Luxury villa on French Riviera

Wedding in France

French riviera – The Luxury Villa – A bit of history

When she discovered this plot of land in 1906, Béatrice fell in love with the beauty of the spot. However, back then, it was no more than an arid rock crossed by a mule track. When she learnt that the land was for sale, and that the King of Belgium Léopold II nd was also interested in it, she bought it immediately.

Work began in 1907 and took five years. Béatrice Ephrussi appears to have been a particularly difficult client. She refused projects proposed by a dozen major architects, believing them to be “idiotic”. And so, projects by Claude Girault, the architect of the Petit Palais in Paris, and even Henri-Paul Nénot, winner of the Prix de Rome and most famously architect of the new Sorbonne, were dismissed. Thus, the project came to be placed in the hands of the architect Jacques-Marcel Auburtin, who scrupulously satisfied all of Béatrice’s requirements. The Villa is surrounded by nine magnificent gardens decorated with patios, waterfalls, ornamental ponds, flowerbeds, shady paths and rare species of trees…

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