A Breathtaking Wedding Venue


A breathtaking wedding venue

The best wedding venue for your ceremony!

This Villa seems to have been created to create a dream wedding. The garden will give you a quick view of what paradise should look like.

A peaceful wedding venue where you can meet different exotics plants and where art is part of this beautiful canvas.

You and your guests will be amazed by all this beauty.

Between the sun and the incredible view of the Amalfi coast, you have the opportunity to save this sacred moment in your memories.

Amalfi coast is giving you the best of its heritage and wealth.

Everything seems to be created to live something really special for you and your guests, it’s like a poetic stay in Italy.

Finally, you already can dream about an emotional ceremony and a Royal Italian wedding. Here, we talk about a real unforgettable experience.

The elegant botanical garden pierced by the sunlight of Sorrento and dressed by a crystal clear sea will give you an atmosphere of the most romantic place in the world.

Here, the beauty of ancient art will already give you a natural decoration for your wedding. It’s like a majestic place where you have all the comfort that you need and all the beauty that you expected in one place.

Moreover, you have many beautiful places in Italy to get married beautifully, but if you looking for something TOP, this wedding venue at Amalfi Coast will give you that.

The Villa Astor is one of the country’s best-kept secrets. It is an extraordinary Neoclassic residence witch owns one of the most beautiful gardens, the aesthetic and the historical background of this Villa create a unique atmosphere. This Villa is more than a charming and harmonious place, it’s the ideal romantic experience.

The Villa Astor, Sorrento Italy

“A little corner of paradise”  

This wedding venue, Villa Astor, is a paradise restored on the Amalfi coast.

The story of Villa Astor, a property overlooking the Bay of Naples, built on Roman ruins, and of its owner William Waldorf Astor (1848-1919), an American politician at the head of an immense fortune, who was ambassador in Italy. The Amalfi Coast

Located on a natural promontory, it overlooks the Sorrento bay opposite Naples and Vesuvius, from which it offers breathtaking views.

The villa Astor is one of the most prestigious Villa at Sorrento. This place has a rich historical background and when you cross the different spaces you will discover a beautiful treasure. For example, there is this garden that made part of the 10 most marvelous gardens in Europe. That understanding, with their varieties of plants and many statues this place looks like the “garden of heaven”. We are in front of the historical heaven of peace.

The potential and the beauty of this propriety highlights the finest architectures.

A historical environment 

“An amazing historical background” 

Villa Astor has a rich historical background. It’s a neoclassic villa built by Giovanni Labonia and bought in 1905 by the William Waldorf Astor in the charming town of Sorrento in Italy. The villa stands in the center of Sorrento along the street that leads to Marina Grande, the old fishing port which is still a very picturesque place today. Over time, this port has slowly and pleasantly transformed and is today famous in particular for its excellent restaurants.

Before they called the Villa, “Astor” it was named “aux Roches grises” by the Baron Labonia of Calabria in reference to the cliff where the villa is.

William Waldorf Astor was the ambassador of the USA in Italy and also an exceptional man who had many caps.

The famous William Waldorf wanted something special and authentic but above all something prestigious. One of his big projects was the garden. He created a breathtaking garden that you can still admire today.

We associate also this villa to another name, Benedetto Croce, a famous political activist, and philosopher. This exceptional Villa was turned into a political headquarter in Italy, where some of the most important documents were signed, as the Post-World War II Italian government.

Over time, Villa Astor has received many illustrious characters from the world of literature and not only, like Ovide and Torquato Tasso called le Tasse.

Jacques Garcia respected this historical background and today when you visit this place it’s like nothing has changed. A special Italian atmosphere is living there and Garcia stays the master in the concept of “keeping the spirit alive”.

An Elegant and Luxurious decoration 

“A timeless charm”

“Inanimate objects acquire interest when they are associated with human emotion. Some memory of heroism or love, the Idyllic presence of a passionate romance, the wraith of infinite unhappiness- these lend to the things of earth divine significance.” William Waldorf Astor “From silent River”

there are a total of 150 works of art and history in the garden and on the five levels of the villa. We are in front of an amazing museum with an incredible park featuring a majestuous collection of greek and Roman antiques.

The masterpiece, the Botanical Garden : 

As we said before one of the biggest projects of the Villa was this sumptuous garden thought by William Waldorf Astor himself. This is one of the 10 most beautiful gardens in Europe. The botanical Park covers approximately three hectares and descends in gentle terraces to the sea.

Exposed on three sides, the botanical garden was walled in by Astor to protect the planting from winter gales.

William Waldorf covered the ruins of plants, enlarged and decorated the area of ​​Greco-Roman statues and columns from his personal collection.

Thereby, The statues are still there today and you can admire in the garden, very romantic with its paths, not only palm trees, gardenias, orchids, ferns, fountains and water features covered with water lilies, but also amphorae, a Roman sarcophagus, a statue of Neptune and a medieval Madonna.

A swimming pool has also been set up in the garden, but if you prefer to swim in the sea, you only have to descend the cliff by taking the staircase carved into the rock wall to find yourself in the caves that the Romans already used. There is also a deep grotto that contributes to the breathtaking charm of the villa.

A luxury interior:

Today, Garcia tried to put himself in the place of the 19th-century billionaire.

Finally, The result is an eclectic interior adorned with Empire furniture, large granite vases, and heavy fabrics. It’s a villa where luxury and art coexists harmoniously.

Garcia had a lot of work, but across different floors and pieces, all the details have been thought out with ingenuity.

The villa offers you 6 rooms with its own bathrooms witch could be perfect for each guest.

You just have to take a look at the bathrooms, there were all covered with marbles of  “Vermont Green” and “Rosso Orobico “. The bathtub is also marble with lion paws.

Luxury here is pushed to the very last details.

But all this luxury must compete with the majestic view which creates the perfect wedding frame.