Special details for a Special day

Add a little spice for a wedding to remember!

So you’re planning your wedding. Of course, you want everything to go perfectly.

You’ve got the perfect wedding venue, the wedding planner, the photographer, the catering, etc.
You’ve gotten all, and more.

You have gone far and beyond for your wedding day to be just as you imagined. The flowers are beautiful, the dress is magical, and the wedding destination is perfect. All your best friends and you family are coming, the buffet is well thought, the music is taken care of… but you still don’t feel like you are done. What’s missing?

Easy. You are looking for something special, something out of the ordinary. You love weddings. You’ve been to so many and the happy couple always looks beautiful, the guests are all smiling and the music is sweet. But you don’t want a wedding just like every wedding you’ve attended. You want something more. You want your own thing!

Well, here are some ideas for your wedding not only to be pretty, but for it to be better than you imagined:

First things first, and this will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is yours then go ahead! You can organize … A Themed Wedding! It could be anything really. Theme “1920’s Wedding”, where at the door everyone will receive a 1920 package, the ladies can get long gloves and a feather to decorate their hair, the man can get a fine mustache and a classy hat. Or theme “Beach Wedding”, where there will be flip-flops at the entrance and fruity cocktails for everyone. Or even theme “French Wedding”, where the berets will be on everyone’s heads and the appetizer is based on cheese. Really anything could be a theme, and it can be more or less visible in the party. Of course, the best way to make it more real would be to go to Paris for the “French Wedding” theme or to the beach for the “beach wedding” theme. But, well, it’s not always possible!

After the décor, it’s time to think about the guests. It is your wedding day so of course, you are the center of the party. But you do want your guests to feel included and to have almost as much fun as you will. Besides, you may know them all but they don’t necessarily know each other. Something fun and entertaining would be to make some games, making everyone participate. That way you break the ice and everyone has a blast at your wedding!

Here are a few games that you could organize:

  • Blindfold recognition. The couple is going to be the center of the game, but the guests will have a very important role. The guests will choose who from the couple will be blindfolded. Once completely blind, the person will have to discover who their partner is. So let’s say the bride is blindfolded, and many guests will stand next to her partner. She will have to hold each person’s hand or kiss each one of them (depending on how extreme they want it to be) and recognize her partner among the guests. A good laugh is guaranteed, and maybe their first fight as a married couple… Oups!
  • Musical Chairs. We all know the typical musical chairs game, and we’ve all played it at least once in our lives… its fun and entertaining, but maybe a bit childish? So let’s add some fun to the game. Instead of chairs, let the men of the party kneel on the floor, one leg up, and the ladies will sit on them. In this version of the game, we don’t eliminate a “chair” after every turn, but we eliminate a woman if she falls, a men if he can’t hold it anymore, or both if they fall together. Not only is this hilarious, but how can the ice not be broken after you’ve sat on someone’s lap?
  • Shoe Game! This is a great game for the couple, but it’s hilarious to watch. So they both sit down in the middle of the room, back to back. Each one will be holding one of their shoes and one of their partner’s shoes. Someone, it could be the DJ if there is one or one of the guests, will read out loud some questions, like: “who takes longer in the shower” or “who apologizes first”. They will each put up the shoe of their answer, while the guests see how much they agree on.
  • Who knows whom better? This is a game to be played by everyone, and honestly, the couple won’t have too much to do. The guests will have to separate into two groups and stand in front of the couple. Someone, either the DJ or one of the guests, will stand in between the groups and ask questions about the couple for the two groups to answer. Questions like: ‘how did they meet”, “who said I love you first” or “how many kids do they want”. There can be personal questions too like: “what’s John’s favorite dish” or “where did Stephan go to school”. The group who answers first and correctly wins a point, the group with the more points wins the game!
  • Kidnap the bride. Alright, this may not be a game you organize, but it could be a game your guests organize and you will be their happy victim. It’s actually a tradition in Germany, but who says traditions cannot cross borders? This is how it goes. While the groom is too busy talking with friends or dancing, some friends will kidnap the bride and take her to a bar (It can be any bar in the city) and they will start drinking and inviting the people that are already in the bar to drink with them. They will keep this on until the groom finds them. He will then, of course, have to pay for everyone in the bar… so he will really have to rush!!

One last for the road?

  • Who’s the highest bidder? Here again the guests will have to separate into two groups, but this time they will take sides. Here the couple will see who has the best friends. Each guest will have to present something to the couple, something daring. Someone can give a jacket, a ring, a bag, a scarf… it can be anything really. The guest that dares the most, let’s say, taking of their pants, will be the winner, making their side of the couple the most “liked”!


So these are a few games to add some fun and surprise to the party. However, you may not be looking for games, or not only. You want to add special details too, cute things, heartwarming things, stuff that will be remembered years from your wedding and that others might want to copy. There are so many little, or big, details you can add to make your day the most beautiful day of your life!


Add a Photo Booth! Sure, there’s already a photographer taking amazing pictures of everyone, but how cute is it to have a photo booth and take the picture you want with the people you love, keeping the souvenir forever? Everyone will go crazy at it, and they will forever have a reminder of your wedding and of how awesome it was!

Advice Box! Yes, it’s your wedding, you guys are madly in love and you don’t think that anything could ever go wrong. But the honeymoon phase will not last forever and some of your guests have been married for a while now, making them experts. So why don’t you put an Advice box up, letting people write their advices. It can be fun and cute, and also, maybe, come in handy!

Kissing Menu! Your guests love you and they are so happy for you. They will probably want to see you kiss a lot during the wedding reception. So instead of just shouting “KISS! KISS! KISS!” you could put a kissing menu in place. In this menu there will be listed things that the guests can do, like a serenade, a dance, a speech, a song, to see you kiss. Every time someone does something out of the list, you HAVE to kiss!

Last but not least, there is a very beautiful and romantic activity that you can organize, and that everyone will be more than happy to share with you. Lanterns. You may have seen this in movies, or in festivals, but it’s a very beautiful thing to do at a wedding. Get a lantern for every guest and let everyone write a wish, or a dream, on it. Then, all together, throw the lanterns in the night sky and let them get lost between the stars.

Well, there you have it, some very cute, original and fun ideas to put in place for your wedding. Your day will not only be amazing for you and your partner, but it will be great for everyone else. You will make out of your wedding an event to remember, and maybe some guests will go back home with new friends and beautiful memories to keep forever. Your wedding can be however you want it to be, it doesn’t need to follow any rule or pattern. You do you, and the people who love you will, undoubtedly, love it!