that of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, these royal cakes were already sublime and majestic.


  • For the June 1993 wedding of Queen Rania of Jordan to Prince Abdullah
  • Queen Elizabeth’s wedding cake, served in 1947
  • Princess Marina of Greece, when she wed the Duke of Kent, in November of 1934
  • The five feet tall, 150 pounds cake of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon


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