In vino veritas


In vino veritas
under the influence of alcohol, a person tells the truth.
“When the drink is in, the truth comes out, especially for men, giving yet more support, as if any were needed, to the Roman adage In vino veritas .”
How to choose your French wine for your wedding? Enjoy first

Tasting a wine requires a certain technique in three main stages, which will help determine the origin of the wine, the vintage and its future potential.

1) The view:

It represents about 20% of the tasting, and lets you know if you are in the presence of a fatty wine, dry or sweet, a young or more mature wine, and gives us an indication of the region of origin of the wine.
The view is the study of the color of the wine, split into three parts: the color, fluidity and clarity.

a) The color:
The deeper the color of the dress is sustained over the wine is advanced in years.
For red, in color from purple to crimson, ruby, cherry, garnet, curled, brick and brown; the oldest being brown.
For white, the color ranges from white to pale yellow, pale yellow, light yellow, lemon yellow, golden yellow, amber yellow, yellow ocher and finally copper; the oldest being ocher.

b) Fluidity
By depositing some wine on the glass walls (a few circular movements), we study the flow. More wine clings making small drops (tears), the more fat or sweet.
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