Neogothic jewel in Anjou

Wedding in France

History of the Chateau

In the 19th century, the Count and the Countess of La Rochefoucauld-Bayers constructed on their La Potherie Estate, a new grand castle in the neogothic style. They chose a very famous architect from Paris, Louis Visconti, famous for designing the Louvre extension. They asked him to design the new Chateau to replace the one built in the 16th century and asked Rene Hode, a famous architect from Angers, to build the castle. The construction began in 1848 and was finished in 1854. The design was a classic arrangement of a rectangle base with four towers, 60 meters long and 47 meters high with 120 rooms on 5 levels and an abundance of limestone sculptures made by Jacques Granneau, student of David D’Angers.

All this architectural construction in the village made this place one of the great private French residents in the 19th century. Because of the ambiance of the total property the Castle Chateau de La Potherie was named the “neogothic jewel in Anjou” or “The Petite Chambord.” Situated on beautiful grounds, the Chateau complex makes up one corner of a small village, which also has shops, a cathedral, and many summer events.

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