French gastronomy for your wedding in france

French gastronomy makes your wedding atypical for a wedding in France.

Since the dawn of time, in France, we have been celebrating major events by sitting down at the table to delight the heart, the mind, and the taste buds. It is the same for the wedding in France which is a dream destination wedding. France is known and recognized for its elegance throughout the world. Wedding in France is particularly inspired by traditional French gastronomy to offer you the perfect wedding. Whether it is a wedding in Paris or in another destination wedding.

You have already chosen your destination wedding which is France, your wedding outfits, a classic white wedding dress as well as a traditional three-piece wedding suit. You want your event to follow the customs of the D-day with traditional French gastronomy worthy of the name.

So when you are planning your wedding meal in France, you certainly don’t want to opt for a banal wedding menu. You are looking for traditional French gastronomy with a focus on the most authentic products.

The wedding caterer of Wedding in France offers you very original menus, you will make a discovery and eat well at the same time.

This is why we will talk to you about atypical traditional dishes purely French. The practice of the meal varies according to the cultures throughout the world. However, it holds a very special place in France. Let’s take a look at the reasons that make the French gastronomic meal unique.


French gastronomy: a festive meal!

The “gastronomic meal of the French” is a social practice handed down from generation to generation. It is common and aims to be eaten with friends or family to mark and celebrate important moments in life. In particular, during a wedding ceremony.

From then on, the French gastronomic meal is this rite where both the culinary riches of French gastronomy and certain cultural customs such as table setting, the order of the dishes, or the art of conversation are displayed. Because it is a social fact, which encourages conviviality and promotes cohesion through the sharing of food and common values. It is this sign of alliance, where the fraternity dear to the French is embodied.

French gastronomy from Napoleon to Queen Elizabeth

Napoleon at the table!


Chicken Marengo :

Probably the most famous dish attributed to Napoleon. Why not make it again and/or revisit it for your wedding in Paris. The story goes that the recipe was hastily found by one of his cooks, Dunand, despite the meager provisions he had after Marengo’s victory over the Austrian troops.

The Emperor’s aficionados will be able to decorate the dish with crayfish.


Chicken fricassee with Champagne wine

One of the specialties of the court cook, Farcy, whom the Emperor particularly appreciated.

Dessert: Rolled waffles with cream filling

One of the emperor’s favorite desserts, according to the academician Paul Ganière in his book* on Napoleon on St Helena.


A wedding: the union of Henri IV and Marie de Medici, on December 17th, 1600

Henri IV is known for his culinary tastes that are more rustic than princely. Indeed, he enjoyed unrefined dishes such as cabbage, pheasant game, ratatouille, or sardines. He was fond of potted chicken, a dish that posterity has attributed to him. Nevertheless, his wedding menu was in keeping with the pomp of the time. As tradition dictates, it is organized into four courses.


The first French gastronomic service

Juicy fruit, Sweet and savory pastries, Pâtés, pies, Offal dishes


Second French gastronomy service (that of soups and boiled meats)

Chicory chickens, Stuffed veal breasts, Leg of lamb with chestnuts, Sausages, Andouillettes


Third French gastronomic service (that of the “roast”, i.e. roasted meat).

Capons, Scarves, Game birds and furry animals, Cold and hot pasta


The most sumptuous of feasts: the inauguration of the Suez Canal on November 18, 1869.

To explain a little bit about the context. The Suez Canal has international repercussions. The project is led by a Frenchman, the Viscount de Lesseps. It is largely financed by the Paris Stock Exchange.

As far as French gastronomy is concerned, everything the world knows about the richest, brightest, and most crowned is invited to this inauguration. On 18th November 1869, after a few days of festivities, Ismaïl I, Khedive of Egypt, had large tables set up in the town of Ismaïlia to give a ball that was to go down in the annals. That evening, Empress Eugenie attracted all eyes, dressed in a cherry satin dress covered with lace. There are 1,500 covers, but some estimate that there are more than double that number.

The meal is very interesting and you can order the same menus for your wedding in France. Like tradition, this ball meal has two parts: a cold buffet and a hot dinner.


Large Rooms

Fish at the meeting of the two seas, Roast-Beef English style, Turkey Galantine à la Périgueux, Historic ham, Large game bread in bastion and Pheasant Galantine at the Volière.



Game pates à la Dorsey, English beef tongues, Aspics de Nérac, Galantine de cailles en belle vue and Filets à l’Impériale.



Suez prawns with watercress, Truffles in Champagne wine, Russian salad, Italian asparagus in virgin oil



Venison legs, truffled turkeys, pheasants with watercress, chestnuts garnished with quails.



Diplomat pineapple pudding, decorated Savoy biscuits, Napolitan history


François Mitterrand’s official trip to China, May 5, 1983

François Mitterrand loved to travel. During the fourteen years of his presidency, he traveled to the four corners of the globe and visited all the future powers, which he had seen grow.

The French president, fascinated by Chinese culture, could not manage to eat with chopsticks, and could not help using a fork. On 5 May, he, in turn, invited Prime Minister Zhao Ziyang to the French embassy to give him a taste of French and French gastronomy.


On the menu :

  • Lobster navarin with small vegetables
  • Minced Bresse Poularde de Bresse with truffles
  • Wild mushroom fricassee
  • Cheeses from France
  • Iced hazelnut pie


French gastronomy adored by the Queen of England


Foie gras

Since you have chosen a traditional French wedding theme, your D-day menu should include several courses starting with a starter. This is an opportunity to serve your guests the classic of the classics of French gastronomy, i.e. foie gras, why not embellished with fig jam or simply coarse salt.

You should know that lobster is also one of the most common options for a traditional starter for a wedding evening. Still, on the seaside, the famous scallops are also ideal to start your meal in the best possible way.

One of Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dishes is a recipe with potatoes, which is however possible for your wedding in France, in the theme of tradition. Accompanied by wild mushrooms at the table of former president Jacques Chirac.


The wines

Queen Elizabeth likes to pair classic food and wine with a sweet white wine. As well as the red wine: Château Mouton Rothschild 1988.

To accompany the dishes, it is necessary to have the drinks to go with them. At the time of the starter, provide white wine. The meat will be accompanied by red wine and the dessert will be served with champagne. To be sure to choose the right bottle, don’t hesitate to ask the advice of connoisseurs. The subject of drinks should also be discussed with the caterer to avoid unpleasant surprises.

As far as tradition is concerned, the trou Normand is still often a popular choice for a wedding in France. It originally consisted of drinking a small glass of calvados, this brandy of Norman origin, in the middle of the meal. This would activate the digestion so that the next dish could be tackled. Today, a very small amount of calvados is served on an apple sorbet.

To complete the menu, don’t miss out on the cheese platter. The ideal for a wedding in France would be to serve it table by table on a slate or other ceramic or wooden support to keep the taste.

To fully enjoy French gastronomy, a traditional wedding menu would not be complete without onion soup. It is not served at the party, but the next morning or rather in the middle of the night. Guests prepare the onion soup, wake the newlyweds and serve the beverage in a chamber pot. This is a way for the bride and groom to spend a convivial moment with their loved ones.




French gastronomy represents a lot of history and value, which is precisely what makes its charm. That’s why France is a real good destination wedding. If you want to organize your wedding in France and dream of a French menu, the information above might help you. A wedding in France can help and advise you. Our wedding caterers will be able to make you happy. 

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