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It is well known that Paris is the capital of romance. With its lights, its architecture and its narrow streets, the French capital never fails to seduce lovers. But what better than a dinner one-on-one for a romantic getaway for a night? Why not choose one of typical restaurants of Paris for your wedding dinner? Or your elopement in Paris ?


Real Wedding Story

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Wedding Celebration in the Legendary City of Light with Style, Elegance and Romance

Real Wedding Story, June 28th 2014

“Paris is a feast,” “A Moveable Feast»

They met and fell in love in Moscow.



We are proud to be chosen by the château La Rochefoucauld as an exclusive wedding planner and appear in the publication of the famous magazine L’OFFICIEL of January, 2015.


In vino veritas


In vino veritas
under the influence of alcohol, a person tells the truth.
“When the drink is in, the truth comes out, especially for men, giving yet more support, as if any were needed, to the Roman adage In vino veritas .”
How to choose your French wine for your wedding? Enjoy first


7 Secrets to a Beautiful Bridal Bouquet

wedding in paris (65)He will go before you to a few millimeters when you enter the town hall. It will appear on absolutely all the photos of the day. It will eventually tired but happy in the arms of the coolest single evening. No, we do not speak of witnessing your guy. But your bridal bouquet.


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