How to make a dream wedding proposal in Paris?

Proposing to the loved one must be done in a unique way, so why not in Paris? You and your future fiancé(e) must live this unique and wonderful moment in the best conditions because yes! you deserve it!

Here are just some tips that will be very useful for you to propose in Paris.


What better way than to propose in the city of lights or reign love, beauty, lust… Give your bride-to-be a magical moment in the most romantic city in the word.

If you chose Paris to ask for the hand of the loved one, I guarantee you that you made the right choice. Paris is an ultra-romantic and intimate city where many people go to propose. So why not you?

To make a spectacular and unexpected wedding proposal, do not hesitate to call an event organizer who specializes in weddings such as a wedding planner who can help and advise you by giving you ideas.

As a couple, I know how important it is to spend time together. So, in order not to take the risk of being too busy for each other, I think this is the best solution available to you.

Your wedding planner is imaginative to help you find everything you need for your beautiful proposal in Paris.

Finding the right time to ask for her hand is important. Do it when you feel ready but remember that your spouse must be ready. You must be sure that the person is willing to commit as much as you to avoid any unpleasant surprises on D-Day.

To find the right time, exchange with your partner and ask him about the issue while remaining discreet so he doesn’t suspect anything! We shouldn’t spoil the surprise effect of course!

To make a successful marriage proposal, the location counts almost as much as the choice of the ring. In Paris, you won’t have any problems finding the ideal public or private place! You’ll even be spoilt for choice. Between the wonderful historical monuments and the tourist spots, do your research and find the perfect place in Paris that corresponds to you and that corresponds of course to the tastes of your beloved.

Here are the most beautiful places in Paris to ask for her hand:

Le Pont des arts :

Located in the 6th district of Paris, it’s the bridge of lovers.

For a long time, couples hung their locks as a symbol of love and promise. Even if this tradition is now over for security reasons, it remains a monument known for its romanticism and it offers a magnificent view of Paris. Wow effect guaranteed!

The Eiffel Tower proposal:

The symbol of Paris, it is not uncommon to fall on a proposal by walking in front of the Eiffel Tower. What could be more romantic than declaring his flame to his partner on top of the Eiffel Tower at sunset with a panoramic view of Paris? If you have the opportunity, you can even take a dinner at the top.

By boat on the Seine:

If you are not seasick, opt to make your request in a beautiful Parisian boat where you can also have dinner and a glass of champagne. Inspiring, this place will change you and offer you maximum well-being to yourself and your loved one.

Parisian park proposal in Paris for a more intimate side:

If you prefer to propose in a more intimate location, parks will do well. For example, the park of Bagatelle will offer you a remarkable well-being and the flowers will plunge you and your partner in a romantic and soothing atmosphere.

Parisian rooftop proposal with a romantic dinner:

The idea of proposing in a romantic restaurant may seem traditional but success is guaranteed and even more if it’s on a rooftop. In addition, going to a restaurant will allow you to spend time together and chat while enjoying a delicious meal. The surprise effect will then be guaranteed when you take the famous engagement ring out of your pocket.

Private proposition if she like privacy:

Opt for a private proposal if you and your girlfriend want to meet only the two of you.

The famous French gastronomy… Amaze your spouse with wonderful dishes prepared by the greatest Parisian chefs and feast on the most beautiful and sumptuous pastries in the capital. Why not offer her macaroons from “Ladurée” that will bring a gourmet and romantic side to your proposal?

Once you have found the ideal place in Paris, try to find an original and special way to ask for his hand to make your request grandiose.

You could just get down on your knees and ask the question, “Will you marry me?” but I guarantee you there are many other ways to do it in Paris if you want to impress your partner and bring something original when the time comes. I remind you that your wedding planner will be able to advise you and find you the best providers for the day.

Here are some ideas:

Write a poem

They say simple things are sometimes the best. In addition, if you lack inspiration, the streets of Paris will help you immerse yourself in a romantic universe. Your partner will appreciate the fact that you took time to write him.

Do it in music

Why not invite one or more violinists to accompany you while you ask your partner if he will marry you? This instrument is by far the most romantic and in a Parisian setting, it’s the best.

Proposing at the movies

Have you heard about the just incredible proposal from a Disneyland movie?

This is a major trend that we are still hearing about at the beginning of 2020. Privatizing a movie theater to project your proposal for marriage is grand!

With flowers

Saying I love you with flowers. This method is quite common, and it is in fact timeless.

Give your beloved her favorite flowers before you tell her you want to marry her.

With the engagement ring of her dreams

Finding the perfect engagement ring for the person you love is not something simple and it takes a lot of time. We advise you to get ahead of this to find a ring she likes. You can ask a professional for advice and find inspirations on Pinterest

Call a photographer !

Photography are important and will allow you to keep an exceptional memory of this day of your life.

You can easily immortalize this special moment with a photoshoot with a photographer in the most beautiful places of Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Sacrée coeur, the pont des Arts, and why not in a castle? In Paris, you all have what it takes to have a beautiful photo, so don’t miss it and keep a memory of this special moment because that only happens once in a lifetime.

When you know how and where to fulfill your proposal, take action for your new life. Ask for help from your wedding planner in Paris who will know thanks to his experience advise you and organize your event from A to Z.

At this moment, I know how essential an individual’s support is.

Get ahead of your project and especially enjoy this special moment with your soul mate.